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Youthanasia (2005)
Beautiful Cinematography
30 October 2005
I attended a Master Class that the Cinematographer (Barry Stone) of this movie was giving at The Wine Country Film Fest. The title was In Camera Tricks For Low Budger Flicks. It was an entertaining seminar that showed ways to create effects when you have little or no money. One thing that I learned from the seminar is that Barry has a vast body of work. The seminar included a pass to "Youthanasia" which I was excited to see as there was some in camera tricks that were not included in the seminar. I really enjoyed the film, I was surprised to learn that this film was a first for the majority of the cast.

Most of the crew and the star of the movie where in attendance for the Q&A that followed, which is what I was really interested in, as I was at the Festival to learn as much as I can about the Technical aspects of Film-making. This showing was the first time the filmmakers were able to present the film Color Corrected and properly transfered to HD from S16, which would probably explain the previous comment on it looking like mud. A young kid in the audience asked how the filmmakers were able to write in a manner that did not betray how young people think and feel, an element that I didn't even think about until that was mentioned, that is one of the great things about viewing a film at a Festival, it gives you the opportunity to get the perspective of people who you might not ever meet.

It was refreshing to learn of the sacrifices that all involved had to make to bring this film to the big screen. They seemed like a fun bunch of people, I only wish I had the nerve to ask if I could party with them that night!
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