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Rescue Me (2004–2011)
Rescue Me
16 May 2006
Never has a show given so much to the viewer; drama, comedy, suspense, this show is the best thing to happen to television in years. I myself serve in the military and understand what it means to put a uniform on and defend the innocent and helpless. Dennis Leary was already a genius in my book; yet again he tops his past projects. I've read about his cousin (firefighter) passing away in a fire, so it seems that Mr. Leary takes this project very personnel. That desire to do well has enabled him to create the most enjoyable show I've ever seen. I just got my hands on season 2 and have barely done anything else but watch it. Do yourself a favor and tune it next time it airs. You won't be disappointed.
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Monument Ave. (1998)
Great Movie, Incredible director
2 May 2006
First off...Ted Demme was in my opinion one of the most talented directors of his era. This film is top notch in performance, environment, the shots of Boston ( Tobin Bridge, Bunker Hill ) just add to the atmosphere which Demme has created. Dennis Leary proves once again that his talent lies far beyond comedy. Its in the after affect of the violence which is major element in the film that Leary and the rest of the cast shines. The music is so well placed for this film, it saturates the scenes with emotion. Emotion, which is a major element of this film is what drives Leary's character throughout the film. Depressing to a point, yet in the end you feel that perhaps Bobby (Leary) has done whats nessecary. I myself felt that If was in the situation his character was placed in I would act the same. If you enjoy his character in Rescue Me, you should see his performance here.
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