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Simply amazing!
4 July 2019
This season had it all, I watched it all in a day. It´s entertaining, interesting, amazing, mind-blowing, unpredictable and simply fantastic. I have no words to describe it. Shocking conclusion.
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Brightburn (2019)
Had a creative concept, but the execution brought nothing new
25 May 2019
Brightburn is a movie with an interesting concept. Basically, a superman turned evil. Unfortunately, the director couldn´t execute it properly. The movie is sooo predictable and the characters are written very dumb, although Elizabeth Banks carries the movie with her amazing performance. The gore is more funny than disturbing or horrifying and the jumpscares are generic and cheap, loud noises, big bangs, someone appearing in a mirror, etc... I thought this movie was going to be different, but it was just like every other horror movie out there.
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Shazam! (2019)
Funny, Entertaning and AMAZING!
5 April 2019
"Shazam!" (2019) is the new DC movie and, in my opinion, the best since "The Dark Knight Rises". It can be funny, interesting and dramatic and for a superhero movie this is a great achievement.

Billy Batson (Asher Angel) is only 14 years old, but received from an old wizard the gift of becoming an adult superhero named Shazam (Zachary Levi). By shouting the word SHAZAM !, the teenager becomes a powerful adult godlike to have fun and test his skills. However, he must learn that with great power come great responsibilities to face the evil Dr. Thaddeus Sivana (Mark Strong).

It's very hard not to like this movie as it has all the ingredients and more to delight the casual superhero movie worshiper. If there is one thing we have to admit all is that "Shazam" is admittedly a comedy movie. In this movie we will not see poor and cheap comedy, but rather genuinely funny comedy. Even the most critical person is going to laugh out loud at the funniest scenes in the movie, because it overflows with them. But since it's not all rosy and the producers took very seriously the fact that the superhero is a 14-year-old boy, there are no very emblematic action scenes or choreographies, but simpler fight scenes.

Coming to the cast, we have as "Shazam!" Zachary Levi who can perfectly represent a 14 year old boy in an adult body. He has a charisma from another dimension and a perfect comic timing. Asher Angel, who plays Billy Batson is not that good, but manages to deliver a good performance, although he can not represent Zachary Levi's joy and euphoria so well, making him less cheerful and euphoric and more reserved and quiet, which leaves the character a little unbalanced, but is something that never affects the viewer during the film. Now, Jack Dylan Grazer, who plays an orphanage boy, steals the scene. He can represent envy, enthusiasm, joy, fear and many other emotions with incredible truth! The rest of the cast is all well and good in what it proposes, were it not for one exception. Mark Strong as the villain. He is very generic and in all the scenes he has to walk calmly, stop, pose, take off his sunglasses and make bad face. But within the concept of the film, it's not such a bother in general. Summarizing and concluding, "Shazam!" Is an entertaining and funny movie that any fan of superhero movies will love.
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Not bad, but not good either. It´s ok.
29 December 2018
"The Darkest minds" is a sci-fi film where we are in a world where 90% of the children died and the only survivors developed powers. They are ranked from green, the safest, to orange, the one who is so dangerous that have to be automatically terminated when identified.

This film entertains, yes, but it´s not that much. It has a lot of plot holes such as "the smart kids" are so many but not one can figure out a way of getting out of the prison camps or the orange kids should be terminated immediately but the guards have no protection against them if they find one except for frequency guns, that are only introduced half way of the movie, after the protagonist being able to trick them, making them think she´s a green.

That leads us to, probably, the only thing i disliked personally. The way they treated the greens/the intelligents. The greens are suppost to be smart, but instead, they know stuff. Like codes and that kind of thing. In my opinion, a smart person is the one that is smart by, you know "being smart", not the one who knows a lot. Imagine a kid, who had his parents killed when he was younger and then he ran away and survived in the forest for a long time (i know this is completely stupid, but it´s an example). That kid had a 150 IQ, but didn´t know anything about the world because he spent he´s whole life living in a forest. That kid WAS SMART, even if he didn´t know a lot of stuff. Yeah, a kid can be smart AND know a lot of stuff, but in the movie, they show the intelligent kids as kids who know stuff and not as kids who are really smart.

