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Black Panther (2018)
Yet another entertaining marvel movie
14 February 2018
Black Panther is a fun and entertaining marvel movie. The acting is good, the plot is good and the villain has actually some good points. There is not as much humor in this as it was in "Guardians of the galaxy" but there is still some. Some of it lands, some of it does not.

But is this a revoulationary movie from Marvel? No. It's basically what you would expect from a marvel movie. It's bit different of course, with the setting and the fact that almost the entire cast is black. But besides the cast, this really is not something we haven't seen before. That being said, this was still a very entertaining and fun superhero movie!

So if you like Marvel movies I would recommend this, but if you are kinda tired of the marvel formula I would say there really is not any reason to see it.
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Darkest Hour (2017)
Incredible performance by Gary Oldman!
12 January 2018
"Darkest Hour" is a very well made drama film. It has great acting, especially Gary Oldman as Winston Churhcill. His performance alone is what really sell this movie. The pacing is perhaps a bit slow at times and not all of the scenes in the movie happend in real life, but this is still a very well made and acted drama film

If you don't really like drama films I would proably recommend you to stay away .since it is pretty slow at times, but if drama films are your thing I would definetly recommend this one!

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Not the best Star Wars movie ever made, but better than Rogue One and TFA
10 January 2018
There are a lot of negative reviews on this movie. And honestly I do not feel it's deserved. While yes, the movie is flawed, it's nowhere near as bad as people make it out to be. The acting is great, the effects are great and when this movie is at it's best it's really up there with A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back. However when it's bad it's as bad as the prequels.

The main plot is also really great. The best thing about it is that you don't know what is going to happen next. When it comes to the subplot, that is proably the weakest part of this movie. I love what the message they are trying to say, but it falls pretty flat.

A lot of people also don't like how Luke Skywalker is in this movie, but I quite liked that they took him in a different direction. The things we learn about him gives him so much more humanity.

All in all, Rian Johnson has created an entertaining Star Wars movie with twists and turns that always have you guessing where the movie is going to go next. ar. I really recommend this one!
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The 12th Man (2017)
A well directed and shot movie!
27 December 2017
"Den 12 mann" is a well shot and directed movie. The acting is great, although sometimes Jan Baalsrud looks a bit too healthy. Some of the dialogue is also pretty weak.

Overall it's a pretty solid Norwegian WW2 movie that I definitely recommend
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An enjoyable flick!
18 November 2017
Justice League is an enjoyable flick. It's more dark than the marvel movies but is way more lighter than BVS. So it's actually quite fun.

Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg are all great. They are introduced pretty good despite the fact that we have never seen them before. My personal favorite has to be Flash.

The action is also pretty good, but I got a bit tired of all the slow motion. I also kinda felt that the fight scenes with Batman was a bit slow/clunky but that might just be me.

All in all it's pretty enjoyable. It starts really dark but gets gradually lighter and is really fun in the end. So if you like superhero movies I would recommend taking a look.

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Thor Review
28 October 2017
Thor: Ragnarok is a fun and entertaining movie. The acting is great along with the comedy. The tone and feel Taika Waititi has created fits so well with Thor and completely embraces the ridiculousness of the Thor setting. The movie perhaps gets too silly at some points, but for the most part the comedy is spot on.

A strong 7/10
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A fun and action-packed sequel!
23 September 2017
I loved the first Kingsman movie. The over the top action, the comedy and of course the (main) characters. So I was really excited for this movie. And does it live up?

Yeah! It's not a masterpiece of any kind but it's a great sequel and actually how I wanted it. It has the same vibe as the original but simultaneity adds new elements to the table. Exactly how a sequel should be done! But how does it hold up to the original?

Well, the characters has much more to them in this movie and it does have some emotional scenes. However I did feel the villain was kinda weak. Valetine whilst the way he talked was kinda annoying, actually had some charm. I did not feel like the new one had. Instead it's more of a over-the top villain you find in the James Bond movies. However I think it's better to have main characters with depth and a villain without instead of having the opposite. So they are pretty equal but The Golden Circle is slightly better.

Overall I think it's a great movie. If you want a goofy, fun movie with great action and humor I do really recommend it. If you're going into this movie expecting a masterpiece I think you will be somewhat disappointed. But if you're just going into the movie just have some fun, I think you will!

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A really bad movie.
25 August 2017
The Emoji Movie is a boring and unfunny kids movie. It's not creative or original. The characters are bad, the story is bad and the humor is awful. The only positive thing I can say about it is the animation. It's actually quite nice to look at.

