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1917 (2019)
We're living in such wonderful times...
7 January 2020
1917 is a poem. Is the most deep, impressive and realistic way of seeing what kinds of things happened in WWI. This movie made me leave the movies with tears in my eyes as if I have had a time travel experience to the World War I, and then waking up and realizing how wonderful are the times we are living in. 1917 is a must see movie for everyone.
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This trilogy should never have existed...
22 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
It started kind of good: We saw old faces we love. We fell in love with Rey. Then, Rian Johnson happened, and it was too late... It seems like they had a good idea at the beginning, obviously not knowing how to end it. It frustrates me how it's all about the money nowadays. They don't care about old and new fans anymore, more than they care about political correctness or making new toys. This trilogy is not only bad... but it is so wrongly made that it ruined the way we used to see episodes IV to VI. They killed Luke, Leia and Han in a second, without actually putting them in a good final story and that angers the sh**t out of me. This trilogy says too much about the times we are facing. Times where it is more important for the studio if the lead character is black or white, man or a woman, etc, than actually creating a GOOD story. Let me say it again: I hate Rian Johnson.
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Love (2016–2018)
LOVE cures depression
9 December 2019
It's funny I didn't write a review in 2016 after finishing the first 10 episodes and fallen in love of this unique TV show. I see a lot of people who don't get attached to the show and even write bad reviews of it and it frustrates me because, honestly it doesn't deserve them. What's true is that the pilot is not the best episode of the series and I've seen how some people decide not to watch the rest after finishing it. If you're reading this and haven't seen the show, don't listen to those bad reviews and give this story a try. People who give this show a bad review are the same who think Avengers movies should win an Oscar. People who hope to see an athlete and a cheerleader falling in love, again... Let me tell you that LOVE is not another old love story. In some ways it isn't even a love story. What I like about this show is that IS REAL. All the characters in the story are authentic and similar to someone we know in our life's. This show is not going to introduce you an exaggerated love story with a very romantic kiss in the end. You will probably hate Gus or Mickey, but let me tell you that, as in real life, they're not perfect. In this story we have two very ordinary and problematic characters who make us feel we're watching the daily life of someone in LA. You want to see a perfect life with a perfect character and his perfect problems, go watch Gossip Girl. But if you want to see a good and very accurate love story, then LOVE is for you. In my personal opinion, I'm kind of like Gus, and obviously I felt in love with Mickey too, considering it may exist a real Mickey out there and that's what's exiting about this show. It makes you feel good, it gives you the hope and comfort you need when you're feeling loveless. I am grateful to the creators of the show and, for more than I wanted more seasons, it was way too perfect the way they did it. My last words for you reader: If you have good taste, you will LOVE this show.
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And they did it again! This show is GOOD.
11 November 2019
Both seasons are a piece of art! Don't even bother on reading those bad reviews. The ending of the first season was excellent. It was perfect and didn't need a reason for a second season, but still they did it and it's impressive how the made it to keep the uniqueness and the simplicity of this show and giving us "another" perfect ending for this perfect show. I don't know if there's going to be a third season because they don't need to, but if they make another one, I will not to be worried about it.
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Felina Part 2
14 October 2019
I just don't understand why someone would give this film a low rating... We all wondered what could've happened to Jesse Pinkman after Breaking Bad's finale. Vincent Gilligan gave us HIS answer... and it is beautiful!

If you didn't like it, well, maybe you weren't a fan of the series after all.

-Now... Shut up, and enjoy this film, B#*ch"!
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Marianne (2019– )
THANK YOU, Samuel Bodin.
2 October 2019
We are facing times where monsters are not scary, and Samuel Bodin knows how to handle it. It was damn time we met Marianne. Thank you, Samuel Bodin and Quoc Dang Tran, for giving us something to be afraid of at night.
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Toy Story 4 (2019)
If Toy Story 4...
1 August 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I watched the first Toy Story movie when I was a kid. I watched Toy Story 3 before starting college. And...I watched Toy Story 4 as an adult and it is good! BUT, I feel like it could've been an historic film. When I first heard there was going to be a fourth movie, I knew that the ending had to be about Woody and Buzz final adventure together. When John Lasseter said he HAD to make a fourth one, this finale had to be the only option. After the ending, of course we all cried... I cried like a f#ing baby... I mean... It's Woody and Buzz saying their last goodbye!! But even though it is the perfect ending, I thought it was a little weak. Here's why:

1- The final moment of this beloved toys lasts like 5 seconds. I think I'm talking for everybody who grew up watching Toy Story, when I say that we wanted a longer goodbye between these two characters. 2- All the other main characters like Ham, Slinky, Rex, appear in the movie only for a short period of time and without that funny, interesting energy they had in the previous films. 3- Forky was a main character who, in my opinion, wasn't that funny and the viewer doesn't care too much if "he" is in danger or not. I like the idea of Bunny creating her own toy, but the idea of trash coming alive if you add feelings to it I think is a little weak. 4- They completely changed Bo Peep. We know that times are changing for good, but in this movie they really wanted to show it. Bo Peep was turned into a "women empowerment" reference with her new "outfit" and all of those Tomb Raider action scenes and "I don't need Woody" anymore. I'm not saying it was wrong, but I do believe it wasn't necessary.

