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Silly, annoying and horribly stereotypical
4 November 2009
To be completely honest, I love these conspiracy theory documentaries. Loose Change, Zeitgeist etc are great movies. They really make you think and have lot's of facts that follow all the crazy accusations.

This movie on the other hand is just stupid. All the silly stereotypes about conspiracy theorists run rampant in this movie. A bunch of wacky lunatics yelling at people and accusing them of nonsense. The head nutbar, Alex Jones, is just mind boggling to listen to. I couldn't believe the turds that were coming out of his mouth. There are way better ways of getting your point across then acting arrogant and offensive. Here's a few ideas i came up with all by myself: Intelligence, Factual knowledge, Politeness, Not acting psychotic.

There were a few points in the movie where i was starting to wonder who the film makers side was on. As the guys doing the "enlightening" were getting enlightened themselves... with logic... from regular people.

To sum this thing up, this movie highlights everything that is wrong with conspiracy theorists, uneducated wackos spouting off about crazy theories and providing ZERO factual evidence. A massive step back... way back, from any kind of legitimacy for any of the topics brought up.
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Timber Falls (2007)
Absolutely Horrible
10 February 2008
I don't even know where to start. I just finished watching this and i'm seriously angry. I'm angry that i actually wasted time watching it and I'm even more angry that this movie somehow has a rating of 5.8.

There is nothing worse than a crappy B horror movie that tries to make itself seem like a Hollywood blockbuster. And this film takes that to a whole new level.

Horrible story that we've all seen a thousand times before, stupid illogical character actions that just make you mad, a ridiculous ending and every single shitty cliché possible. The only thing, literally the only thing i could give this movie, was the acting was decent on the main characters.

This was really and truly a horrible movie.
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