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16 September 2018
What is your reality??? Can you handle a reality shift as extreme as what many of the folks in this movie have been dealt? Best be careful! This documentary, that includes several eye witness testimonials, will definitely have you rearranging your sense of reality of what's truly "out there". Let the human eye get a glimpse of things it normally cannot see, or even meant to see, and it will rock the observer's world. Given all the years of devotion and dedication to find answers in this field, George Knapp and Robert Bigelow are finally hitting pay dirt with remarkable evidence, vindication, even if it's second hand. The fact that they are putting themselves on the line and disclosing this information is rather timely, if not direly necessary. George Knapp & Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell have done an exceptional job with this documentary. The mere disclosure of formerly inconceivable truths, that are now being accepted by more and more individuals as reality, alone merits a rating of 10, if not meritorious recognition for their courage and commitment to answers and putting their own safety and credibility on the line! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!
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Studio 54 (2018)
ICONIC!!! Xanadu on Earth, for only a moment.
9 September 2018
This is a first hand look into the inside of the amazing Studio 54. Co-Founder Ian Schrager looks back and gives an intimate run-down of the disco's creation and rise to complete wonderland, and it's ultimate demise as it came crashing down quicker than a snort of blow. This documentary explores the experiences, first hand accounts, from many of the employees caught up in the whirlwind of this Xanadu on New York's 54th Avenue. The photo's and videos from inside the club are as much eye-opening as they are fascinating. Studio 54 was a place to feel safe and feel free, a place to live life to it's fullest every night and escape the prejudices, injustices, and cruel world of reality outside its doors. It drew the likes of Liza Minelli, Michael Jackson, Liz Taylor....and so many more from the global A-List of Celebrity in the late '70's. It was a time and experience like no other in recent history, and the place to be (if you could only get in the door). Don't miss this exceptional inside account of the iconic discotheque Studio 54.
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She Still Has It! (but the editing makes this hard to watch - 8 out of 10)
28 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
2010 Madonna shows she still can pull off an amazing concert. At her age, that's no easy feat. One has to be in awe at the amount of work (extra work) Madonna puts into her fitness, and her concerts. The highlights were: Incredible Dancers! - Madonna never fails in this aspect! The Incredible Buenos Aires Audience - South America has some of the most, if not THE MOST, die-hard music fans!!! VOGUE - awesome version, DON'T CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA - The audience will bring a tear to your eye, RAY OF LIGHT - Great energy and graphics presentation! I can only give this an 8 out of 10, mostly for merit alone (Madonna & her dancers). The editing is terrible - too much chopping, cutting, and flashing from one scene to another. It would have been nicer to let the camera roll in place for awhile to really capture the action. Side Note: If you want to see an AMAZING 10 out of 10 Madonna concert, watch her The Confessions Tour DVD, that's where you will see the most amazing show and what the Madonna hype is all about.
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Will You Still Remember Me?.....
25 August 2018
Stephen Kijak did a very nice job putting this documentary together. It's done so very respectfully and pays the proper homage this great band deserves from original members to current members. Lynyrd Skynyrd was a rock solid steady part of the soundtrack of lives for anyone growing up in the '70's. And their legend and music still reverberates with strength and relevance as it did back then. This documentary will shed light on the band's roots, it's rise to icon status, the highs & the lows. in great clarity. There is something to be learned in this gem by even the most devoted fan. Much Respect!
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Good Movie - Fun to Watch
21 August 2018
Lil Gibson takes after his father, and that's not a bad thing. The "crazy" schtick was one I always enjoyed from Mel Gibson - in movies and in real life! His son has the same characteristics, and I have no problem with that since I always loved Mel Gibson. Milo is very entertaining and coming into his own. But, Jordan Hinson really carried a good part of this film. The fact that this turns into a love story was perfect, albeit expected. Milo and Jordan had great quarky chemistry and the movie worked, and was fun to watch. I'm looking forward to seeing more movies from both of them. Great work!!!
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The Endless (I) (2017)
27 July 2018
I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this movie. With constant run of the mill boring, unoriginal, pathetic crap pumped out of Hollywood, I'm quickly remind while watching THE ENDLESS why we are so drawn to independent movie makers. If you are in the mood for a refreshing, original, trippy, mind-bending flick, this is your ticket right here! It's truly remarkable what these two VERY talented young men accomplished with such a small budget. Well done!!!
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Hey, Man.
30 March 2018
Great insight and stories of the amazing Dennis Hopper from his wing-man, Satya De La Manitou A must see for any Hopper fan. He's missed beyond words. Well done, Satya!
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A Film for Every Man, Women, Boy, & Girl
19 February 2018
Barri Chase put together a real winner with this family movie. The kids in this movie done a remarkable job conveying the story through emotion and great conscience. I love the Native American people and have always felt their view on life and our mother Earth is one that should be held in high respect and high esteem. This movie helps relay that very message and brings together a culmination of mixed cultures to help show we are all truly one race. Every Man, Women, Boy, & Girl will enjoy this story. Great work!!! & Thank You!!! - to everyone involved in its creation : )
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The Crazy Hazy Art World
8 January 2018
This documentary is a real eye-opener for those unfamiliar with the ridiculous marketing of the art world occurring around the world. The documentary itself is well well done. It does what a documentary should, it teaches you something in depth about a topic. The use of humor was much appreciated because most of us do see the insanity of how egos and money proliferate in the art world (which actually takes away from the art itself). Watching Blurred Lines, you will see the shallowness of the art world, how quickly it all means absolutely nothing - how a piece of "art" can disappear along with the artist , and what a terrible waste of money that can be better used elsewhere in humanity.

