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The Party (I) (2017)
11 March 2018
Fortunately I have a MoviePass, so seeing this movie only cost me an hour and change I can never get back.

The Party's biggest problem is that it is not sufficiently funny to signal it is black comedy, so I didn't laugh in some places not to interrupt other patrons in case it was not supposed to be funny.

The dialog consisted of stilted one-lines and scene-tearing acting that rang false at almost every turn. People spoke not as they would in life, but as a scriptwriter forced them too.

The funny bits were not particularly funny, and then came what the movie makers seemed to want to be serious and searing moments of Albee and Pinter-like exchanges.

Perhaps if it were funnier, earlier, I could have figured out it was a satire. As it was, I just kind of felt embarrassed for the filmmaker and writer.

If you are looking for wicked black (and white) comedy, track down "The Loved One" and stream it.
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