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Youngsters will love it
21 January 2018
I can not review this as a Dad with an adult perspective. This series was not made for us. It is not like the family movie which it is based it is built for the very young who like bright colours and songs who love stories about friendship.

It is episodic, the animation is familiar but it isn't quality, the voices are not the original cast members but you can't really tell. The story isn't progressed from the movie either (similar to the animated short) and I don't think they ever will. The series focuses on the side characters as much as the main, like Cloud Guy, the horse looking one and the guy that farts sparkles.

If I have any real problem - is that my 3 and 6 year old can't binge more than 6 episodes in a row (right now) which means as a father I have already memorised all these episodes which my kids just repeat.
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