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3 Idiotas (2017)
Very good remake of the original Indian film
5 June 2017
I saw the film this past weekend in Austin, Texas with my gal who is from Honduras and the theater had quite a few Espanol speakers in the audience and everyone liked it. It has laughs, seriousness, and sadness and love moments in the script, and I thought the actors did a good job. Who cares if it is a remake? It was made to appeal to a Latin American audience. I think Lionsgate made a wise decision in distributing this film to an American audience, obviously they see something in the film that other critics do not. Do not be swayed by negative criticism and go enjoy the movie, I know I did, and I lived in Chihuahua, Mexico for two years and I am a Gringo and I do not think it is a substandard film from Mexico or a waste of money at all. Go see it and you be the judge.
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