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Twin Peaks: The Return: Part 18 (2017)
Season 1, Episode 18
The epilogue that'll change everything
4 September 2017
I'm going to start off with this: I get why people wouldn't like it, but you got to realize what you're watching and take it deeper. There's so much to pick off in it's dark and gloomy atmosphere. There's also many other things like how the characters emote and react to the world around them. Including the scenes that evoke certain emotions to you.

The use of symbolism is used to the entirety of the episode from Names to Items to people. The world is different and you have to look into the cracks in order to understand. Its all there for a reason and are very in line with the cryptic quotes spread throughout.

The characters show certain emotions and actions that should some importance to the entirety of what's happening. The new Laura and her strange behavior towards Cooper, and the things she says. Dale Cooper and his slightly more aggressive manner towards others. The cynicism in how the other characters are portrayed.

The emotions that the scenes themselves show. The car scene being a big contender to this. The bleak, cold and cynical feel from every character, environment, tune, and angle. You don't like anything or anyone you see and it makes you feel like whole world is going after you. A feeling that is the complete opposite to twin peak's tone. While yes it's usually creepy in Twin Peaks, but there was always something that countered it like a funny quirk. That quickly dissipates once they get into this world with not even Dale Cooper to push it away.

All and all, I loved it. It's filled to the brim with dark atmosphere and symbolism to pick apart. It'll keep me occupied with everything it offered and ideas of what's going to happen next. Give it another chance and see what you can find because this is deserving of many viewings.
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Twin Peaks: The Return: Part 12 (2017)
Season 1, Episode 12
The slowest build-up episode by far
30 July 2017
I'm still rating this high because it's setting up a lot to the next episode and there's plenty of moments that keep it up. It was just really sloooww.

I mean I loved the slowness of the other episodes because it's always setting up mood and character. This time, there's moments that just sets up names and a facial expression. All of these lead to a frustrating conclusion instead of a intriguing one. So summary: Previous episodes slow moments were intriguing and atmospheric with something actually happening; This one carried moments that were exhausting from beginning to end that carried half of the episode.

I'm not saying there weren't moments that weren't like that, there was parts that showed real progress and mood in the story. The slow moments also weren't entirely useless. These gave you names, locations, and possible circumstances. It's just the way they approach those slow moments was the problem
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Twin Peaks: The Return: Part 11 (2017)
Season 1, Episode 11
The real combination of everything great about Lynch.
25 July 2017
This episode was an utter treat to watch in a three thirds package. The disturbing and dramatic events and mystery in the town of Twin Peaks, the scary and surreal moments around the FBI investigation in South Dakota with black comedy in there, and the hilarious and heartwarming trip of the awakening of Dale Cooper. Once again, I'll try to describe it without spoiling it.

The town of Twin Peaks third really shows how much it has changed over 25 years and the episodes so far. The change from a wacko light- hearted town to a dramatic place filled with traumatic circumstances building up to something even more sinister. I gonna be honest, this third was a drama through and through with mysteriously disturbing scenes sprinkled in, but it was the most well-made drama I've ever seen. The fantastic use of a sinister score and phenomenal cinematography during moments of shock and distress.

The FBI investigation stirs up tension in South Dakota with a amazingly surreal moment that takes up plenty of the third. A surreal moment that gives you a area of safety away from another area close-by that seems to be the source of scary uncertainty and, destroys it completely...then calms you down a bit soon after. This third also builds some tension the two main men and Diane as we try to figure out what's she's trying to do.

Next is the Dougie's Dale Cooper awakening that brings him getting closer and closer to being good ol' Dale Cooper again. While it builds tension on what the two men are going to do to Dougie, but I got very curious on what's going to happen next. The set-up and pay-off was absolutely marvelous to where I was laughing with a lot of joy and excitement inside me. Soon after, the pay-off leads to something so sudden, but warmed my heart so much that I nearly teared up a little. This leads to a amazing last scene that made my day with one quote and expression that told so much on what has happened to Dougie.

