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13 Reasons Why: Bye (2018)
Season 2, Episode 13
I wanted to love this season
22 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
My biggest takeaway from this season, season 2, is that it let down the character development that took place in the first season. Instead of seeing Hannah as this beautiful, pure woman, with a pure heart, you're left wanting to take your mind back to the first season and forgetting what they have done to this precious character of Hannah Baker. In fact, so many times I understood why Clay Jensen looked betrayed and puzzled by all of these allegations against his love, Hannah. Well it's no wonder he was so distraught, because I know for someone who saw her like he saw her, it was hard to stomach to have all of these "revelations" coming at you all at once. None of it made sense and made me personally upset they would take the show to these extremes.

I understand Clay needs to work some of this stuff out, but Hannah is gone and the viewers and Clay needed to let her go at the end of season 1. Why draw this out so much and make this poor boy endure these hallucinations? By the way, does anyone even believe it? This Harry Morgan coming around to talk in Dexter's ear, but no one can hear or see him but Dexter kind of thing still works? Perhaps it could have worked if Clay weren't talking to Hannah at Monet's in the middle of the day shouting at her. Come on, really? Someone should have taken that dialogue off the drawing board day one.

One redeeming quality of the show, specifically in the 13th episode, was the way they (hopefully) finally let Hannah Baker go. It was closure for Clay and the audience which is something we all needed. I remember sitting in a restaurant in February and "Night We Met" by Lord Huron came on. My eyes filled up with tears before I had the chance to figure out why it was happening involuntary. I was instantly moved by that song and it brought me back to Clay and Hannah's tragic love story never fulfilled. The 13th episode reminds you that although you can let someone go, a song or smell can bring back those feelings of loss and I am relieved the writers and director allowed us to feel that pain along with Clay and the original 13RW characters. It was our moment together and it was raw and perfect. For the entire song, which isn't even that long, it reminded you why the first season was as powerful and groundbreaking as it was. The music was everything for that season.

Which bringns me back to a big point here, 13 RW was perfect as a single season. Any moment brought into the second season that was a flashback from the first season was huge for the viewer. Honestly, these moments were the only ones I really enjoyed. The original cast were outstanding and you can see this love for each other as a cast. There is a lot of care. I even had moments of empathy for characters I didn't want to have empathy for just due to the fact they are backed by actors who are incredible at their craft.

The things I cringed at most: 1. Hannah as a ghost disturbing Clay. I would like to believe Hannah Baker and her soul would move on from Clay and the others as she already felt she was a burden to them in the life she lived. Why would she come back to haunt? Wouldn't she feel guilty? 2. If Clay weren't haunted by her ghost and he was hallucinating, he needed a straightjacket for the way he was handling his emotions 3. Here is a big one. Not one of these characters would have acted in the ways their characters acted in this season. It was contradictory to the first season in monumental ways. I'd like to believe Hannah was a virgin and didn't give it up to Zach. I liked Zach, but in no way does it make sense this girl would hook up with Zach after the way he had treated her and the way she had treated him. She was already very damaged. Plus, where was this in the tapes? Seems like this would be crucial to her story. I'm sorry, the gratuitous sex scenes weren't cutting it. I wasn't buying it. No way. It doesn't make sense Hannah could be so depressed to take her own life, I never saw signs of her depression in this season at all. If anything, she had tons of friends and was enjoying life. The first season was a much better depiction of her life. We didn't need to see every detail to know she wasn't a slut, and yet with this season, it's hard to think she isn't one. Hannah simply would not make these choices. She even says in the first season on Bryce's tape, "I finally lived up to my reputation" when referencing him raping her. She was pure until he took that from her. It only made senses this was her first time and it was in a horrific way. 4. Clay wouldn't make these decisions he has been making. Clay would not do drugs, wouldn't go out with someone so messed up, would help his friends who were struggling, would go the extra mile for his friends, would not be so angry with Hannah. Let's pause for a moment. Clay was angry with himself for failing Hannah, so now he is angry with Hannah for leavin him? This guy needs counseling. 5. The scene with Tyler in the bathroom. Do i have to mention how gratuitous this was? Disgusting. For what reason was that necessary? They were tying up the loose ends of the story beautifully and with Tyler getting better. It makes no sense to have that scene, poor Tyler. Not that I'm an expert, but I cannot imagine he wouldn't have to go to the hospital after that ordeal. Surely something wouldn't be functioning well after that. Anyone else agree? 6. Bryce narrating his story on an episode was difficult to stomach and it really bothered me to see Hannah in those flashbacks, even if it didn't actually happen, it was hard to watch and it was hard for the audience to see our precious Hannah in those scenes. In no way am I wanting to glorify Hannah, but her story was tragic and the writing of how she got there was beautifully written. There was no need to add anything else. The second season muddied up our vision of Hannah as this pure, lovely girl who was misunderstood. She didn't whine about school, she wasn't concerned with boys, she wanted to make good friends. There was way too much kissing this season and it made me feel bad for the actress portraying Hannah. She kissed women and men and it was a lot. It was way too much to handle watching it all and I could not believe any of the choices these characters made. 7. Jessica and Justin. That scene at the end I didn't agree with. Jessica kept saying she never wanted to see him again and went through a terrible ordeal. I didn't believe it one bit that she would go back to him. It doesn't make sense for her character development. And poor Alex! It just made me mad.