The astronomical prices and lack of disclosure verges on illegal. In fact, in most other areas of consumerism, the marketing and selling practices of the products that go on today in the art world would be downright illegal anywhere else. I feel bad, in some respects for the artists. Then again, some contemporary artists are making a killing on selling their "art". But, really, these lucky few will be very, very few and far between. There's a lot of artists out there that never make it, and have amazing artistic talent.

For most of us, thankfully, we never will be a part of this shallow world (not the creation of art or the artist themselves, but the marketing world of art and turning art into a "Vogue" experience). For those participating in this world, its refreshing to hear them come forward - giving their honest and realistic first hand experiences admitting the shallowness & insanity that has come to be in the art world. Even they are dumbfounded, dare I say embarrassed, by the complete absurdity of it all.

If you are into art, this documentary may be very informative and eye-opening and I would encourage you to watch this. Otherwise, for people like me, it's a phony world, full of phony egos, full of money being wasted in order to feel "avant garde" (Hey Everyone! Look At Me!!!), & full of questionable "art". It's nice to know in my world, my peers, my business associates, I'll never have to deal with such a superficial and ridiculous phony environment to feel of value in life.
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Misfortune (2016)
Good Movie!!
6 January 2018
They did a helluva job with this. Okay, it's no Heat, per se. But, it did have "Waingro" (Kevin Gage) from Heat.

Gage nails the "bad guy" persona again and really pushes this movie up in the rating. The rest of the acting was okay - no Academy Award acting. But, I give a lot of credit to all the actors who really did well enough to make this a very enjoyable film to watch, full of excitement, anticipation, and thrills.

Jenna Kanell - WOW! Not only is she gorgeous (those eyes!!!), she is an amazing human being. Check out her movie "Bumblebees" about her brother. I saw that about a year ago. I have much respect for this young lady - she's amazing.

And! Desmond Devenish really did an exeptional job putting this movie together, and acting the lead role - much respect to him, too! Along with the rest of the actors/crew, he really did a fine job establishing mood & thrills.

This is a fine movie to watch if you are in the mood for some thrills, a decent story, and a bit of violence/payback/treasure/Southwest Desert.
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UTOPIA - For a Moment
1 January 2018
It's December 31, 2017, New Year's Eve is moments away. Tomorrow, 1/1/2018, California will legalize Pot.

This truly is the "American Story". Well, told. Well documented. And, Well Done! Laws were meant to be broken. Some laws are just wrong, plain and simple. The laws that take away personal freedom, freedom of choice, are wrong. This movie tells the story of heroes that help the American Society change for the better.

Having been there, done that, I can relate, as will any of you that have been there, and have done that. This documentary shows the struggle, highs & lows, and where we've come from since the '60's.....LOUD & PROUD!
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Trapped (IV) (2016)
Loved The Sprinkler Trick!!! : )
31 December 2017
My Gosh! So many Pro-Choice Heroes in the South. I bow to you!

And, on the flip-side, so many uninformed religious people in the south. Not all of them in the South are clueless, but enough to just about strip a women of her rights as a human being.

This movie makes me want to move to your location and help you all with this fight for women's rights - Pro-Choice, Pro-Women. Know many stand with you that are not actually by your physical side. But, we fight where we are! United with you all!!!

Really, a 2016 movie that is so informative, so human, so grounded, and full of so many heroes - and, not one single review. Really? REALLY???

Let this be written!
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Does he know any Tricks? "He bites." Loved the Dog!!!
30 December 2017
This was a very entertaining movie.

My only complaint was Travolta. Really, anybody would have been better. Why Travolta?? He's still "Staying Alive". He really took away from the movie. The acting by the rest of the cast members was admirable, downright excellent. The characters brought out by all were fun, refreshing, and a joy to watch....except for Travolta. : / Kryst! Why did it have to be Travolta?? I give the rest of the cast and crew an 8 out of 10 for this fun filled hayride.