Another flaw of the film is the villain, which is predictable, not very smart, and generic. The film tries to make us think something is going to happen when something else will happen. The problem is, we can predict that easily.

The acting is pretty good, the rest of the film is simple, but entertaining, although the ending was unsatisfying and left more questions then answers. Who knows? Maybe it´s all explained in a sequel.

In resume, "The Darkest Minds" isn´t a masterpiece, it´s not bad at all, but it´s not very good either, it´s a teen action/drama, entertaining movie.
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It´s good, but not that good.
20 December 2018
Santa & Cie is a typical French christmas movie. With children, Santa Claus, and, obviously, a good message for kids.

I thought the movie was very funny, with jokes for all family, including kids, altough some jokes were kind of forced. I think the funnier jokes were the ones that joked about the few logic the movie had, making us understand that the movie knows it has 0 logic, and we should just enjoy, as I did.

The acting was pretty good, but the movie dragged itself to get 1 hour and a half long, when it seemed it was 3 hours long.

In resume, Santa & Cie is not a masterpiece, but it doens´t need to be. It´s a funny christmas movie for all the family.
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Death Proof (2007)
Not totally bad, but Tarantino´s weakest film
17 December 2018
For a movie about fast cars crashing each others at high speeds, "Death Proof" is very slow.

The film have seemingly endless conversations and i just wanted to skip all the dialogue parts and watch the two big chases. The film is two hours long and it feels like it´s 4 hours long.

"Death proof" is the weakest Tarantino film and i don´t recommend you to watch it if you´re bored and want to have some fun. For that, just watch kill bill, inglorious basterds, pulp fiction, django unchained or any other Tarantino film.
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Eighth Grade (2018)
This is the movie you´ll tell your friends to see.
3 December 2018
"Eighth grade" is probably the most relatable movie i´ve ever seen. Im 13 years old and im starting eighth grade and when i was watching the movie i felt like i was in school, it looked so real, so authentic and honest. i felt the cringe moments in the skin like i was there.

Everything that happened to Kayla i think it already happened to me one day (although im a boy haha). I´ve had a channel on youtube too, i´ve gave advice to people, but i couldn´t apply them to myself.

The acting was also phenomenal! Elsie Fisher did really good but Josh Hamilton steals the show.

The movie remembered me of Lady Bird (2017).

"Eighth grade" is an authentic and relatable movie giving nostalgia to those who once were in Kayla´s position and making those who are in her position right now laugh out loud.
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A touching, incredible and amazing movie.
1 November 2018
This movie is so touching that make anyone who didn´t know Queen (like my brother) like their songs. I dont know what the critics are looking for documentary wisdom in this movie, because this is a moving movie about one of the world´s greatest bands. The acting is also phenomenal. Don´t listen to the critics, the movie is amazing!
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I really liked the movie!
7 November 2017
The movie was awesome, i really liked it because the characters aren't stupid and they aren't't invencible like in some movies. I recommend everyone to see it, i cried. I liked the cast and everything, there were only some mistakes in the first half of the movie, that's why i give "What Happened to Monday" a 9 out of 10.
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Jigsaw (I) (2017)
I love the movie!
7 November 2017
"Jigsaw" is the 8º movie of the franchise "Saw" and i only have seen THIS movie i haven't seen the others ones so this review is only about this one. Well, i liked the movie but the movie don't have my type of horror, i prefer psychological terror instead of physical, but that's opinions, i liked the cast and the script was really nice. That's why i gave a 8 out of 10. (It's my opinion, because horror it's not my kind of movie, so, don't hate me because of this please).
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It (I) (2017)
I Liked IT, but it's not so good.
7 November 2017
Well, i don't know how IT get so many good reviews, i liked IT but there are things that were really bad, like the script, it seemed like it was not a movie, it was like putting together several pieces the first half of the movie was just scaring the kids the dumbest way possible but the second half was nicer for me. I really liked the cast and the connection the movie make between us and the characters. I loved Jaeden Lieberher as Henry and Finn Wolfhard as Richie and Bill Skarsgard killed it, omg, so good interpretation, i really liked him. That's my review, i give IT a 6 out of 10.
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