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Looking Glass (I) (2018)
23 February 2018
Why did they release this film? Despite Nicholas Cage being in it,the movie is blatantly incomplete.Its a turd. I was disturbed by the creepiness of the film but there were no explanations,no closure,not even a climactic revealing scene. When I saw it say "the end" i was confused.Did someone pull a hoax and release this movie incomplete? NOTHING is explained...i get it-some things are mystery and should be but wtf...this movie is one giant plothole.Its not worth watching unless you don't mind plotholes and well.lack of a plot...the biggest mystery is why this film was released.I've NEVER seen a movie with so many plotholes,misleading scenes seemingly deliberate..only to end abruptly as if the makers ran out of time.
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What happened to the monster?
28 October 2017
Having been a huge fan of JC 1 AND 2 i was sadly disappointed with this third installment.First of all,the monster has lost his creepiness.I should give the movie no stars just for that mistake alone. He is ,as others have said,too human.There was nothing human about him in the first two movies.The kill scenes are completely left out....instead of leaving the monster mysterious,they leave the kill scenes out! My favorite of the three movies is the second one because of all the gory and creative kill scenes. This installment is a continuation of the first movie,which i thought would be interesting but there were too many sub plots..none of them interesting.I never cared about any of the characters.I hate a movie that drags out sub plots.Again i have to say my biggest complaint is the monster himself.....why did they make him seem like a human serial killer? Why did they drag out the sub plots instead of setting up an interesting movie from the beginning? I shut the movie off three quarters of the way through..i didn't care to see the ending.
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Reviews divided between racist eggheads and intelligent people
13 October 2017
I was pleasantly surprised by War for the Planet of the Apes. The plot,character development and script are impressive. The acting by everyone but Woody is stellar.Woody's acting left something to be desired,hence the 8 stars instead of ten.I thought Woody phoned it in and I KNOW he could do better. The story continues the saga of Caesar and his followers and friends on their mission to ensure their survival.I understand why racists and egghead Trump voters would hate this movie but its too bad for them.This third installment of the Planet of the Apes left the second installment in the dust.It's a near masterpiece.
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The Mist (2017)
Better than reviews indicate
24 June 2017
The Mist series started out bad. By the end of the first episode I was sorely disappointed.It seemed like it was playing out like a lifetime movie after school special.But lets skip ahead.The second episode kicked a** and now im hooked.I thought the drama between the characters would ruin the "horror" aspect of the series.I didn't like the changes from the movie/book.However did I see a cameo by the religious fanatic lady in episode 2? Not the mother with her son who was a nasty bitch but another older lady who made a funny face when the main character mom tells off the bitch.I cant recall names of characters so im referring to them as main character mom and nasty bitch mom ,etc.

By the end of the second episode i was beginning to see the potential this series has.My favorite character is the black military man who befriends the drug addict lady.She is my second favorite character.

Mysteries abound,there is just enough gore to keep me thrilled and i can only see this getting better IF the producers and directors don't insult our intelligence with a super low budget and lame overdone drama.

The woman who lost her husband is another favorite of mine.The end of episode two when they drink wine in the church to her husbands memory...nicely done....

So im happy to discover this series does not have to be boring or horrible.It is capable of being engaging,suspenseful and if you have half a will like the characters.
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Wonder Woman (2017)
You'll like it if you're not sexist
8 June 2017
I noticed a lot of the really bad reviews were from men who don't like female superheroes. Enough said on that.

I was hoping this would be a 10 star review but alas, the movie has what I consider flaws and unfortunately they are glaring to me.Wonder Woman with Gal Gadot does have it all..action,plot,cinematography and great acting. But there is too much emphasis on the war(think the latest Godzilla movie) and Diana doesn't strut her superhero stuff until over half way through the movie.I never read the comics so maybe it is accurate..the war..and the *eyeroll* romance. But Gadot and Pine lacked strong chemistry.

I loved the over the top action when WonderWoman finally takes off....but yes the CGI was at times disappointing..I'd fire whoever was in charge of it.This was too important a movie for such mistakes.

Overall,I give it 7 stars , I'd watch it again but it wasn't what I was hoping for.I REALLY hope the sequel learns from the mistakes in this movie.Gal Godot definitely IS Wonder doubt in my mind.But i expect more next time.
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The Last Face (2016)
Thought Provoking
13 May 2017
First,let me respond to all the negative reviews of this film.Oh the self-righteousness! Oh the humanity! Yes,this movie is a love story that takes place in Africa amidst turmoil and terror,and yes-its the Africans who are the victims in this movie-not the "white saviors". It never claimed to be anything else. Before I review the actually film,I have to ask people who rated this movie negatively solely for its "white saviors of black people" premise; is it a crime for white people to go to Africa to try to help Africans and also fall in love with each other?In your outrage at believing this movie undermines the humanity of Africans, you strip the white characters of their humanity.I've fought racism all my life whenever the opportunity presented itself,and am a firm supporter of Black Lives Matter.Of course a non-black person cannot say they are anti-racism without immediately condemning themselves to scrutiny and "aha's!" from others.Skipping the am I racist rant,I just could not understand why just about everyone immediately condemned the white lovers/activists for daring to be in Africa to help refugees of war and audaciously fall in love. Should white people stay out of Africa? Yes if they are there to exploit.If they are there to help,then by all

The film is gorgeous.Charline steals the show once again. The brutality,horror and hellishness of what Africans face is not watered down,not reduced to art.It is full in your face truth.Its funny how people who hate the white activists also seem to ignore the horrors that Africans face in their desperate self righteousness. Throw the baby out with the bathwater I guess? This stunningly beautiful film will stay with me a long time,and I already know it belongs with my other favorites of this genre...which also received poor reviews for the white savior premise....Keys to the Kingdom and The Revenant.White people who bridged the gap between cultures and ethnicities rather than be hateful,violent and racist.These types of movies really tick people off.Tough.The world needs more bridges,less hate and condemnation. The Last Face is a precious gem for that reason...if you happen to go to Africa as an activist, and you want to make a difference in the lives of Africans who have suffered(often because of the west's exploitive racist ways) ...don't feel guilty ,even if you fall in love....
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Get Out (I) (2017)
23 April 2017
Despite the low ratings by white supremacists who obviously hate black people and cannot handle the black perspective,this movie is good.The acting is great,the plot is engaging and I watched beginning to end edge of my seat. I'm glad it got a high overall score. Some people can never get past a movie that sheds any white person in a bad light and a black person is the main character.If you can get past that-are emotionally mature and intelligent enough to enjoy a movie for what it is- entertainment-i recommend Get Out.It is original and will stay with you for a long time.
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