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Shrek the Turd
27 May 2007
This movie was a waste of money and time. I'm sure the producers will disagree and they will make millions based on promotional sales and products they disperse to consumers, but not me. The first Shrek was good, original and funny. The second was less funny and less original, the third just plain stunk. The characters were the same as always, no development or any great new characters, Artie was not a great new character, just a new one. The plot was boring, Shrek does not want to be the new king of Far, Far Away and looks to have Artie take his place. I went in on the idea there would be more mayhem from Shrek's new children, but they never developed until the last few minutes, less some nightmares that Shrek had. The jokes were plentiful, the laughter was less often. The one thing that I thought truly stood out from the second Shrek is the voice-overs were much better coordinated/in sync with each other this time around, which gave a better stage presence of the voices. But I will not be buying the Third on DVD, even if it goes down to $7.44 at wal-mart, to me this movie will go down as Shrek: the Turd
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Beerfest (2006)
decent little flick
10 December 2006
I personally enjoy many of the stoner/drinker type movies and this was no exception. An overall okay movie, the idea of the beerfest just couldn't keep me fixed to the screen. It had it's laughs and belches, but the overall plot was weak and some of the lines you could see coming. If you can't handle the low level acting, then grab a boot of beer or two and I guarantee you won't care about that anymore. You would also think that the guy who knew all about beer would have had some type of pill that would allow them to drink without the adverse affects of the alcohol. I mean, hell, Poindexter on Revenge of the Nerds had one!! I give it a six.... I'll leave it at that...If you have time,check it out. I could not see myself paying retail price for the DVD, however, renting or borrowing from a friend would be your best bet.
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would have been nice without the first one
10 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This movie most likely would have received either an 8 or a 9 had the first movie not come out first, pirates of the Caribbean. This movie just did not have much more to offer than the first one. The amount of action was similar, if not actually less, than the first. No new special affects or cinematography were added to the mix. Basically this movie is a rip off of the first one, but instead of a chest full of cursed Aztec gold there is a chest that contains the heart of a cursed captain and his cursed seamen. Oooooh, we get to meet bootstrap bill turner!!!!La tee da. Some people really enjoyed the second film, I just don't see how you could if you really remember the first one or see it again just before watching the second. The only thing this movie was good for is setting you up for the third, and hopefully last, in the pirates series. The first was a great movie to watch, the second was a decent movie, but just not as fun to watch.
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