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Hooray for the ordinary guy!
12 December 2005
The Householder is a bit dated--filmed in the early 60s--but it bears a message that's rarely seen.

The movie begins with Prem and his young wife discussing a wedding they'll attend. At the wedding, Prem notices that the bride groom seems fretful. He tells the groom that there's nothing to worry about and proceeds to tell the story of his first year of marriage. His memories are shown in flashback and make up almost all of the rest of the movie.

Prem is married to Indu in an arranged marriage. The newlyweds have a difficult time adjusting to married life. Prem faces a host of problems--a low-paying job in which he's bullied by practically everyone, a drunken landlord, a contentious relationship between his mother and his new wife, and impractical advice from his best friend.

Along the way, Prem befriends the aptly-named Ernest, an American spiritual seeker. (Take note of what Ernest is doing when he's introduced--it's a really funny visual pun!) Prem has a lot to sort out, but in the end, he finds happiness.
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