5- Don't get me wrong, I really thought that in the final minutes of the film, a very romantic kiss between Woody and Bo Peep would happen. And If someone told me: They're toys! What is wrong with you? Let me remind you that, in the final scene of the first film we can notice that Woody and Bo clearly have a romantic relationship but they never completely show it. If only... If only Toy Story 4 would've had a longer goodbye between the characters, less Forky and the other unfunny characters...that kiss between Woody and Bo. It would have been the best finale and yet historic ending of a Pixar movie ever made.

Thank you for reading.
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Two Lovers (2008)
What a delicious film!
1 August 2019
A lot of people may feel identified with this film... with Leonard... with Michelle. Because that's how love is. This is not a love story. It happens in real life. Joaquin Phoenix acting is just... f%# amazing! James Gray tells us a real love story. And I thank him for that.
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It's Bruno! (2019– )
And I thought it was a kids tv show...
3 July 2019
I am now a fan of this show... When I first saw the image of the dog and the title, I thought it was some kind of program made for kids or just another movie about a talking dog. Hell no it wasn't. Thank you, Solvan Naim for creating something so good! It's hard for a TV Show to make me laugh that hard and It's Bruno! makes it too easy... This show is amazing! I need more episodes.
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Game of Thrones: The Iron Throne (2019)
Season 8, Episode 6
22 May 2019
I was one of the fans who did not complain about the first five episodes of the last season. I actually loved The Long Night (S8, Ep3). But Jesus Christ, how deep I hated the ending. I don't want to say much, but this: The ending of this beautiful series, I should say it's THE MOST DISAPPOINTING finale I've ever seen. I didn't cry with the terrible ending of Harry Potter or other series... But I cried watching this ending. In the last 15 minutes of the episode I even screamed "STOP THIS!"

With all said, I only have this question: After all this time, and how prestigious the production of this TV show was, who on earth thought that ending was a good option? Even G.R.R Martin should have said something against it.
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Galveston (2018)
I fell in love with Rocky... I fell in love with Elle Fanning
9 April 2019
I have always known that Ben Foster is a hell of an actor. Since "Hostage" I thought he had the potencial to become an incredible actor. But Elle Fanning really captivated me this time... I feel like this movie should be seen by more people. Not only it's a very, very well directed film, but how both actors portrayed their characters and the story itself. I ended up with teary eyes and wanted to hug Elle Fanning (or Rocky?) for what I think it's her best performance so far. This movie is a must see. You know why? Because Rocky exists. Roy exists. There are people, real people, out there who suffer similar problems to which the ones this movie portrays, and that's what left me with goosebumps in the end. I wanted to rescue Rocky too.
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The end before it's time...
21 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I've always considered myself as a Star Wars fan that can keep a long and good talk about the saga. When I went to see The Last Jedi, I had a bad feeling about it, since the trailer wasn't that good. But I had good hopes on the movie to be good enough, as fans could see Luke Skywalker fight like we never experienced before and show us how the best Jedi ever returns to the big screen. But Rian Johnson had different objectives for the character... After the ending of The Force Awakens, I think I talk for everyone here, we were expecting for the best for the next film. Then Johnson happened... An amateur film director that took a story bigger than him, took the responsability of characters he shouldn't have had. He literally destroyed everything Abrams built for what could have been the best freaking Star Wars movie the world could've seen. He made Luke "look" like an old and weak man who is now afraid of even going out of a cave because of a mistake he made with Han Solo's spoiled kid. And that's the smallest problem of his "creation" -What happened to Ray? In The Force Awakens, Ray had that charming behavior and innocence that made every man fell in love with that character. In this film, I was sad for what I was watching, but it was gone, and Ray was just a simple character. -Leia...can fly? I'm sure I'm not the only one who almost walked out of the theaters after that scene with Leia using "the force", levitating and returning to the ship. LIKE WHY?

-The Porgs... Rian Johnson thought it could be a great idea to introduce Pokemons in his film. So that's why we have those small, not funny birds that make a Jar Jar Binks of the movie. I'm not a hater, but I hated those creatures.

-The awful comedy. That's the only thing I'm gonna say... I did not laugh in this movie, in fact, I wanted to cry.

  • Benicio del Toro?
I love del Toro, but his character is just bad, and he is not the only one... Many characters in this story were just a bad idea to introduce.

-Luke dies. As a fan, I think the idea of Luke dying and the way he dies is good. But happened TOO SOON! You want to know how to make a perfect Star Wars movie? Just get Luke Skywalker out of that cave, make him remember he is still the best Jedi the world has seen and put him to fight for 40 minutes of the movie with Kylo Ren and the Stormtroopers. You wait and you give him a proper death a few minutes before the ending of the trilogy. Or, leave it like that and make your hero look weak and alcoholic and die while leaving his "spirit" to fight for him. (That scene was great, I have to admit it. Luke's spirit vs Kylo. That is the only scene I liked of the movie, that's why I put 2 stars instead of 1)

-A New Hope, please. Now, the only thing we can do is to wait for JJ Abrams to return and be our only hope, giving this weak trilogy a proper ending.
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