But trust me, that dance scene where all of the kids are gathered with Clay to Clay and Hannah's song, that was worth watching that episode. It's good for anyone who loves this show to have a good cry there. I love these characters and the actors who have portrayed them. The writing was terrible, but these fine women and men do a great job telling the story they were given. I gave this three stars because I believe this show had talent, but it fell short. Just like Mr Porter says, " You can have the best intentions and still fall short." That is how I felt about this second season.

Thirteen Reasons Why will always have a special place in my heart.
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13 Reasons Why: The First Polaroid (2018)
Season 2, Episode 1
Don't even watch
22 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
After getting through the entire second season of 13RW, a show I have admired for well over a year now, I can say without question anyone who is reading this, do not keep watching the second season. It's not worth it and from beginning to end, you'll only be disappointed.

I honestly thought I was being too hard on the show when I started with the second season and right off the bat with Skye, I felt like this was a decision Clay Jensen just would not make. He would be friends with Skye, but would he actually date her? Nothing is wrong with Skye, but Clay should know better than to get too involved with someone who has the issues she has. If doesn't make sense.

Also, the Dexter feel of this season beginning with episode 1, it just falls flat. Dexter had Harry, his father who had adopted him, and it always bothered me how Dexter had these ongoing conversations with Harry, but at least the conversations weren't that public. Clay should be put in a straightjacket for as much as he speaks to Hannah during this season.

If you were a big fan of 13RW season 1, just don't continue to watch the second season. The first season was beautifully written and gives the viewer room to make their own interpretation, which is how the author of the novel wanted it for its readers.
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Downsizing (2017)
What the heck did I just see?
28 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Having never written a review before, I created an account just so I could warn the users of IMDB to not see this movie. I am disappointed on so many levels. First, I am a huge fan of Saturday Night Live and admire Kristen Wiig and Jason's Sudeikis, they were only in the film about 10 minutes. This movie was an entire BATE AND SWITCH, in that they lured you in with a trailer posing as a comedy, yet revealed itself to be a...uhhh...well whatever that was. Not sure how to explain it. Second beef about this film, it is NOTHING LIKE THE TRAILER, and I don't think I am wrong on that. Sure, Matt Damon becomes a little person, but if you're expecting "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" or something close to "Stuck on You", you will be disappointed. Not once did I laugh. Not once. I smiled when Christoph Waltz did his cute smile, but that was it. What you see in the trailer is a happy, silly movie with that fun song "Days Go By", and what you get is a movie with a storyline that cannot keep itself straight, a plot that cannot figure itself out, and several characters the screen writer wants us to care about, but it falls so short that it gets nowhere. It was the first movie since Scanners that I wanted to walk out on. The only reason I didn't walk out was because I wanted to see how it ended, but the ending fell short too. I am all for watching a film that's a drama if the trailer sets it up as a drama. Isn't the trailer all about giving the audience a taste of what the movie is supposed to be about? I feel duped and I know others in the theatre felt that way because I saw a lot of people leaving the movie theatre. Yes, THIS IS A MOVIE YOU WILL WALK OUT OF if you cannot handle all of the plot spins and slow spots. There are way better movies out there, or just staying at home is a fine choice. Don't see this movie, it's such a downer and has no idea what it even is. The political statements Matt Damon tries to make are making him look like a fool. No one cares about your political agenda, Matt. We just want to be entertained by the actors we know and love. You betrayed us all.
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A Means to Disgest the Series
21 April 2017
When Season 1 of 13RW ends, it seems most appropriate to have a debriefing of what you just saw. In fact, I would think it would be neglectful not to. There are some loose ends needing to be tied to the viewer emotionally and this explanation after the series helps to have some closure. I appreciated the feedback from the actors after they were done with their roles and the explanation for the scenes and also the psychological behavior of teens and people in general suffering from trauma. I hope to see more from this director, these producers, and hopefully from this series. Captivating and moving.
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