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One of the best European films in the last decade
9 June 2009
For real, that movie is the definition of good cinema. You just can't ask for more. Take the soundtrack for instance, isn't just a collection of good tunes, it's a vital part of the plot and generally the movie, it's one of the magic ingredients if you want. For example, the first song by Toots and The Maytals introduce you to the main theme, the concept. It makes you think about the title or the summary you read at the back of the DVD. What am I watching? A political film? A comedy? A drama? Is it really about England? What is it all about? Well it's a drama but it almost covers every genre.

The main theme is about the skinhead subculture at the 80's. The director portrays masterfully the transient period between the early stylistic movement of skinheads and the adaptation by white nationalist groups. The atmosphere in the film is incredibly intense, but basically it is magical, because everything have been arranged in perfect harmony in order to convince you that the movie has actually filmed at the 80's! You simply can't get away from the action, the characters grabs you and make you a part of their hard situations.

The plot focuses on a lonely young boy who meets a group of skinheads and has a great time hanging around with them and finally he's being part of it. All goes wonderfully well for him until a friend of gang's leader returns from jail full of ideas. Stephen Graham, as a passionate nationalist delivers that role outstandingly (man, he is one of the reasons I find academy awards a phoney business) and along with Thomas Turgoose, they make one of the most wonderful to watch duo in cinema history. You are a witness of his troubled past without even hear him talk about it. You just watch his facial expressions and desperate looks and you been drifted away to his childhood years. He truly delivers a mesmerising performance in this film, and he's one of the most interesting characters I've seen in English cinema. Thomas Turgoose does an equally impressive job and I guarantee you that he will left you speechless when you will see this little young actor (it's his first movie!!!) evokes such feelings on the screen that can make Hollywood idols look like amateurs. But generally, this film's grandiose potential depends hugely on its actors performances. And it's absolutely succeed beyond ANY expectations. Because you see, you can find incredible depth on these complex characters. You have to watch it few times to gasp what the director intended to convey. I really believe that this movie is one of the best, English cinema could ever have hoped to produce. It is exactly what good cinema is all about, it has it all.
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Friends (1994–2004)
I really can't understand why people love this
23 May 2007
No really, I don't get it. Why people love 'Friends'? It's one of the most childish show I 've ever had the mischance to watch it (I lied here, I watch it because I wanted to - I want to see what others found funny). First of all, the annoying laughter in the background every time an actor says a line is just stupid and annoying(in every line?) and spoils everything, even if it were an actual clever line. That means they point out the 'funny part' so the viewer knows where is the joke and laugh like a programmed robot. It is moronic to laugh when someone hint the funny part, think about it.

Secondly, every character behave like a little child. I can't see any adult behavior here. Have you ever see a woman with a decent amount of IQ in her head, to try catch the flu because they told her that she sing better with a gruff voice? And not just that, the director loved that part and decided to repeat it scene after scene! Stupid exaggerated pointless jokes every two seconds by people who can't really act and make childish comments and grimaces all the time. Maybe people like it because its cool to memorize the 'funny' (I wince every time I write that word here) phrases. But if they repeat it few times in their head and actual think what they are saying, they could easily understand that's just plain moronic. But the laughter in the background make them laugh like idiots because they told to do so. I will never understand it. And i don't want to.
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Vizontele (2001)
It is one of the best films i have ever seen.
17 January 2006
When i first heard about that Turkish movie i have a lot of doubts about it. The script did not sound interesting to me. The fact that i have seen Uzak, an other movie from Turkey (one of my favourites also) helped me a lot to take the decision to watch it. From the first time i realized that this movie is a masterpiece. A real comedy, a real drama. No fake reality, no fake emotions. Everything flows in a perfect harmony. The music, the picture, the characters... Every character in this movie is so unique that you have the feeling that you have met him. You don't have to know Turkish to understand the movie, characters speak with their expressions. Music, life style and the beautiful wild nature fits so perfect together.

This movie, is a true gem. A masterpiece that presents a real culture. You don't have the right to miss it.
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