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It's a slow train, don't expect much excitement on the journey ...
16 May 2019
The Girl on the Train directed by Tate Taylor based on the best selling novel by Paula Hawkins was perhaps better left as a novel. For the first hour of the almost two hour long movie it was difficult to follow the plot or make a mental note of the characters. Yes, the pace improved in the second half and, at the very least, the main characters were no longer confusing.

The story revolves around an alcoholic divorcee woman, Rachel, who becomes obsessed with a couple living in a house she passes on her daily commute into Manhattan. One day during these daiy voyeuristic commutes Rachel witnesses the woman kissing a man who is not her husband. Having been through a divorce with an unfaithful husband - who lives in their jointly purchased house a few doors down from the couple she obsesses about - Rachel loses it.

Rachel, known for making unannounced visits to her ex-husband's home, subsequently tries to visit the apparently unfaithful woman (Megan) to give her a piece of her mind. Unfortunately for Rachel as she was in her usual drunken stupor she has little recollection of what transpired during that fateful visit. Unfortunate because that night Megan mysteriously disappeared.

The story slowly unravels and the viewer pieces together the puzzle, all the while learning more about each character. (Yes, you know the old adage: don't judge a book by its cover.)

The Girl on the Train is billed as a psychological thriller on many move sites. That's a fallacy. At best it's a mystery - albeit incuding a side role for a mysterious psychiatrist. Only the strength of the acting held it together with great performances put in by the cast. In case anyone's asking, I would say the book might be the better bet!
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Stay (I) (2005)
Poor entertainment, purely cerebral ...
28 April 2019
I watched the movie thinking it might be a suspenseful thriller. I was mistaken. The movie was slow to begin with but after about 30 minutes I felt committed and saw it through to the end.

Despite the big name cast - every actor was a familiar face - the movie provided little in the way of entertainment. It was purely cerebral. Maybe the writer is a shrink?

The movie may make sense to shrinks or those who wish to mentally dissect the 100 minutes of celluloid. For those just looking for entertainment the movie is a failure.

Watch it if you're in a Freudian mood otherwise move on to something else.

NB: At the time of writing this review, Stay is available on Amazon Prime in many jurisdictions.
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Watchable but not binge worthy!
21 December 2018
After watching the first season - Deutschland 83 - I was excited to see the second season available on Netflix. Compared to Deutschland 83, this season was a slight disappointment; watchable but not as binge worthy as Deutschland 83.

For those expecting more of the same Deutschland 86 will come as a surprise. Deutschland 86 moved away from its core East Germany vs West Germany Cold War premise and shifted to the Cold War battleground of South Africa.

The episodes didn't flow seamlessly, i.e. the stories seemed jumpy and often only loosely connected. While there was continuity with main characters, e.g. Martin Rauch, Lenora Rauch, et. al. many new persons were introduced and made the story more complicated to follow.

In a nutshell, the plot goes as follows. The Soviet Union is near bankruptcy. Gorbachev is implementing reforms which include cutting financial aid to Warsaw Pact countries like East Germany. In the new environment, East Germany's government is forced to scramble for hard currencies like the Deutsche Marks (remember the West German currency?!) by going 'capitalist.'

Many schemes, legal and illegal but all surreptitious, are concocted by East German leaders. East German blood is sold across the border. East German citizens are used for (often unethical) medical trials by Western pharmaceutical companies.

However, for Deutschland 86 the focus is on smuggling weapons. Not just routine arms smuggling but violating a UN arms embargo against South Africa's white supremacist Apartheid regime (remember black people were legally subhuman until the late 1980s in South Africa?!).

Yes, communist East Germany was selling weapons to 'Free / Capitalist South Africa' so it could suppress Mandela's communist African National Congress (ANC) armed insurgency ... to generate money to keep the Socialist dream alive! Ironic but true. Much of Deutschland 86 revolves around the adventures related to selling arms to South Africa and the shenanigans required to circumvent UN sanctions and hoodwink ordinary communist East Germans.

