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The Chipmunks are back!
4 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I don't understand how anyone who grew up with the Chipmunks could NOT like this movie. Yes there are a few "crude" jokes here and there but let's face it, that's what people today find funny. Alvin, Simon and Theodore are great and although he wouldn't have been my first choice for Dave, Jason Lee was wonderful as well. The record exec, Ian was well cast and fun to watch (and dislike.) Yes they are chipmunks and therefore shouldn't be talking but it's a movie for heaven's sake lighten up! Much more enjoyable than Garfield or Scooby Doo, my kids actually watched this one whereas they pretty much ignored the rest.

Hopefully this will lead to more Chipmunks in the future. This is one that I definitely wouldn't mind seeing a sequel of.
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OK but not a family movie
22 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
In general I liked it, it was typical Simpsons which was nice but we rented it thinking the kids would like it, thank goodness I watched it before the kids did. I could have done without some of the language and the scene with Bart skateboarding naked through the streets. Marge's language, especially in the final scenes was not what I was expecting though and Homer and the big breasted Eskimo wasn't really needed.

I did like that most of the characters were true to their TV persona's. Homer messed everything up as usual and put the whole family in peril with just one action. Bart was up to no good most of the movie but had good scenes with Flanders. Lisa was great with her plight to save the lake. The opening sequence I expected to be more like the show and instead no couch scene at all!
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Wonderful family show
13 November 2005
This show debuted just after my birth, my mother watched it religiously and I was raised watching this show. I have read and re-read all of the books by Laura Ingalls Wilder and I now own every season available on DVD. Little House On the Prarie is a show that not only showed America what family is all about, it also tackled serious issues every week. I've read all of the negative comments and still can't see why anyone wouldn't love this show. Yes Michael Landon was a big part of the show, but the show was really about Laura and how she grew up, and as she grew up we got to watch a wonderful actress, Melissa Gilbert, grow up too. At 31 I now look back on this show with love and tenderness, remembering special times with my own mother as I watched it as a child. This is truly one of the best family shows that has ever been broadcast on TV. We need shows like this on TV now.
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