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Mickey's 50 (1978)
Mickey Mania stop-motion animation sequence
5 April 2007
I don't remember much about the full show, but there is a stop-motion sequence by Mike Jitlov called Mouse Mania which I believe was featured at the end of this show. It's about two minutes long and set to a variation on Jean-Jacques Perrey and Gershon Kingsley's Baroque Hoedown. Jitlov appears in the sequence as a patient in a psychiatrist's office. He seems to be explaining his "Mickey Mania" as Mickey toys and souvenirs start popping up around the room until it's filled with dancing and parading toys led by an animated clay Mickey Mouse. The piece utilizes old Mickey merchandise from the Disney Archives as well as contemporary souvenirs from Disney parks at the time. If you watch closely at the end, you'll see the credits for the sequence. On a drum is painted "Christopher Barczak - Cameraman" and later "A.D. - Deven Chierighin" arranged with the toys.

This portion of the show is currently available on the Disney DVD, "Walt Disney Treasures: Mickey Mouse In Living Color, Volume 2".

Although it wasn't on the DVD release, I seem to remember this ending with Jitlov driving away in his Volkswagen Beetle which has its own set of giant mouse ears. But that may be from another show.
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Surprisingly Entertaining
2 August 2006
This film started out pretty slow for me and probably for most who are used to quicker comedy prominent in other Disney movies of the time (such as Million Dollar Duck which was released a week after Scandalous John in 1971). But after the characters grew on me, particularly John & Paco, I found myself laughing out loud. I wasn't really pleased with some of the other actors, but they weren't so bad that they detracted from the overall film. Brian Keith makes it look fun to be a crazy old man. As the movie goes on, it gets better, so have a little patience if you're not used to this slightly slower style.

"It's Lilac Tweed. A MAN'S cologne."

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'Martins & The Coys' missing from montage makes 'Make Mine Music' merely mediocre
11 March 2006
The segments included in this anthology film are very good. I just think it's ridiculous that Disney would release a movie with the first chunk missing. The way it was done made it seem like they thought people wouldn't notice. I have to admit, I'm glad they released it even in part on DVD so we could enjoy the rest, but on the Walt Disney Treasures collection they have released several short subject cartoons on DVD with a disclaimer from Leonard Maltin beforehand. I think they could re-release 'Make Mine Music' in it's entirety with such a disclaimer because the segment is actually very entertaining. I remember seeing it as a kid and it left no impression whatsoever that I should grab a gun and start shooting. Maybe because I had smart parents that had a greater influence on me than what I saw on TV.
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