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A big wasted opportunity.
16 July 2011
When the Cult of the Cthulu uncover the first of 2 pieces of a relic needed to unlock the Cthulu's prison, it's up to the last remaining bloodline of H.P. Lovecraft to protect the remaining piece from the Cult of Cthulu's possession or the Cthulu will be unleashed on the planet. For a movie about Cthulu, there's a COMPLETE absence of Cthulu. The whole film is a giant mis-step. Our main characters are extremely unlikable, the direction seems confused and the editing does nothing but squander what's left of this ultra low budget waste of time. There's nothing wrong with low budget films. I love them. This is a prime example of the kind of movies that give low budget films a bad rep. It's too cool for school attitude gets old in the first 10 minutes. "Fu@k" is said on an average of one time per sentence and feels so forced that it's uncomfortable. I shouldn't be consciously aware of how often the characters are swearing. It unnatural and completely out of place. The character of Paul is the only highlight of the whole group although since The Hangover, it seems like every fat hairy character in a comedy has to be the same person. There are a few moments of entertainment but 45 minutes in I was already calling "bullsh@t" and there was no help on the horizon. The editing takes away every comedic beat, or moment of action and pulverizes it into a helpless mess of mediocrity. This is being compared to Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer and Shaun of the Dead. That's like comparing Shark Attack 2 to Jaws and Alien. The only good thing I can say about it, is that 90 percent of the effects were done practically. That's a rare thing in movies like this these days and it's nice to see people still making an effort to do that, even if they don't look that good. I could recommend any number of other things to watch, but you're best bet is to just grab something randomly and watch it instead of this. There were two people responsible for this. One of them directed. One of them wrote it. They both produced it and edited it. There's the problem. They should've given the job to someone else and saved a lot of people an hour and a half. There aren't enough films with this subject matter. They didn't have to ruin it for everyone else.
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Rubber (2010)
If you hate good movies, avoid at all costs.
16 July 2011
This movie has been getting a lot of really bad backlash and I really can't understand why, other than the people watching it are exactly the people who should not be. This film is entirely original, technically impressive, funny, amazingly shot, and just long enough to not overstay it's welcome. A lot of focus of reviewers relies too much on the fact that this is basically a movie about a tire that comes to life and starts to blow stuff up with it's mind. It's a lot more than that. This is more along the lines of Synecdoche, New York. It's very meta as we're introduced to a group of people in a desert that are watching the movie unfold with binoculars. They ask a lot of stupid questions and try to figure out what's going on until they're poisoned to death leaving one "audience member" alive to watch the rest of the film. All of the actors know they're actors and it just gets weirder from there. We watch "Robert" the tire slowly discover his power and what he's capable of starting with a plastic bottle and then going on a full on murdering spree after seeing something that makes him want to destroy humanity. There'a lot more going on here and it really is a lot of fun to watch. The shots look amazing, the music is great and the filmmakers even make it so you can understand what the tire is thinking and where it's coming from in the decisions it makes. It's ridiculous in all the right ways. If you're a fan of off center films that say a lot more than they seem you could watch a lot worse than Rubber. A hell of a lot. If you hate it, maybe you should wait for Scream 4 because bull crap is probably more up your alley. It's not for everyone but it certainly needs to be seen more than it is and it deserves more credit than it's getting.
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Fear Itself (2008– )
It's hit or miss but still worthwhile.
9 April 2011
This cable version of Masters of Horror has it's limitations but still manages to find itself a good foothold as a decent addition to horror television. There's a lot of talent here with directors such as Stuart Gordon, John Landis, Brad Anderson Ronnie Yu and many more each taking a shot at a 45 minute mini movie made for cable. Some of the effects by KNB are fantastic. They're werewolf effect in Something With Bite is amazing, and just goes to prove that practical is almost always better than CGI. There are some low points. John Landis's entry is probably the weakest. Although on a whole I find him to be rather hit or miss himself. As a whole this series is better than the second season of Master's of Horror by a long shot. These are some of my favorite directors anyways, and it's neat to see what else they can do. It's streaming on Netflix now. If you're a fan of horror there's no reason to not watch this. It's often corny and goofy, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth your time.
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