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Nochnoy dozor (2004)
This film does not stand up well on its own
2 July 2006
OK... so the positives were that the direction was interesting, the acting was decent and it was not simple or formulaic in any way...

The negatives were that the metaphors used to "make you think" were obvious and one dimensional (e.g. the computer game). The plot was "bitty" and may make more sense once the other parts of the trilogy have been seen, but on it's own this film has several sub plots which you expect to be cleverly interwoven at some point...but it just doesn't happen. The dubbing is irritating and it sounds like the same actor is reading several of the main parts (although I could be wrong about this..). The most annoying aspect is that many scenes of this film that you think are going to be integral to the plot at some point, seem to have been thrown in more for artistic purposes than to advance/explain the story. I would give my opinion in more detail but I'm afraid I can't without spoiling the plot!! Overall I would not recommend wasting 2 hours of your life on this. I don't mind watching a film that leaves you with more questions than answers usually. That CAN provoke interesting discussion after the film has ended. However, nightwatch just left me feeling irritated and unfulfilled and frankly, a little bored.
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Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend (2006 Video Game)
This game is too short!!!
10 May 2006
What there was of the game was good, although a little samey and easy. I only really struggled in the final fight and that wasn't for very long! I would not recommend paying £50 for this game if you own x-box 360. It only took me 10 hours to complete. It feels like, just when you are beginning to enjoy the game, its over. Most irritating. It feels like the first third of a great game.

I think the game makers excuse for making such a short game is that you can then go back and replay the levels as time trials in order to unlock extra costumes and stuff. But frankly, I think that is a little bit of a cop out.

The look of the game is beautiful and Lara looks more than a little like Angelina Jolie from the movies, which is no bad thing.

All things considered, I'd recommend renting it and hope that the franchises next release has a little more meat and potatoes to go with all the frosting.
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Shrek (2001)
31 October 2005
For me this film was too hyped-up by my friends. Perhaps so much so that unless it had been a new Jungle Book it would have been impossible to enjoy. But I really thought there was nothing exciting here. The donkey was just the dragon from Mulan. That was quite irritating. I thought there was too much mush and not enough wit. I realise that I am in the minority here, and I can certainly see why kids would like it. It does what it says on the tin adequately. i just don't think it deserves the rave reviews that it has been getting. There was nothing in this movie that has not been done before or better elsewhere. One to miss.
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One of the most under-rated films ever!!
31 October 2005
This film is phenomenal! Funny, action packed and in some ways has almost proved prophetic (check reference to Arnie Presidential library, a terrifying possibility which is looking almost possible!! Bear in mind that this movie was made well before Arnie was heavily involved in politics)! Wesley Snipes is at his hottest in this movie as the evil Simon Phoenix and Stallone is amazing as the "troubled past gunslinger" Spartan. When you factor in a cute and funny Sandra Bullock and Nigel Hawthorne as a fascist dictator, it is hard to see how this movie could have been any better. Also the vision of the future provided is both insightful and believable. Ending is a bit corny and "hollywood" but really I think that such a minor flaw is balanced out by the sheer entertainment value of the rest of the film. A brilliant Sci-Fi, much overlooked.
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