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Atkinson is brilliant - one of the funniest things I have seen years
5 October 2018
Take it for what it is. It's not meant to be a complexed and compellingly written story, it's meant to entertain and make people laugh and it did that every single minute. This movie does not disappoint at all, ignore any bad reviews and go and watch it. See for yourself how fantastic Rowan Atkinson is. The cinema were in stitches. My Dad (admittedly a massive Johnny English fan) complained that his face hurt from all the laughing that he did. That says it all.

Have a great night out in good company with this hillarious film. You will not be disappointed.
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Bodyguard: Episode #1.3 (2018)
Season 1, Episode 3
Didn't move for 56 minutes
3 September 2018
You can completely immerse yourself in these episodes for an hour at a time, they are so tense and brilliantly written. The acting is fantastic, the tension is built to a devastating finish, this drama makes you realise not everyone can be trusted and even some of the leads could have something to do with the threat to the Home Secretary. Can't wait for Episode 4.
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Bodyguard (2018– )
Brilliantly tense, exciting and entertaining - best from the BBC in a while
28 August 2018
The best from the BBC in a while, Bodyguard leaves you with no fingernails after 20 minutes of the first episode, and you'll be craving the next episode as soon as the one you're watching ends.

The tension is far more believeable as this drama is circulated around the times of today with terror attacks imminent and frequent on the streets of the UK, as most of us can remember seeing a situation like this unfold on the news in recent years.

Every shot leaves you wondering just what is going on inside of the characters heads, and stomach churning moments of realisation during the storyline give you a feeling like no other. One or two characters are played slightly weakly and don't help the story on its way but the main leads are fantastic.

Yes it is the route that most crime/police dramas go down but for entertainment purposes this is the best show to grace our screens in a while, definitely worth the watch.
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