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Inkaar (1977)
The 1970s Thriller!
7 May 2017
Brilliant Indian movie, different and intelligent. Well thought out, a remake of High & Low but equally grasping and engaging. Vinod Khanna is awesome in the movie as always, one of the finest actors in the history of World cinema. The camera angles, cinematography and some of the sequences are very well thought out and executed. The only flaw is occasional slow down because of unwanted songs.
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Parvarish (1977)
Vinod Khanna all the way!!
7 May 2017
The movie was brilliant for its time. After the success of Deewar and Sholay, most of the directors kept the best roles in the movies for Amitabh Bacchan. Here as well, Manmohan Desai projected Amitabh as the honest good cop, intending all the sympathies and attention from the viewers but who steals the show? It's Vinod Khanna! Vinod Khanna was fabulous in the movie, he always stole the show even if the roles written for him may or may not be bigger than his co-actors. He is the ultimate grey shade hero of the Indian cinema. No one can beat his personality, his charisma, his style, the panther walk and his brilliance in adopting any role thrown to him. He clearly beats Amitabh here. The movie was the great Indian entertainer with the top two superstars of the 70s.
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