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Alien Secrets (2006 Video)
28 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This was one of only two movies in my life that I ever walked out on and asked for my money back. I got it too...the theater owner said he had refunded many tickets for this film. He was going to send it back early as well. He was contractually forced to show it a certain number of times and then he could choose to end it or keep on showing the film at reduced rates. This was so tongue in cheek and so much a shot at those people that swear by things like UFOs that I felt bad for those who are true believers. The acting (if that was what it was) was truly atrocious and the filming was amateurish at best. If this wasn't just to poke fun at the Roswell crowd then it was simply one of the worst films ever made.
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25 May 2007
This film got the USA into WWII???? Sheesh! That will be news to my Uncle who was serving in Pearl Harbor aboard the USS Nevada when the Japanese attacked. All these years he and the rest of the USA were pretty sure it was that surprise attack that got us into the war...not some short documentary. I suppose that the year before it may have helped us get more material to Great Britain and gear up the war time economy but it did not get us into the war one second earlier than the Japanese. It was however a very good short film showing the resolve of a nation mostly in the city of London having to deal with the nightly bombings. It was honest enough to show that Britain was also each night bombing Germany. The UK continued their night bombing until the end of the war. It was just as if not more devastating than that which the Luftwaffe poured on London.
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Wonderful film
22 December 2006
A nice all around WWII film of Marines coming home to music, parties and women. There were three songs by the female lead Patricia Kirkwood, and it seemed even more by the woman portraying the Russian singer played by Marina Koshetz. She was a real life opera singer who did the difficult Eugene Onegin on stage for a debut. One of the highlights was the two "prodigies" with Frank 'Sugar Chile' Robinson playing piano and singing "Caledonia" and then Joey Preston on Drums looking like a tiny Gene Krupa. Both seemed to be around 10 or 11 years old. Neither seems to have recorded anything after around 1950! I wonder what happened to them. The Garcia's (Dance Team) were superb! And Elizabetmora... did you ever find a copy? I have one if you need it.
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