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Sunday Showcase: The Secret of Freedom (1960)
Season 1, Episode 24
29 July 2008
The Secret of Freedom was filmed in Mt. Holly, N.J. I was in grade school at the time. We watched many of the scenes being filmed. The credits did not include Michael J. Pollard. He played the shoeshine boy. The Scret of Freedom was originally commissioned and presented as a TV play on Febraury 28, 1960 by NBC. The play was written for television. The setting of the film is fluid in the familiar television manner. The camera follows Joe and Jill from the shop to the school; from the bathroom mirror to bedroom to living-room to kitchen. Joe wanders the town from his own front stoop to the filling station, the grocery store, the Court-house steps and the library. Furthermore all the scenes, with the exception of the scene in the library, are brief.
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