Deutschland 86 is eminently watchable. Not as tightly knit as the first season of Deutschland. Nonetheless, it reveals important insights into the demise of the East Bloc's communist regimes while still entertaining viewers. For social scientists, Deutschland 86 underscores the importance of pragmatism over ideology.

NB: At the time of writing Deutschland 86 is available on Netflix in multiple jurisdictions.
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Occupied (2015– )
Geopolitical thriller - EU, Norway and Russia power play games over energy supplies
13 December 2018
Occupied is a Norwegian television series which tells the story of a series of political events leading to the Russian military occupation of Norway.

A Russian military occupation of Norway may sound unrealistic but the series plays out in such a manner that it's almost believable. After a few episodes it doesn't really matter as the plot fully draws in the viewer. The intricate plot blends love, political intrigue, action and European politics in a believable fashion.

The military intervention was all about Norway's enormous oil and gas reserves.

Yes, the geopolitics of oil and gas are intense. After all, wasn't the US intervention in Iraq all about oil? So why should one be so surprised something similar could happen in the heart of Europe with Russia as the antagonist?

Occupied is watchable despite the acting. At times, the acting leaves a lot to be desired. It is wooden with characters seeming to simply 'go through the motions.' The depth in characters is therefore missing.

Nonetheless, Occupied is a must watch for anyone interested in political thrillers. It builds a credible story based on plausible situations. The gaps in the plot are forgivable given the entertainment value of the series.

Note: As at the the time of writing, two season of Occupied are available on Netflix in many jurisdiction.
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Gato negro (2014)
Decent effort though slow moving ...
12 September 2018
I watched Gato Negro hoping to get an idea of post-war Argentine society. Instead, I got a blend of a period drama, thriller, crime and social piece woven into one slow moving film.

Unfortunately, the Argentine film didn't work well in any of the genres. The Director tried doing too much and lost focus. A classic case of 'jack of all trades and master of none.'

Yes, I did get a glimpse into Argentine society: a dry and limited glimpse without any color provided by the filmmaker though not enough to redeem the movie as an 'intellectually stimulating foreign film!'

The story started well enough by introducing the main character, Tito, as a boy destined for something more than life in his rural village hometown. Sure enough, the film follows Tito grow into a wealthy businessman of dubious character and shady deals. (I guess that's business in Argentina?)

Along the way he meets - and forgets - many characters. However, his hometown of Tucuman keeps nagging at him through different ways, e.g. family, former lover, etc. He just can't seem to shake off his history with Tucuman even after becoming a wealthy international businessman.

I can't (and won't) say much more of the plot so as to not give away too much.

Although not a 'screaming buy,' Gato Negro is a good effort by director Gaston Gallo. I will keep on the lookout for more films by Gallo. He is bound to direct a gem at some stage.

Note: Gato Negro is available on Netflix in most jurisdictions as at the time of writing, i.e. September 2018.
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2018 Emerging Markets democracy = 1960s Italy?
13 August 2018
Set in 1963 Naples, Hands Over the City is a serious depiction of the corruption, nepotism and social issues of post war reconstruction.

Italy in the early 1960s was barely a developed nation. Like most European participants of World War Two, Italy was left devastated by six years of conflict ending in 1945.

The movie's plot revolves around an investigation of a building collapse resulting in several fatalities. The story plays out in the backdrop of local elections which may affect vested political interests dole out land development contracts to cronies.

By shedding light on back room political dealings, the film exposes the shortcomings of democracy in developing states. Additionally, the raw power of wealth in (literally) buying votes amongst a poor electorate (think India, etc.) is laid bare during the movie.

In such a corrupt environment geared to enhancing the wealth and influence of existing power brokers it is not surprising ordinary people turned to Socialist and even Communist politics. Indeed, Italy's Communist and Socialist parties regularly won 33% or more of the popular vote until the 1980s. (Both parties were independent of policies emanating from Moscow.)