Taissa Farmiga stole the show. Holy Smoke!!! This beauty owned this movie. She's a force to be reckoned with, for sure. Keep an eye on her. She's the next Queen of Hollywood.

I saw Ethan Hawke as the Lead Character & thought, "Eh, this ain't gonna work." Right away I'm thinking "Before Sunset", "Before Sunrise" - Movies I loved. But, Ethan as "Clint Eastwood???" - Ain't gonna work... But, he pulled it off in grand fashion. Well Done!!!

Check this moving out if your in the mood for a contemporary western. It will hit the spot!
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The Forlorned (2017)
I'm Feeling All Cappy Dick!
27 November 2017
Maybe I'll move to Maine and buy a boat, become a fisherman.... Until then...Great Movie! Great acting through and through. Colton Christensen is amazing! I love the line: "That could be a good one....if you'd work on the ending." (re: having a proper ending to the the Hell Hog story)

This movie was very well done. Wonderful cinematography. Creative shots and amazing views of an island and light house. Even the large yellow house was made to fit the mold of a haunted house. Think, The Shining meets The Exorcist, meets Moby Dick. For me, this movie touched memories of many great scary movies from the past. Maybe because I'm such a fan of a great scary movie. I'm not sure if the memories of the prior great scary flicks was an intended product (maybe it's just me), or if this movie's creators were obviously inspired from those greats of the past (who isn't??), of if The Forlorned was simply on par with them. Regardless, I really enjoyed this movie. If you are in the mood for a down to earth, straight forward, well done scary flick, give this one a try. I'd say it's definitely levels above the typically teenage gore fest, titties & beer, crap they call "horror" that so often is pumped out of this genre. The Forlorned is a horror flick done for a more mature audience. And it is Very Well Done! Way Hay Up She Rises, Way Hay Up She Rises, Way Hay Up She Rises Earlie In The Mornin'. Hmmm....now, how much does a fishing boat cost?
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.....I feel your hand slip into mine....
26 August 2017
Do not miss seeing this film. Remarkable work by all cast members! Remarkable story! Remarkable directing. Remarkable cinematography! God, I Love Holly Hunter - she is an AMAZING human being! With all the crap coming out of Hollywood, and the nauseating constant remakes of movies, or pathetic comic book character movies, I had given up on anybody coming up with a shred of originality, creativity, or story telling talent. Finally, a movie worth the time to watch. I just wish Ms Hunter would make more movies (given/offered more Lead Roles!). She is one, if not THE GREATEST, actor of our time. I'd watch anything with her in it just to see her and her amazing talent. She always takes me away! WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!
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Soul Searching for Understanding
7 April 2017
Yeah, I gave this movie an 8, almost a 9 due to others giving it a 2 or 3 out of 10. It's a solid 8 for sure. And, nobody has given this great documentary a review???? The depth of this film is intense. I guess some folks either don't pick up on the intense reality of this man's journey, or simply deny it, or flat out missed the biting haunt of this documentary. The gentleman that this story is about, (Diether Warneck) whom also narrates it (more of a story-telling) is filmed by his son (Dorian Warneck). It's simple genius in film making. The story itself is more than enough to carry the film. Diether tells his coming of age story that takes place in Germany (Dresden) during the WWII bombing raids that almost leveled/destroyed Dresden. It's a heart felt somber look at his life at that time, and since that time. At first, by the title "Color of Fire", I thought the movie would be entirely about Dresden with lots of historical clips and interviews of the town and it's citizens. But, the movie was actually about one man, his family, and how his coming of age time haunts him right up to his death. The movie was released in 2015. Diether died in 2015, his brother later that same year. That alone tells you the impact and purpose this film was meant to have, on their family, and on you. You get a true sense of the hard reality of his struggle to make some kind of rational purpose of it all, and how cruel, inhuman, and stupid humans can be. From a German (side of the war) perspective, you really do see that many German Citizens had no clue about the atrocities of the concentration camps and other inhuman things that were perpetrated by some Nazi's (yes, some, not all). We have to understand, and accept, that there were many innocent German victims, citizens themselves, of Nazi ran Germany aside from the obvious German Jews,the Gay & Lesbians, those with other than light skin color, etc. So much contempt for the Nazis can easily lead to one casting hate on all German citizens, which in itself is doing just what the Nazi's did, essentially. This film allows us to see this, and is done wonderfully well by the son. It truly captures the mesmerizing trauma war causes, and how it effects those for eternity whom survive war's grasp first hand. Thank you for sharing your story, Diether. I feel like I came to know you in person by the time the movie was over. I felt like you were my friend by the time the ending credits rolled. And, thank you Dorian, for realizing what an amazing story your father had to share, and allowing us to hear & see it. Danke, Freund!
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