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Raised some very good points to consider
30 June 2017
OK. I give it an 8 not for presenting an objective and unbiased position (its HIS documentary guys, not a bloody research paper). I give it an 8 because it raised a couple of huge points that most of the critics seemed to sweep over. I'm going to premise the rest of my comments here by noting that I believe the biggest enemy to a rational and logical discussion about the very, life changing issue of diet is emotion. At the end of the day we all want to have long health lives, no? So, lets discuss it. This guy had a crack at it so good on him.

It is up to us to draw our own conclusions. But again there are some big take aways here despite its apparent biased position that people seem to miss. Firstly, the collusion between food companies and apparent government authorities/bodies or any central body responsible for providing lifesaving and preventative information? They should be completely and fully independent and must be for them to have any credibility whatsoever. And they clearly do not so take everything they say with a grain of salt.

Point 2: Is the science he made reference to all encompassing? Absolutely not. But at least there were some references and citations to some studies to consider (and they did not say sugar wasn't bad for you). Regarding comments from the doctors. Well, yes they are providing their personal experience but I think it safe to say they have direct experience dealing with these problems and as practitioners of health they do so based on science so quite likely they've done extensive research so I don't fully discount what they have to say. And what is their vested interest? Well, besides promoting themselves they are promoting an alternate consideration to a healthy life style. And here's the thing. As Americans, we have a dreadfully poor track record when it comes to health and fitness compared to others in the G20. Clearly there is a lot of information floating around about diet and much of it influenced or engineered toward a specific message for the sake of the almighty dollar. I suggest we all focus on starting there in solving this problem before we can even think about anything else so we can get some honest, objective, credible science on this critical topic.
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Food Choices (2016)
26 March 2017
I found it to be the most comprehensive and objectively presented approach to understanding food and health. More importantly it approached the subject like the average person would who is trying to sift through all the unqualified information out there that is NOT scientifically backed by research and data. It has profoundly affected me and my attitude about animal based food products and long term health. Just watch it and make your own decisions. But watch it.
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