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I hardly ever review, but this film is really good
7 December 2014
This movie was a gem. I just saw it today, and it was very powerful. Sean Christiansen(sp?) was phenomenal, as was pretty much everyone else including a very invested performance by Paul Wesley (Vampire Diaries) After watching I checked out the background to find out that Sean, the lead was also the writer and director.. what a feat! I was pretty damn impressed by this unknown actor's performance, let alone the direction, and couldn't't help but liken his acting chops to a young Ed Norton (who I also think is great!) I really hope people see this movie... The critics have it underrated, as seen by the user reviews. It was honest in writing, acting, production, etc... a cohesive, unique and moving film... at least for me!
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P.S. (2004)
Whoever is voting---you're not actors!
15 December 2005
It is truly sad when a gem of a movie like P.S. receives such a low average vote...Granted it is not a perfect film, but it is overwhelmingly good for a movie that I wasn't even aware of! Laura Linney is one of the highest caliber actors of our time. So in the moment, with a range that to me is either innate or a great advertisement for Julliard, she commands our attention with her investment. I put this movie in the 8-10 range, if for nothing else, for being a ballsy, actor driven movie that takes its time and lets you breathe in its story rather than spoonfeed its viewers stimulus like the mainstream fare. I really think that filmmakers are voting here more than actors. Sadly, sometimes you filmmakers could care less about the quality of the acting, and all about the less important production value elements.
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