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Sliding Doors (1998)
A lovely movie
26 May 2008
I have probably watched this movie about 10 times since its release and still enjoy its twists and turns. John Hannah is simply adorable as James and his Glaswegian sense of humour still makes me laugh out loud even though I know the jokes in advance. Every performance is great but Gwynyth Paltrow deserves a special mention for her faultless role as two different versions of the same woman at once. Without giving anything away, I did not see the ending coming at all the first time through but it was entirely satisfying without being cloyingly Hollywood. Don't expect a cultural masterpiece. Just 'the Spanish inquisition' and some fine entertainment. Highly recommended
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Oh what a night!
4 March 2007
In reply to bob the moo. We were there. Right at the back. From the opening notes of 'Let me Entertain You' to the fading tones of 'Angels', Robbie Williams grabs an audience like no one we have ever seen before or since and we still feel privileged that we experienced one of the greatest days pop has ever seen. The DVD conveys all of this wonderfully and all this time later, still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. The extras are a bit of fun and let the audience in on some of the backstage nerves plus allow Take That fans to witness the ongoing affection between Robbie and Mark. If you only ever buy one Robbie Williams DVD, make it this one.
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