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Absolutely LOVE this Movie!!!
19 November 2017
I watch this Movie EVERY Year in and around Thanksgiving. There is a previous review that states, "Aren't the Holidays Supposed to be Fun." Well, duh-but that person totally MISSED what this movie is ALL about. That even though we love our families they can most of the time get on our last nerve. This move reminds me of my own family in many ways, and I'm thinking that this movie is hard to digest as it has in it subtle ways a heartbreaking reminder of all of our families. Suck it up butter cup because what makes this movie great is that it is hauntingly reminiscent of our own Holidays and our Family around the Holidays. Beautifully done and I LOVE the music too. It's funny and it's homey. Kudos to the actors, producer and director of this film-it's a real keeper!
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