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I was actually scared
10 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Not many movies i see today actually make me scared, this movie though that I accidentally happened upon actually made me very frightened. I was looking for a good scary movie to watch, I found this movie. This movie had one of the most original plots i had ever seen, even though it sounds like something you might see commonly in Japanese folk lore it was quiet a new concept to me.

This girl and her alcoholic father move into a new apartment complex not to long after her mother dies. As soon as they move in they can tell things aren't normal. The tenants seem to act in a very strange manner. They later learn what is going on with the complex. It is haunted and they aren't allowed to move out, or stay out past 12. The only way they can move out is if they are the oldest renting tenant. If they move out too early, or stay out past 12 they are killed mysteriously. I don't wanna tell the whole story but it is extremely well made and very well written with a great plot twist at the end which will turn your whole outlook around completely. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone craving either a good plot, or a nice scare. I would not recommend it to anyone who hates subtitles, wants to see a lot of character development, or action.

Make sure you have all your movie supplies ready and close while watching , it will paralyze you with fear.
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Electroma (2006)
9 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
This movie I think does a great job of showing what it is like to (in this world)find a way to express yourself. After doing a lot of after thought of this movie I came to think that is what they wanted you to see over all. The movie, which is very unconventional can be very unsettling to other people who aren't very open minded, and if you notice in the movie the hero robots were seen as the same.

In my life experience i would say that if i showed this to a certain group of people i know (very closed minded) they would have a very negative response to it.There negative response would be seen as a kind of attack at the film makers, not having the ability to accept this kind of difference there minds would chase it to the end and hope that nothing like this would ever be made again because it would be seen as different.

On the other hand someone as open minded as myself would look at this movie as a sort of life story, the frustration of wanting to be different and never truly fitting in and in turn ending at a point early on like so many of wanting to end there own life, never being completely able to do it them selves, either having someone else helping them "self destruct" or as the second robot did having bring themselves by creating there own destructions indirectly.

Daft Punk must have noted in this story about the deaths of young artists who never felt they fit in and ending there lives young, like Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, and so many others do to there own frustration.

I saw the car ride at the beginning as a kind shot to the people of hey, were cool were different were gonna change things here, and the people did nothing and ignored them almost completely as the one robot with the newspaper glanced at them then looked away. They decided they needed to change there image even more to be noticed. Then when they entered the town and felt full confident in there new appearance they seemed to be fine, and as they noticed the townspeople despise there appearance it made them feel like idiots and made them feel disgusted with themselves. After running from those who feared change, which i thought was ironic as the townspeople all seemed to be some artistically devoid town. They felt that they too were ridiculous when they finally shed there self expression in the bathroom. After which they felt as outcasts of the world, constantly walking nowhere feeling as though they were missing something, when they truly were only missing themselves which they could no longer find.

After feeling that there was no hope left there only decision was that they should kill themselves because there were none like them, and that they would never be able to find themselves again. Each death is unique, the first death of the self destruction was a quick way out, an overdose maybe, or fast suicide. The other death was the fire which could be seen as anger, or even mental insanity building leading to a final death and a complete darkness.

I don't know thats what i saw, I may be wrong but thats what this movie told me, you could pick at it in an ignorant way, saying director did this effect and music that, and location this, and film era that, but i think they wanted you to truly look past that and find its true meaning.
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