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Mixels (2014–2016)
This Show Is WAY Too Underrated!
19 July 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This show is extremely cartoony, and has very interesting, simplistic, nice looking character designs. The shows plot is very simple, but fun at the same time. One thing I've noticed about this cartoon is that is indeed extremely underrated, and very criticized by lots of people, and honestly, doesn't deserve the negative attention it gets (instead I'd rather you criticize a certain other CN show featuring annoying superheroes who do stupid, pointless, annoying, unfunny stuff all the time with bad flash animation). The shows animation style is fine, and while it isn't anything spectacular, it is watchable to the human eye. The show also contains very talented voice actors, such as Tom Kenny who voices Flain and Tesslo (Tom Kenny also voices one of the greatest cartoon characters of all time, SpongeBob SquarePants). The voice acting isn't bad, but it isn't great. Like the animation, the voice acting is fine the way it is. The plot is very simple when it comes to most of the specials that aired on CN, though the plots are well, decent to say the least. The characters are very charming, especially the Mixels (the protagonists), however the Nixels (the antagonists) can be slightly annoying, considering the only word they every say is the word "Nix". This show used to be shorts, but ended up having a few 20 minute specials on CN. As of the time I wrote this review, the show still airs it's shorts on Boomerang, during commercial breaks before an episode from any series airs on the network. The ending was sadly rushed however. While the ending isn't bad by any means, it's very disappointing. A Mixel by the name of "Booger" ends up saving the world and ends up defeating the Nixel King by doing some kind of dance boogie. All and all, this show is good for what it is, even if the ending was slightly rushed and very disappointing. I give this show a solid 8.3/10, and I do recommend watching this series.
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Unity, Duty, and Destiny!
2 February 2018
This is a very good film! This movie is more than just a toy commercial, it has great action, CGI, characters, design, story, etc. This film is part of the BIONICLE franchise, so of course who wouldn't like this movie? The problem with this film is people look at the CGI and think it looks awful, at todays standards it kinda is. However back in the day this CGI was AMAZING for its time! I will admit that this movie is nowhere near perfect, as it has its downs. I definitely recommend this one. I've noticed how when people upload this film on YouTube, the quality is not the same. In fact the quality is usually much more worse. If you want to watch it with better quality than I recommend buying the DVD instead of the watching the poor quality uploads on YouTube. Overall this film is great, if you get the chance you definitely should watch this film.
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Hero Factory (2010– )
A Follow Up To One Of The Best Franchises
27 January 2018
This theme replaced BIONICLE, which was very outstanding. However this show isn't NOWHERE near as good as BIONICLE once was but I still recommend this one. It's a pretty solid great show with outstanding voice actors such as Tom Kenny (who voices SpongeBob SquarePants), in this series he voices Rocka and Evo. My favorite characters are Surge, Furno, and Stormer. This show has solid CGI, action scenes, and a good storyline. While this show has a simple storyline that is easier to understand for a younger audience, BIONICLE had a VERY deep lore. If you ever get the chance to watch this show I definitely say you should watch it. I very much miss this series and hope it returns someday. When I say that I mean I hope it continues on the original story and not a mediocre reboot (like what happened to BIONICLE).
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