Though one may criticize the movie's pace, the story unfolds well enough to watch. The characters are realistic with the black and white filming adding to the effect of watching a sordid drama unfolding in seedy, smoky backrooms. The cinematography, especially in the opening scenes of Naples cityscape, is excellent. Hands Over the City is a social statement film more than an entertainment piece.
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Kabhie Kabhie (1976)
Excellent soundtrack, old fashioned predictable plot!
25 July 2018
Skip the movie and buy the soundtrack instead. Great songs but painful sitting through the entire film.
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Balu Mahi (2017)
Excellent romantic comedy!
19 July 2018
Balu Mahi is that Pakistani film which combines all the elements which a Pakistani audience desires, i.e. drama, romance, comedy and, importantly, a strong social message.

Even the background music is good though they could do without the first Bollywood style number. It just didn't fit in with the rest of the movie.

Balu Mahi is the story of a strong headed Pakistani woman (I didn't know there were any other types?!) coming to terms with conservative societal norms. To escape these familial and social restrictions Mahi runs away from home. Mahi's escape and her subsequent adventures lead to the romance between Balu - her hitherto unknown male accomplice. Her adventures also provide the drama and comedy interludes for the film.

The two leads acted magnificently. A special mention must be made of Ainy Jaffri who played Mahi.

The film is worth watching simply for its strong feminist undertones. Other than one dialogue, the feminism is sohisticated and crafted subtly into the film - making it all the more powerful. It is not 'in your face' feminism which may not appeal to many viewers.

In summary, a great, light film. An easy way to while away 2.5 hours (though it really didn't feel that long).

Balu Mahi is available on NETFLIX in most jurisdictions at the time of writing (July 2018).
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Feel good movie filmed at stunning locations!
18 July 2018
Pakistani films have come a long way from 'Khuda Ke Liya' released in 2007. This film is an example of the technical, artistic and overall progress made by the Pakistani film industry in the last decade. Surely, there is still some way to go before the average Pakistani films can compete with Holloywood (or even Bollywood).

Chalay Thay Sath is filmed amidst the magnificient scenery of Gilgit-Baltistan. Indeed, the scenery is woven into the plot as the film revolves around a tour group visiting the area's sights. (Note to filmmakers: can we see some creativity in choice of filming locations and move away from the scenery of GB, etc. to other locales within the country?)

The tour comprises of several Pakistanis and one Chinese tourist in Pakistan to visit the grave of his father who died during the building of the Karakoram Highway. During these few days the Chinese man falls in love with a local GB girl.

Although the story develops around the relationship of these two there are side distractions through the pther members of the group, including a mother having problems with her son and a married couple on the verge of divorce.

The plot is weak. The acting? Well, it's getting there but not quite there. The cinematography is good.

The movie is watchable though not worth more than six stars. Pakistanis will enjoy the film but so will non-Pakistanis wishing to get a gimpse into parts of Pakistan's geography.

Note: The fim is available on Netflix in many locations at the time of writing (July 2018).
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The Last Hour (2017)
Old fashioned detective work in serious pre-9/11 film on terrorism
30 June 2018
Surprising as it may sound to some, terrorism has existed for several centuries. It did not explode (pardon the pun) onto the scene just this century with 9/11. Communist inspired terrorism seriously afflicted many parts of Latin America. The scourge of narco-terrorism almost brought down many nation states, Colombia being the most prominent.

Peru struggled with Maoist inspired Shining Path guerrillas for a number of decades. The Last Hour film depicts the old fashioned pre-internet age 'War on Terror' as it was fought in one of terrorism's front lines.

The film grapples with the social issues facing emerging countries - especially indigenous communities in Latin America - which drive / drove many youngsters into the arms of leftist communist guerrillas. More than that, the Last Hour details the painstaking and old-fashioned detective work put in by an elite police investigating agency to capture the head of the Shining Path guerrillas.

In the course of the film viewers are shown the intrigues, power struggles, love tangles, family loyalties and inter-agency jealousies which hamper the real objectives of all state agencies.

