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17 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
if you like minimum plot concern, tricked-out cars, Japan, Japanese mafia, Japanese girls(Harijuku girls especially) and drift racing... go for it.

the oldest kid from the Home Imporvement sitcom makes his first appearance since First Kid as a cocky jock, i thought that was worth a good chuckle in the theater.

too many special effects, half of them were in there for suspense... but they weren't so believable if you've watched drift racing.

there was one chase scene where they skidded through traffic and inbetween cars... to me it felt that they tried to push a whole lot of drift racing into some of the action scenes.
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1 January 2006
the fourth edition of the CKYness, very crazy stunts like all the other movies, still pretty damn funny.(some replies to other comments: It's not Jackass stunts in the CKY videos it's the other way around, how would you react to picking up a dollar covered in crap? i'm pretty sure i'd forget about everything too, Mike V(scariest guy in skateboarding) will stand up to anyone, the comment about saying "no" after the guy was punched was made after it had been recorded, and i think you would get everyone in frame if you were recording crazy stunts.) The video was great, delivered just what you would expect if you have watched the first 3 CKY videos, it's not really up for professional media evaluation.
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