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Floricienta (2004–2005)
Just watch it
4 June 2006
Floricienta maybe could became a little childish and repetitive after a while but it has several thinks that carry the whole story and make this soap IMPERDIBLE (you can't loose it). That are: 1) Isabel Macedo, "Delfina". She is just great, she is such a great actress, she understands that this is a show mostly for kids and teen and that her character has to be a little overacted. She has to be a witch, and she is not afraid to do it, she is not afraid to be bad, mean and also to be ridiculous, because she knows she can still be sexy. In the first season she made out with Juan Gil Navarro (Federico) and Pablo Heredia (Pedro) and in the second with Fabio Di Tomasso (Maximo) and Esteban prol (Lorenzo). Isn't really good to be bad? 2) Graciela Stefano, "Malala", She is wonderful, funny and a real witch. Great great actress 3) Gerardo Chendo "Bonilla", super fun and adorable to. I would always remember all his quotes like: "por supus", "malaleich" and "por siempre floricienta". With Malala make a duo really bad but funny too 4) Esteban Prol. "Lorenzo". He is the bad guy who is with the bad girl (delfina), but became good when falls in love with the good girl (Florencia). Although he is a little bit stereotyped, I just love him. 5) The songs!!! 6) Florencia, Juan Gil Navarro, Fabio Di Tomaso, Benjamin Rojas :), Henny Trailes, etc. All of them really good. But, have you realize that I just love bad boys?
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Alma pirata (2006– )
love, mystery and pirates
3 June 2006
Alma pirata is a production of Cris Morena (who also created hits like Chiquititas and Floricienta) it is like a series mixtured with a soap opera. What I like the most is that is not the same story I have been seeing since I have memory (the poor but nice and honest girl who falls in love with the rich prince charming who is engaged with the evil but beautiful witch). The story is about a group of friends that continue with the tradition that their parents lend them, start "the league of the swords". It is a group that gives the poor what belonged to the riches (like Robin Hood). But they also have an objective: find "alma". It is suppose to be a diamond very expensive. The tree friends are been guide by Charly, who was a friend of their parents. And their enemy is Gino who was the enemy of their parents. Also there is Allegra, who is the daughter of Gino and her best friend Clara (Isabel Macedo great!) who is the daughter of Charly. Recommendation: watch it, although only to see Isabel Macedo (who was the evil but beautiful witch in Floricienta), she is a great actress!!
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