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one-sided piece of propaganda
13 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I has hyped up in seeing this documentary, only to find disappointment after rushing across Dallas during rush hour traffic to see a special viewing at the Texas movie theater.

Even though Robert Stone said that he tried to present both sides in his documentary, the end suggested that Oswald acted alone. Stone did not convince me of this, instead he only angered me into thinking that I wasted my time in watching his film.

Stone only showed the members of the Warren Commission and never mentioned them by name. These Commission members would have been happy to know that their deception is still being presented today. Gerald Ford, the only man to ever hold the position of President that was never elected by the people, and Robert Dulles, the ex-director of the CIA who was fired by JFK, are two of the men in American history that helped cover-up the true events that happened that dark day in Dallas.

Stone points to Oswald as being the man who shot at General Walker in Dallas before the assassination of JFK. This was never confirmed. If this was true, it only proves that Oswald was not a very good shot or marksman. In the cover of night, Oswald misses Walker, but yet at high noon and in broad daylight, Oswald hits President Kennedy three times in six seconds. No sniper in our special forces could pull off this feat. Not with a single bolt action rifle. Oswald has no Davy Crockett nor Daniel Boone. This film brought up none of Oswald's military training or rifle skills.

How did the Warren Commission get away with thinking that the American people are stupid enough to believe that Oswald acted alone ? It seems that the director of this documentary thinks the same. I was very disappointed to find out that Norman Mailer believed in this deception too.
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the missing years 1960 - 1963
15 May 2007
I have always enjoyed PBS documentaries, but I was very disappointed in this one. It starts off with LBJ and the Vietnam war in 1964. What happened to the first three years of that decade ? To me, it was how LBJ got into power and all the corruption and deception to the American people that made the youth revolt in the streets. Seeing the murder of JFK in streets of Dallas had to be the starting point of the darkest years in my generation. The United States was on the verge of another Civil War because the people felt that they no longer ran the country and wanted to express their views. These students tested the powers in control. They knew that they would be beaten, arrested, and perhaps shot down for there beliefs. They wanted to take back their country from the corrupt politicians and corporations who were supplying a war machine.

This DVD did bring out some interesting facts, especially the students who marched in other parts of the world, such as Prague, Germany, and France.
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Newhart (1982–1990)
Bob Newhart is an American comic legend
21 December 2006
Bob Newhart is probably one of the funniest comics in American history. He brought clean and wholesome entertainment to American television before the days of cable access. This show, his second TV series, is very enjoyable to watch and the characters are funny to the bone.

There are several episodes that make me laugh by just thinking about them. Examples being "The Great White Buck", "Pick on Dick", or the episode where Dick stays on the air to do a TV marathon in which Stephanie has to sing "Old Man River" to get him off the set. Not to count any of the Larry , Darrell, and Darrell or "Sweater Girl" episodes.

I can't wait for this classic sitcom to come to DVD. Newhart is a classic ! Bob Newhart is a great American !
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Four brothers in arms and God.
24 September 2006
This 60 minute documentary is special because the story is special. Four chaplains during World War II, went down together on the Dorchester on Feb. 3, 1943. Rev. George Fox (Methodist), Father John Washington (Catholic), Rev.Clark Poling (Dutch Reformed), and Rabbi Alexander Goode (Jewish)were brave men who loved God and their fellow soldiers. Even though the men on the transport ship, the Dorchester, were told to sleep with their life jackets on, many were caught off guard when the German wolf pack hit their ship with 2 torpedoes at 1 am. The ship sank after 18 minutes. Noticing that many had no life jackets, these four servants of God gave their jackets over to fellow soldiers. More than 600 out of the 900 soldiers were killed in the icy waters that night. The survivors told the story of how these four brave men joined hands, sang hymns, and gave prayers as the ship went down. These chaplains serve as modern day role models. Even thought they came from different cultures, they realized and lived what the Bibles says. In the end times, a man who tries to save his own life will lose it, and a man who tries to save others will save it. Are you living a life without your life jacket on ? Are you willing to give your jacket away to someone in need ?
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What a gem of a movie !
16 September 2006
Every once in awhile, one comes across a movie and they find it to be a real gem. This is one of those. I ran across this DVD in a pawn shop and bought it because I like Edward Herrmann. His part is very small as the town preacher. I found this delightful film to be very funny, touching, and entertaining.