To some, the film may be slow and boring. However, for those with an interest in global left wing guerrilla movements and good old fashioned police stories the movie deserves an '8' as it provides good insights into pre-9/11 terrorism and the state of many 1980s / 90s Latin American countries.
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The Chosen (2016)
Historical movie - fascinating story if you can get through the film!
15 June 2018
For anyone with sympathies towards Communism or an interest in post-War history, the film Chosen has some appeal. Many will watch it with a sense of remorse - of what could have been, i.e. Trotsky and a different Soviet Union. As opposed to Stalin and his USSR of gulags and killings.

Although not a long film at just under 90 minutes, it moves slowly. Indeed, the movie requires concentration simply to get through. There were times I found myself wandering and had to rewind (yes, it's Netflix!) to make sure I didn't miss anything important.

The film is watchable for Communist sympathizers or students of Communism. For all others, watch at your own peril. Quite a shame as the story line could have made for a much more gripping film.
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I Saw the Sun (2009)
Politics, humanity, war and LGBT rights all in a gritty, realistic movie ...
3 June 2018
The link between war, development and poverty is unequivocally demonstrated in this Turkish movie about the long standing Kurdish insurgency in the country's eastern provinces. Most people just wish to get on with their lives and have no time for nationalisms or 'isms' of other sorts. Indeed, ask the transvestite character in the film, and it's clear most of us have many of our own problems without taking on the burdens of others onto our own shoulders.

Nonetheless, humans cannot be divorced from the realities around them. Hence, the individual who joins a political movement infused with the idealism of youth. Pitted against him is his brother who believes in the power and strength of the state to deliver services, e.g. education and healthcare. As these two fight, innocent farmers and shepherds who happen to live in villages in the battleground suffer.

To suffer means economic destruction and even death.

This is the story of one such family caught up in Turkey's Kurdish insurgency. Simultaneously, the movie reveals the conservative and male dominated nature of rural Turkish society.

It's a sad movie - prepared to shed tears. But 'I Saw the Sun' is a social statement which provides powerful insights for any student of Turkish society. The movie provides few answers but forces us to ask the right questions.

A must watch for anyone interested in Turkish society.

In Turkish with English subtitles.
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Hap and Leonard (2016– )
Humorous thriller, quirky characters all with a human touch
29 May 2018
Season One: Hap and Leonard depicts life in the 1980s pretty well. It depicts the unusual partnership between a black and white man seemingly perpetually down on their luck and in hard times.

Oh, did I mention the black man - Leonard - is gay? Hap, on the contrary, is a 'man's man'; the type who only wear jeans and can be seen roaming around kitchens with wrenches in their hand fixing every loose nut and bolt!

Together the two are led into an operation to retrieve sunken treasure by Hap's ex-wife and 1960s hippie flower child. The operation leads the crew into a series of different situations which keep the plot moving smoothly forward.

Acting is good and dialogue delivery even better ... Dialogue delivery is important because this is not a slap stick comedy show. Instead, there is a dark, implicit humor in some dialogue sequences.

A must watch for those who enjoy shows set in the US south (with all the implications for race relations, 'redneck' lifestyle, etc.).
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Intellectually powerful political satire!
29 May 2018
Season One: A Very Secret Service is a sophisticated French satire about the Cold War, colonialism and racism. The series is especially meaningful - and humorous - to those with some understanding of post-War history.

The main character Andre Merlaux struggles to make sense of the bureaucracy surrounding intelligence operations and, whether skillfully or by chance, protects the French Republic from its enemies more than once. Once Merlaux gets the hang of the whole spy thing then the rules change again.

Au Service de la France is a laugh. It pokes holes in the the world, France and the era (yes, everyone did smoke in the 1960s, even on airplanes!). The series also none too subtly delivers a none too positive message on the role of Western powers in establishment of the post War global structure. So, yes, it's kind of a political show!
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Awesome soundtrack!
28 May 2018
Worth watching simply for the music - though perhaps Slow Ride is tad bit over used!
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Politically correct period drama
9 May 2018
A decent period drama which provides some insight into social values of the early 1900s. Through relationships between a young American Christian doctor, an idealist American nurse dismayed by white supremacist beliefs and a Turkish Ottoman lieutenant fighting for justice and the survival of the Empire the film addresses many issues, including interfaith relationships, the alleged Armenian massacre and the 'White Man's Burden.'

