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Four children walk through a wardrobe to find that they are in Narnia and have to fight the White Witch for their lives
11 December 2005
This movie was very good, but a little violent. It makes me curious to see how they will create the creatures in a local production of Narnia.Lucy was very dramatic, Edmund was just mean, Susan was protective and Peter was brave. Aslan's name is impossible to pronounce (is it Az-lan or As-lin)? I jumped at a few periods in the movie. It was definitely worth the money I payed to see it. Pretty similar to what I've read in the book. Saddest part-When Aslan is sacrificed. Funniest part-When Father Christmas came and they thought is was the White Witch. Most intense part-the war(lasted for like 20 min.)I recommend this movie for adventure lovers. Enjoy it if you see it!
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