It was Mark Hamill's role as the dog catcher that I found to be my favorite. He did such a great job with the country accent and he made me laugh out loud more than once. Ellen Burstyn plays the lovable grandma who everyone who sees this film will fall in love with. I also enjoyed Gail O'Grady and Judge Reinhold playing the confused grown up kids.

I highly recommend this movie to any one who wants to enjoy life. It is a story that shows that everyone deserves a second chance and that doing right by others is the key to true happiness.
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Frontline: John Paul II: The Millennial Pope (1999)
Season 17, Episode 12
The Pope against evil of the 20th Century
12 September 2006
This 150 minute Frontline documentary is a must see for all Catholics and non - Catholics, for all believers in Christ as well as non believers. Pope John Paul II lived at a time where evil was disguised and solidarity became harder and harder to find.

This PBS DVD video covers his entire life, from growing up in a Jewish town in Poland and the after war punishment by Stalin and the Communists, to fighting the new modern day holocaust in the form of abortion and birth control. This documentary shows how the Church became tougher than the Communist state, It also shows John Paul's iron determination under the surface and his personal inner resistance.

Many issues are brought up. Faith, the death penalty, the 1981 Marshall law in Poland, the assassination of Romero in El Salvador, and Pope John Paul's own assassination attempt. PBS, as always, does an excellent job in making one think. Everyone, no matter who are, will be enlightened after viewing this special documentary.
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Must see documentary of 60th anniversary of Iwo Jima
21 August 2006
This 74 minute documentary was excellent ! I rarely give any film a 10 rating, but this documentary tells a different perspective on some of the people who lived and died during the bloodiest battle in the Pacific during World War II, Iwo Jima.

I take off my hat to all the people responsible in making this excellent documentary. A must see for all veterans, for all Marines, and for all Americans. For any father who has ever thought about leaving an honorable legacy for their children and grand children.

The stories are well presented. It speaks of a time in American history about a generation of young men who fought for what was morally right. Their letters to their sons back home are very moving and interesting. Things like "Don't be a Bully" and "always help out others" are just some of the things mentioned in these letters. The reasons why they fought are also brought up.

There are stories about men like Col. Butler and Leonard Smith Isacks who did not come back home. There are also stories about others like flyer William Brown and Bill Henderson, who survived all 36 days of bloody fighting. These men, including all the others, should never be forgotten.

I thank God that American has a Memorial Day, a time to honor all our fathers who gave their lives so that we can be free. A freedom to worship our heavenly Father in the manner we see fit. Every day should be a day of Thanksgiving. God has blessed America with great men that this film presents.
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Catherine the Great (2005 TV Movie)
Catherine the Great was a leader
11 August 2006
I can't recall seeing a PBS Home Video that I did not like. Educational documentaries are my favorite. Before viewing this DVD, I knew very little about Catherine the Great. After watching this 2 hour special, I don't know if I admire her or dislike her. Even thought she was not moral in her marriage to Peter, she was not the great nymphomaniac or harlot that history has made her out to be. Over looking her short comings, she did bring social reform to Russia. I believe that she did what she thought was best for her country.

The best thing about this documentary is that it tells her story from her own memoirs and personal letters. It makes a good historical account of her life. She had compassion for her people and was ruthless towards her enemies. It would be unfair to compare Catherine to Evita Peron or Cleopatra. Catherine stands alone. She shows great courage when she leads the way in taking the vaccine for small pox first. This documentary brings out other interesting facts.

Emily Bruni does an excellent job in portraying Catherine the Great. I would like to see her in other acting roles.

I would liked to have seen more about Caterine's religious views as well as her taste in the arts. There are a few Russian subtitles in this special.

Weather you like or dislike Catherine the Great, she helped make Russia a great nation. Too bad Lennin and Stalin made Russia such an evil place to live.
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The Paris Story - 1789
10 August 2006
This 30 minute dramatization presented on "The Plymouth Playhouse" was originally aired on May 10, 1953. The Paris story was Part 2 of the classic "The Tale of Two Cities" by Charles Dickens.

This episode 5 of the "ABC Album" was so much better than episode 4 that was aired on early TV the week before. With the French revolution, there was much more excitement, and for being so short , was done rather well.

Judith Evelyn played the role of Therese Defarge. She was very convincing as the French revolutionary. Thanks to IMDb, I noticed that she played several small parts for Alfred Hitchcock, including the movie "Rear Window". Lucille Pierlot played the role of the Seamstress. Look at Part 1, the London story, for the rest of the cast members.