Overall, I loved it from beginning to end. It put together so many emotions that I didn't know what to do with myself. This was truly a emotional rollercoster.
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Twin Peaks: The Return: Part 10 (2017)
Season 1, Episode 10
Just another solid part to Lynch's 18 hour movie
18 July 2017
I was either grinning or downright furious while watching this episode. Grinning at the great moments that once again warmed my heart and made me laugh hysterically (Oh, dougie!), or Furious (freaked out too) at every moment featuring the cold-hearted Richard Horne and abusive Steve. Plenty of important and gripping moments with more...just fun moments. It was short but effective.

I don't have much to say without spoiling it. My main complaints are that the episode was a bit too short and a tiny bit lacking in important moments.

Fun episode overall.
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Twin Peaks: The Return: Part 9 (2017)
Season 1, Episode 9
More of the greatness of Episode 7
10 July 2017
While I do love the surreal trips of episode 8, Episode 9 allows you to enjoy a more straight-forward experience that gives the right amount of progression as plot points slowly inter-connect each other. It packs in surprises that makes certain past moments more meaningful then previously thought. All of it fits in a nicely packed box filled with many goodies while still leaving you wanting more even if you're pretty full.

Funny enough, This is actually the least traumatic episode of the series so far (Which isn't saying much considering the Johnny Horne scene).I mean even the evil coop scenes were pretty tame compared to before. Instead we get really beautiful moments that warmed my original Twin Peaks fan (and American side if you know what I mean) inside me. There are also many moments that really establish how well Lynch portrays normal human interaction. These interactions are either extremely awkward, comfortable banter, both, or maybe more then that. All of these show certain relationships (Conflict, distrust, friendship, tension, first-time meet-ups) between characters really well without a word spoken sometimes. It all makes each conversation very unique.

All and all, this was a great episode that is keeping the ball rolling after a amazing and confusing piece of scary-ass art. The show has been fantastic and it keeps on delivering.


P.S That one detective's laugh was really the highlight of the episode.
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Twin Peaks: The Return: Part 8 (2017)
Season 1, Episode 8
By far the weirdest episode in television history. I--of course--loved it.
26 June 2017
This review will be simple as I can't put all my thoughts into this.

This was pure unadulterated lynch in one whole hour. It tells us everything yet tells us nothing. Lynch's portrayal of birth of the modern evil and purity. Dark surrealism at it's finest. It's like if you binged on the original Twin Peaks, watched 2001: A space odyssey, watched Eraserhead twice, then had a fever dream after.

Just watch it for yourself. It'll definitely be divisive among the community. You either straight-up love or hate it. Either get or don't get it.

It's just Art.
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I love this show, so far. Don't insult me because I do.
31 May 2017
Twin Peaks has finally come back in a different stroke. It blends everything I love about David Lynch and Twin Peaks. The dark humor, bitter realism, creepy surrealism, foreboding atmosphere, and delightful aesthetic of the lighter moments. It excludes the more soap opera and puts down the innocent nature a notch. This exclusion is something I like.

Yes it's confusing in how it's order, and Yes it's slow in the pacing. Some see it as a really negative thing. I and plenty others see it as a puzzle with every frame being a piece. We love it that way. The slow pacing allows for the viewer to take their time on what they are seeing. If you don't like that, that's fine.

This doesn't mean you should insult the people who like it including the makers behind it. Calling us pretentious hipsters and insane is ridiculous. Acting like the world revolves around you. Acting like we're a cult that praises David Lynch like a god. We like/love it, get use to it. Raiding the review section is not helping your case.

At-least be detailed about how bad it is. So far, it's only either insulting the viewers who like it, or Just saying it's bad in one small paragraph.

That's it.

Edit 6/28/17- At first, I debated whether to keep it 10/10 because the show got very cryptic and lacking in context in episodes 5/6. Given recent episodes, episodes 5/6 and before became even better with 7 giving tons of context and made me satisfied with my confusion coupled with already made emotions of the previous episodes. While still giving us new and old mysteries to solve until newer episodes. Episode 8 even gave many origins of the Twin Peaks lore through the brilliant use of emotional driven visual story-telling.

Right now, it more then deserves a 10/10 and deepest place in my heart. Let's see, if it gets better or worse from here. Until then, This show is by-far my favorite show of all time with True Detective below it...for now.
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