The film is primarily set in Eastern parts of a collapsing Ottoman Empire where a Christian missionary hospital is being run Americans. As the war develops and Russian participation increases battle lines are drawn by the main characters. Humanitarian choices are also on offer.

At times predictable, the film makes a pleasant change from the usual Hollywood period drama set in Europe or the US. The cinematography is good with some remarkable scenes. The Ottoman Lieutenant will appeal to the socially conscious in a world increasingly filled with racism and discord.
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Labyrinth (2011)
Excellent 'non-Hollywood' spy / intelligence thriller
9 May 2018
Labyrinth is an excellent intelligence drama set mainly in Istanbul, Turkey. It revolves around a small group of Turkish intelligence officers trying to foil a major terrorist plot by capturing members of an active radical Islamist cell.

The plot contains human elements by bringing in the personal lives of several of the officers. The emotional toll of high stress work often with disastrous results and the ensuing guilt is well portrayed.

The movie's excitement level builds well until the denouement. An often predictable plot with wooden acting at times, the movie is saved by the rising excitement level and a few key twists in the plot, including the conclusion.

However, what really differentuates this movie from the standard Hollywood spy thriller is that it's not Hollywood. It's a Turkish production with Turkish nationalist undertones reverberating throughout the film. No American or British heroes here.

Those interested in spy thrillers will enjoy Labyrinth.
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The Outsider (I) (2018)
Well acted, great plot with a serious dark side!
28 April 2018
Great film - I loved every minute of it. From the settings in buildings in sleazy neighborhoods around post-war Japan to the acting which was excellent. It even had one (maybe more?) moment of humor. There is little to complain about except perhaps it was gory even by today's standards.

It's difficult to remember how one things leads to the next as the plot is crafted masterfully. Before the viewer is even aware, a Gaijin (foreigner or outsider) is a part of a Japanese Yakuza family in Osaka. Despite his penchant for violence - sometimes almost senseless - the main character is humanized through a tender side manifested by his love for a woman.

The film depicts a broken down Japan still reeling from the impact of World War Two. There appears to be little of the order and wealth so closely associated with contemporary Japan. The movie is an eye opener on Japanese society for those who are unaware of the depths to which Imperial Japan feel after its surrender in 1945.

Well acted, great plot with a serious dark side ... what's not to like?
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Annihilation (2018)
Fantasy, mystery with great photography and limited plot!
16 April 2018
I don't normally watch fantasy movies but I took the risk with Annihilation. The story line about a government expedition with hints of biological warfare intrigued me. Initially, the movie held my interest ... or at least for the first ten minutes.

Subsequently, I would tune in as and when I found the scenery worth watching or perhaps when it seemed something significant (plot wise) was about to occur. At times, the scenery in the nature park where the movie is set is astounding. The vivid green contrasted with the colorful flowers made the images amazing. However, Annihilation is not a documentary about photography it is a movie with a plot ... theoretically.

The movie came across like a suspense - horror - thriller but all that adrenaline was lost when the director moved into pseudo-intellectual artsy stuff. These artsy 'what's the point' quasi-intellectual interludes become more frequent as the movie progressed. They created little interest for me.

The movie tried to do much and ended up doing very little. In the end, I was left scratching my head asking myself what I missed. Maybe 'truer' and more experienced science fiction fans will appreciate the movie more than me. For the average viewer, perhaps you'll enjoy some of the computerized nature scenes.
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A Perfect Day (I) (2015)
The film brilliantly captures the absurdities of war and complexities of NGO work!
16 April 2018
Anyone with interest in either the Yugoslav civil war or aid work in conflict zones will find the movie insightful.

The movie brings together a diverse set of characters interacting during the course of one day. These individuals are not only aid workers, including two women - one a newbie and another straight from the city and 'civilization' struggling to adapt to the realities found in a war zone - but also two locals, i.e. a local child and an interpreter.