Getting to watch this on DVD made me appreciate how far TV has evolved since the early 1950's. This short was a Historic classic !
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The London Story - 1780
10 August 2006
The Plymouth Playhouse that aired on ABC (May 3, 1953)was Part 1 of "The Tale of Two Cities" by Charles Dickens. This episode 4 of "ABC Album" was the London story - 1780. It was a 30 minute dramatization made for early TV. For its time, it was o.k., but the second part that was aired the following week was much better.

Wendell Corey played the role of Sydney Carton. Wanda Hendrix, who had been married to Audie Murphy (the WW II hero)in 1949, played the role of Lucie Manette. Her father, Dr. Manette, was played by Murray Matheson. It was the role of Pross, played by Esther Dale, that I liked the best. I remember her role in "The Awful Truth" (1937) as Ralph Bellamy's prude mother from Oklahoma. Carleton Young played the role as Charles Darnay.

I was lucky to have this presentation on DVD. It came in a 50 Movie Pack box set entitled : Historic Classics. Vintage Plymouth car commercials are also included.
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Good Neighbors (1975–1978)
best sitcom ever !
5 July 2006
This was my favorite BBC sitcom. Even though there was only 30 episodes, it ranks as my favorite among all comedies. I was so fortunate to have had access to public television growing up. Channel 13 in Dallas, Texas was the first public TV station to air "Monty Python's Flying Circus" in the U. S. (Three cheers to Eric Idle).

It was the "Good Neighbors" series that got me started in collecting and recording TV shows onto VHS tapes. One can not help but fall in love with the characters on this show. Tom and Barbara Good are the main characters who decide to live a life of total self-efficiency in the suburbs of London. It is their next door neighbors, Margo and Jerry Ledbetter, that bring in most of the laughs. They remain best of friends with the Good's even though their lifestyles become totally different.

I highly recommend this excellent British comedy. Everyone has a favorite and this show is mine. My favorite American TV sitcom is "The Bob Newhart Show". These two shows have nothing in common except that they make you laugh.
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Admiral John Ford's personal ship
29 June 2006
This 13 minute documentary short is found on the DVD : "The Long Voyage Home" (1940), directed by John Ford and starring John Wayne.

The Araner was Admiral Ford's personal vessel and home away from home.

I recently researched a school paper on John Ford. Thus, I really enjoyed this short documentary. It was really neat to hear the voices of Ford and his wife, Mary. Especially when they spoke about doing under cover work for the United States government while sailing to Mexico on the Araner.

It is special features like this that make DVD collecting fun.

In "The Long Voyage Home" (1940), look for Barry Fitzgerald and Arthur Shields. They are real life brothers and Ford uses them in several of his movies, including "The Quiet Man" (1952).
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The Second Civil War (1997 TV Movie)
Christians will not like this !
21 June 2006
I recently bought this DVD because of the all-star cast. It was an HBO made for cable movie and was suppose to be a comedy. I love Beau Bridges, Phil Hartman, and James Coburn. I collect all of their movies.

I liked the story and found the funny parts too realistic to laugh at. The most disturbing factor was the number of times the Lord's name was taken in vain. It was so numerous that I could not enjoy this film. What in the world was HBO thinking ? The saddest thing is that great actors like Hartman, Coburn, and James Earl Jones have this picture listed among their respective legacies.

It's hard to believe that Beau Bridges won an Emmy for his role as the Gov. of Idaho. I don't keep up with the Emmy Awards. Was there nothing better aired on TV in 1997 ? Don't get me wrong. Beau Bridges is a great actor. I loved him in "Adam's Woman", a movie which has never been released on DVD.

I'm not exaggerating about the excessive language. Even non-believers will find it overdone and annoying.
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Satin and Silk (2003 Video)
Cyd Charisse Hosts Cole Porter in Hollywood : Satin and Silk
12 June 2006
This 10 minute documentary can be found on the DVD "Silk Stockings" (1957). It is interesting to see Cyd Charisse, who was born in Texas, host this informative short. Her beauty and grace makes the 10 minutes fly. "Silk Stockings" (1957) is the musical version of Greta Garbo's "Ninotchka" (1939). Both are comedies and American film classics.

Also on the "Silk Stockings" DVD, there is a 1934 short with Bob Hope called "Paree Paree". This 21 min. short is a must see for all Bob Hope fans and contains several Cole Porter songs.