All in all it's bad. I know 2/10 is brutal, but I did actually think about giving it a 4/10 for a majority of this movie, however then there were two scenes that just baffled me in how bad they were.

I would not recommend this to anyone, but I think it's watchable for very very young kids.

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A bland and boring movie
21 July 2017
There is not much to remember about this movie. The characters are bland, the story is boring and even the aliens look dumb. However is not that bad. It's just kinda an average movie. And to be honest I did enjoy the last twenty minutes or so.

Something this movie gets right is the feel of war. It does feel like they are actually fighting a war(black ops style). But the problem with that is that they are fighting aliens. Aliens. And it could have worked if not the characters were so bland and boring. They try to make backstories to them but those scenes are really boring and I did not pay attention. I do believe if the movie started right in the action it would have worked better. But the fighting scenes are pretty great. In the first one you really don't get a clear view of the aliens, but when you do...they look like crap. So unoriginal and lame. So for me that removed a lot of tension from those scenes. That along with the characters made me bored throughout most of this movie. The movie also takes it self far too seriously.

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Inspiring at some times
20 June 2017
Pay it forward is not really a good movie. The characters are unlikeable, the story is really clunky and some of the dialogue is awful. However, there are some inspiring and good scenes in this movie. And the meaning the movie is trying to show is great on paper, but is not really explored well in the movie. The love story in this movie feels very out of place and boring. If the movie had focused all the way on the pay it forward thing, it would have worked much better.

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A great kids movie with charm and humor!
18 June 2017
"Dyrene i Hakkebakkeskogen" is a great kids movie with a good heart and humor. There is a lot of things for kids to enjoy in this movie. The characters, the humor and of course the songs. Personally I had a great time watching it. I does not last too long and is entertaining throughout most of the movie. If you like "Hakkebakkeskogen" I would definitely recommend it, but be prepared that it does not add a lot of new elements to the table.

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Wonder Woman (2017)
The best DC has made so far
16 June 2017
"Wonder Woman" is a great superhero movie. It has good characters, a focused story line and good pacing. The thing that makes this movie great and in my opinion better than the first Captain America movie is the fact that this movie does not focus on setting up the DC universe. Instead it focuses only on Wonder Woman and her story.

This movie takes place during the first world war and it shows some of the horrific things from the war. So it is pretty dark at some moments. But at the same time it's not too dark. Chris Pine's character delivers a lot of great banter and jokes.

All in all it's great. It flows very well and it really explores Wonder Woman as a character. I definitely recommend this one.

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Not a good movie
15 June 2017
"Bølle Bob og Smukke Sally" is not a good movie. Not even close. The acting is bad, the characters are bad and the story line is lame and boring. However at the same time, I can't really get my self to hate it. I mean its bad, but there are clearly a lot of effort and passion put into this film. The musical scenes are pure cringe and out of place, but you have to give credit to the staff behind it. There must have been very much time put into this, since the kids are really talented at dancing(not in every musical scene in the movie).I have not even mentioned the camera crew. The movie is shot like a professional movie(with some bad lighting).

All in all its a bad movie. Personally I can't get my self to hating it because of the reasons I just said. I do not recommend this to anybody. Not even kids. There are worse movies that are laughably bad, but this one just comes off as being boring.
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WALL·E (2008)
One of the best Pixar movies ever made! (In my opinion)
2 June 2017
Wow. I had heard reviews saying this was a fantastic movie, and it is! It has great humor, great characters and a great story. Many movies for kids falls flat and often has some awkward moments in it. This one does not. The two main characters are robots and thus they do not talk like we do.

Also this movie kept me guessing what was going to happen next. Many movies for kids has clichés, but this one does not.

Beautiful movie!
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Has the most "Pirates" feel out of the sequels
25 May 2017
I love the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. The first one is brilliant and the others are kinda good as well. One of the problems with the sequels was that they really did not feel like the original. This movie does however. It has great pace, simple story and fun humor. It is also one of the movies with the most heart in it.

Johnny Depp is back as Jack and he does a great job. The same goes with the new characters.

My main problem with the movie is that villain(Captain Salazar). He is not really that good. He is much more of a character than Blackbeard but not anything close to Barbossa or Davy Jones. Some of the humor he tries to pull of really does not land.

All in all I will say that its a fun movie. It has much more heart and is nowhere near as boring as "Stranger Tides". So if you liked the "Pirates" movies, you will enjoy this.
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