The plot revolves around aid workers attempting to restore water supply to local villagers from a contaminated well. What appears to be a simple exercise becomes at times dangerous and at other times frustrating due to the behavior of bureaucratic 'do-gooders' UN peacekeepers.

Many may dispute my '8' rating given that at times the movie moves slowly as there is little action . However, the film is peppered with humor - lightening the heavy nature of the subject - and makes a strong political statement. Those factors pushed the rating up.
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Bullet Head (2017)
Better than the rating suggests
9 April 2018
Not your average thriller or crime movie. In fact, the film has the feel of a stage play about it. Perhaps because much of it is set inside a warehouse.

In other words, the film is a decent drama. The unorthodox plot develops well and the cast does a good job with mediocre, stereotypical dialogue. The script weaves in some real moments of suspense almost making the film seem like a horror flick!

The movie has more than its suspense moments. It has a solid story which may appeal to the 'critic' minded film-goer. It's a plot which can be interpreted at various levels (like a play!) .

Despite its occasional predictability the movie makes it easy to while away 1.5 hours. After all, not all movies can be rated 8 or above?
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The Ritual (I) (2017)
For horror movie fanatics only!
1 April 2018
For those who enjoy a fright decent horror movies are hard to come by nowadays. Contemporary horror are either unbelievable fantasies or simply chock a block with gory killing scenes. In this context even a mediocre horror film is worth watching.

The Ritual could have been far more than it is. The story develops nicely. It had the potential of turning into a psycho-thriller. Nonetheless, the film has its moments - despite not having any female leads. It keeps a viewer engrossed and makes the adrenaline run.

The acting is decent though they all speak with British accents. (If you have problems understanding a British accent please make sure you use subtitles.) Ultimately, the Ritual is a watchable film but only if you enjoy horror flicks.
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Humanizing one the Cold War's worst episodes
25 March 2018
Full Metal Jacket exposes the futility of war - more relevant than ever for the world today given the incessant wars being fought by the US around the world as I write this review.

The movie adds a human touch to a war essentially fought in the Cold War chessboard of the 1960s and 1970s. The movie humanizes the suffering of death and raises legitimate questions about the purpose of the war; or indeed most wars.

Living in Southeast Asia and having visited Vietnam several times the movie helps one to understand one of the darkest periods in the region's history. No doubt, there were many silent global supporters of the war but still one recognizes the burden of history which contemporary Vietnamese are attempting to shed.

The movie is a must watch fictional recreation for anyone interested in understanding the human aspect of war. Stanley Kubrick is a master film maker and Full Metal Jacket will not disappoint even the harshest of Kubrick's critics.
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The Duel (I) (2016)
Contemporary Western with social theme
25 March 2018
Western movies are few and far between these days. So when a Western does appear I take the time to watch them. Generally, the stories are not the simple 'black and white' good versus evil or cowboys versus Indians plots of the past. Instead, viewers are fed with more complicated stories with fewer set piece gunfights.

The Duel is no exception. It has some great acting by Woody Harrelson though the other main actor's performance, i.e. Liam Hemsworth, is acceptable at best. The story has an underlying social message relevant to today's far right Christian movement about discrimination and xenophobia. At times the plot moves slowly and the film could do with more action.

Nonetheless, for fans of Western movies The Duel is eminently watchable.
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Street Kings (2008)
Classic good cop, bad cop with the dialogue to boot!
13 March 2018
Keanu Reeves may not be the box office star he was some years ago but this movie still deserves a watch. It's a classy 'good cop, bad cop' movie with some standard twists ... who's the good cop and who's the bad cop?

The action is steady and the dialogue even steadier. If only I had a dollar for each wry quote from the movie!

The one this missing is the love interest. Yes, there are a few ladies - they mourn, they grieve and they're sexy but they are peripheral to the movie. It's almost as if the writer threw the women into the script because no one watches a movie without women - or do they?

In summary, a good detective thriller which will keep viewers engrossed until the very end.
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