I wish all DVD's could include such excellent and historical extras. "The Poet and Peasant Overture" (1955), a 9 min. musical short, is also included. It is performed by the MGM Symphony Orchestra.
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Power Play (1994)
Some things are more important than money
11 May 2006
It has hard to believe that this film was only 62 min's long ! It was excellent, and for having a no-name cast, it was a great piece of art. This movie made me smile and at times , cry. The message of the story is the best thing - some things are more important than money !!! The excerpts with Billy Graham gave this movie direction and purpose. But it is the word of God that makes this short film great ! Any Christians (or non )who are dating will love this movie. I thought it was romantic too. Before the film ends, you will be so interested in the leading characters, that you will wish for a sequel. This movie is living proof that motion pictures can be clean and still be very entertaining. That Heroes are the ones who are doing the right things regardless of what the secular world believes. I just loved the performance of the lady called "the Terminator" - lol.
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Damaged Goods (II) (2002)
more like "Misery" with a vengeance into bondage
6 May 2006
If this was suppose to be a black comedy, then why didn't I laugh ? I don't even remember smiling big. But I did watch this movie all the way through and liked it enough to stick it out. The woman reminded me of my ex - sister -in-law when she was having a real bad day... being... unpredictable !!! The guy was a Loser with a big mouth and I couldn't sympathize with him , no matter how ugly things got. At times one has to wonder if they are both crazy. The ending could have been done a dozen different ways. I didn't care for the way it ended, maybe you will. If your looking for laughs, don't bother. If your looking for something simple, different, and a wee bit twisted, give it a try.
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Envy (2002 Video)
warning ! warning ! Will Robinson !!!!
2 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I never try to waste my time reviewing crappy movies, but this movie was so bad, I feel somebody needs to send out a "Katrina" alert !!! "Envy" should have been called "Penis Envy". The story could have been funny and/or sexy, but it failed. High School students could have written a better script. The Hero's plight is that she can not take a pee while walking home drunk in the desert (not that she was almost raped ). Her girlfriend, who bullies her attacker, runs off from the Penis Fairy ?? Give me a break - will ya? It gets worse and worse. The only reason why I gave this garbage a " 2 " is : the camera work was not bad. Avoid this one - even if your a lesbian - lol.
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Not that bad for 1958.
6 February 2006
"The Power of the Resurrection" is a 60 minute movie. It is not a great version of Jesus's resurrection. But there was some things that I did like about this movie. I can't believe that the first 10 people to vote on IMDb gave it an average of 2.7. I reckon after seeing Mel Gibson's version, one would find this production by Family Films rather weak. The DVD jacket says it's a 1962 release and IMDb says 1958, regardless, that's a generation ago. There was no earthquake at the cross and the Pentecost scene was lacking, but I did like seeing Peter throwing away his sword and the sealing of the tomb. The message that Jesus loves us so much that he died for our sins, is always great news no matter which version you watch.
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Studio One in Hollywood (1948–1958)
"The Night America Trembled " with Jim Coburn
23 January 2006
I recently purchased a "50 Movie Pack : Historic Classics" at Best Buy. Included was "The Night America Trembled", a 50 minute episode of Studio One. (Episode 10.1 - aired on Sept. 9th, 1957 ). It was the story about the CBS broadcast of the War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells in 1938. This episode was fast paced and very well done. It had an all-star cast with Edward R. Murrow as the smoking narrator, and several unknowns at the time, including James Coburn as Sam (credited as Jim Coburn, and his very first TV appearance), Warren Beatty and Warren Oates as the young poker players, and Ed Asner as a radio character. Even John Astin (of the Addams Family) had a small part as the newspaper typist and does not appear in the ending credits. Thanks to IMDb, I noticed that there was a made for TV remake in the 1970's. I would love to see this version so that I could compare the two.
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Great version of the greatest story.
8 January 2006
I really lucked out getting this movie in a recent DVD box set entitled : " Historic Classics" - 50 Movie Pack at Best Buy. I can not tell you how impressed I was seeing Nelson Leigh play Jesus.

This movie was made in 1949, and even though it was low budget with a no-name cast, it was a remarkable version of the greatest story ever told. I highly recommend "The Pilgrimage Play" to all Christians of every denomination. Once you get into this picture, you will most likely be glued to the end.

