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The Room (2003)
Misunderstood Masterpiece
7 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I think its unfortunate that so many people misunderstand this movie. The American Public is so brainwashed by Hollywood that they are afraid when a movie as daring and original as "The Room" comes along.

Audiences are so used to being spoonfed romantic comedies and cliché love stories that they cannot handle Tommy Wiseau telling it like it is.

I'm sure a lot of us have had a "Lisa" in our lives. A woman that is both evil and seductive. I recently came from a relationship where I was betrayed much like "Johnny" in the film and I can say the anguish and pain is captured perfectly in "The Room"

People who make fun of the"Lisa you are tearing me a part" line have obviously never had a love lost. I remember I cried the same way as "Johnny" when it happened to me. And to all you macho guys who think that its unmanly when a guy (like Johnny or me) cries because of heartbreak you are full of it. I was captain of my Highschool Football Team and have been with many girls.

Speaking of Highschool, I used to date this girl a few times in 10th grade. When I went to college i found out my best friend was seeing her so I know what the relationship between "Johnny" and "Mark" is like. The strange thing is her name was "Elizabeth" and sometimes people called her Lisa when they first met her.

The Last thing I want to say is about the symbolism in the movie. It makes me laugh when people get caught up in why "Johnny" wears a tuxedo while playing football. Again people have been dumbed down by seeing too many Hollywood Films.

People don't understand symbolism anymore. Do you really think "Johnny" is wearing a tuxedo because its comfortable? Its a metaphor for the way he feels. The suit represents his approaching marriage and how he lets his friends know that he will not let the confines of that institution prevent him from being just one of the guys. I will let you come up with your own conclusions why it is the psychiatrist that "falls".

The suit is just one of the many examples of rich symbolism in the movie. The Red Dress symbolizes passion and desire for example.

The only reason I'm not giving the movie a perfect 10 is because of the Chris R Scene where Denny is confronted on the roof top about his drug problem. For me it was too intense to be added to the film and i had to leave the theatre for a minute after watching it. It brought up too many painful memories that i wont bring up here.

In closing, see the room with an open mind. Let your guard down and abandon what other films have told you your whole life.

And remember we all feel trapped and betrayed in our lives but "There is a door that leads out of every Room"

John N Crawford
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