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Most definitely above the curve
24 November 2019
You have to give this one points for originality. I think with a slightly larger budget this could have been a 10 out of 10 but damn it didnt stop me from enjoying this movie. Acting was outstanding and the story that pacing was perfect. There's a million possession films that have been done to death but this breathes some new life in a way that I havent seen since Emily Rose. I will definitely be recommending this one to other horror enthusiasts. God damn you gotta give a round of applause to the director and cast. I was really worried this one was gonna get real campy and the cliches would start rolling but once it gets going it doesn't let go of you.
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Astral (III) (2018)
Nothing to see here
27 November 2018
ASTRAL doesn't really give you much to get excited about. The story is very much centered around the protagonist. While there are other characters in the film everyone else gets pretty much left by the wayside giving you zero to no insight surrounding their dynamics as a group of students attending university. Little to no character development went into this film and even less attempts at standing out as more than a run of the mill jump scare movie, which doesn't didnt even succeed at that. With other films like Insidious exploring the astral projection area of horror this one falls drastically flat in every way. I had hoped that when we finally arrived at the big bad demon of the movie which had little to no build up ,we see it for only a few moments and then nothing. I expected this movie to be more exploratory of the astral plane but I guess the budget didnt allow for more. Give this one a solid pass
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The Void (I) (2016)
This movie almost had the making of a science fiction/horror classic. No spoilers
10 April 2017
I gave this one a solid 7 out 10. What it lacks in solid lead actors it makes up for with some amazing visuals and special effects. The void does have some real levels to it and really immerses you into the threat of imminent danger. It's almost reminiscent of silent hill meets Netflix's stranger things. The only thing that drove me bonkers about this film is it's unapologetic and total lack of explanations on plot and drive. It's like being dropped into hell and the devil forgets to tell you how you died. The whole time i was waiting for that one character who seemingly knows all but for "reasons" inconveniently discloses the full story by the time its too late. The void is worth watching for sure but don't expect to understand right away. I will definitely be pondering away and painfully scratching my head on this film for a while. It isn't without it's perks though. For the avid horror and sci fan it contains some real tone and plenty of gore to tide you over
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