The story takes place in a prison where Peter tells two other prisoners the story of Jesus. This movie is very fast paced and so enjoyable to watch. Hats off to all the people responsible for making this grand picture. This DVD will be a hidden gem in my movie collection.
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Crystal is as cute as a bug in a rug
23 December 2005
I really enjoyed this Hallmark DVD. Crystal Bernard is stunning and a real delight to watch. I reckon it's her Texas beauty that makes her so gorgeous. Steve Guttenberg plays young St. Nick, and does a great job. This is one of those kind of movies that you wish could never end. If your single, male or female, give this movie a try. Thanks again Hallmark, ya'll did good on this one. This movie brought a tear to my eyes when Nick helps out the Dept. store Santa. You will have to watch this movie for yourself and see if it makes you feel good too. It is refreshing to see this movie because the last Christmas / Santa movie I saw was Billy Bob's horrid "Bad Santa" - lol.
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The Cookson Hills Robin Hood
23 December 2005
This movie came out in 1959, the same year I was born in Oklahoma. I liked this movie and felt that John Ericson did a decent job playing Pretty Boy, even though he looked more like a Ricky Nelson with a James Dean type of murky frown. Ericson, five years later, would play "Pan" in one of my favorite Tony Randall movies, "The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao". Also, in 1965, he played opposite to Ann Francis in "Honey West". Pretty Boy Floyd can be compared to a modern Jesse James. Their home folks and friends help protect and hid them for law enforcement. Their Robin Hood deeds bought them country folk loyalty and legendary status in their respective areas. The movie didn't display this well. This movie could have been better. It left out so much, example being his relationship to his family. I remember a story where he pretended to whip his son in order to appease his wife. Not once in this movie do you hear the name Melvin Purvis, the head G-man under Hoover at the time. Did Purvis and Floyd hold phone conversations ? or did I get that from another Hollywood movie ? It was never proved that Pretty Boy was involved in the Kansas City Massacre. This movie's reenactment looked more like a large alley than a Union Station parking lot. It was rather weak, but what do you expect from a 1959 flick. The best thing about this movie is seeing Barry Newman (the lawyer in "Petrocelli" - 1974 T.V. series) and Al Lewis (grandpa in the "Munsters" T.V. sitcom) in their first screen appearances. It also has Peter Falk (Columbo) in one of his early performances. I think Al Lewis's performance was the best overall. He was very convincing in playing the unstable bad guy.
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very funny ending - worth watching to the end
24 November 2005
I really enjoyed this movie. After buying it used, I feel like I got a bargain for $15 bucks. "Potluck" was different and the old gangsters made me laugh. The main character, a favorite gopher for a mob boss, discovers the joys of being a viper, when a suitcase of high-grade pot is dropped into his lap, time and time again - lol.

If you like "tough-guy" type of humor, I reckon this flick is worth a view. Our mobster's relationship to the the older members of the gang will make you laugh, especially at the end. Stick it out to the end ya'll . If the movie starts to get slow, twist up another one and ride it out - lol.
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Historians should love this one !
10 November 2005
Does Clifton Webb ever do a bad movie ? I can't think of one. He makes this movie a real gem for all historians, especially WW II buffs.

The Scottish father (of Willie Martin)in "the Man Who Never Was", makes a statement concerning Scotland and the U K, which will stick in my mind every time I think of this movie. It's a history lesson in itself.

Gloria Grahame is still a knock-out after playing the role of Violet in "It's a Wonderful Life", ten years earlier. It is Clifton Webb that makes this movie a classic, but it is Gloria Grahame that makes this picture a masterpiece, and a must see.

Why can't they make movies like this today ? I would have rated this movie a 10, but because I don't know how factual it was based, I rated it a 9.
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Lady Gangster (1942)
Jackie Gleason rocks !
5 November 2005
I'm a huge Jackie Gleason fan. Seeing the young Gleason in this movie was a sheer delight. I found it ironic that he played the "get-away" driver, because I remember hearing that Jackie Gleason never learned how to drive in real life. (I'll have to re-watch the three "Smokey and the Bandit" movies and see if he actually drives in them.) Thanks Platinum for putting this film on DVD. For 1942, this was a good movie.

Another 1942 movie, being released on DVD this month (Nov.- 2005)with Jackie Gleason, is "Orchestra Wives". He plays one of the band members.

To all you Baby Boomers like myself, look for Frank Wilcox in "Lady Gangster". Ya'll should recognize Mr. Wilcox from several TV shows, making small appearances, including the "Beverly Hillbillies" and the "Munsters" (very first TV episode). Wilcox has an uncredited role in one of my favorite movies of all-time, "Sergeant York" - 1941. Can anyone tell me ... why in the world is this Gary Cooper classic not released on DVD yet ?
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