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very notable documentary, huge respects to Florence to speak out
21 October 2017
Thx for this film, Paul Poet - I was hypnotized by Florances personality, her sharp mind - the words she picked specifically to describe what happened to her - fascinating, because German was not her mother-language, so she did not speak "correct" in grammar - but the words she choose where BETTER even, so straight to the point of what it really was; the underlying level, what usually stays in the shadow. And I admire her strength - hard to imagine how to survive all this brutality and abuse from Kindergarten-age on without loosing your mind and just giving up and breaking into pieces. But she is still standing and fighting. Also she seems very reflected, no simplified blaming and accusing and trying to trigger pity. If anybody, she clearly qualifies to fall into this category. But not a minute I was under the impression to listen to a "victim". She seems not to identify with this term. She seems so strong - sometimes struggled shorty with her emotions, before speaking out the required words to answer, (and she gets herself together rather quickly and adds some comment with her charming smile, to cover that up) - this raised huge sympathy from my side towards her. And maybe it is because she keeps being strong and her pride is still intact, this little moments gave a direct impression of the unspeakable horror of what was happening there all the time. Because right from the beginning of her interview, nearly every sentence she told about her life was describing a nightmare itself. So one gets accustomed to listen about her living hell in an atmosphere, that is customary for all possible topics... this little gaps opened a new dimension of/into the "unspeakable" that was overwhelming. I wish her the best and to find good contact to her children.
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