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The instruction manual to my coffee maker has more of a storyline that the Florida project
22 September 2017
General Public: This movie has no storyline. This movie literally made no sense. I might not be a professional movie critic but speaking from a logical perspective, this is a movie not worth wasting your time watching

The movie's focus is on the girl and her mother. The girls role is seriously exaggerated, no kid of that age speaks or acts like that. Her style of humour is NOT funny to begin with and the movie producers made sure to milk it! She certainly know's how to act so the blame is not on her.

Quality over quantity, a popular saying that certainly is not applicable here. A lot of random scenes that attribute no value to the movie. Cant emphasize that enough - what on earth was the point of the old paedophile scene? Or the random helicopters coming and going? Or the random guy who helped the Motel manager move the fridge/freezer?

The mother's acting was OK, a representation of a lower class American individual. An adult making irresponsible decisions, yes, we've never seen that in a movie before.

1 Good thing though is the shooting of the movie, some nice shots here and there. Very colourful, not worth watching this movie for though. Nothing out of the ordinary.

My honest and genuine advice as a regular guy who enjoys good movies: this is NOT worth watching.
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