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South Park: Helen Keller! The Musical (2000)
Season 4, Episode 13
Absolutely brilliant episode which features two of my favourite characters from the show (Timmy and Gobbles)
22 April 2017
Superb episode which perfectly satirises musical theatre. Timmy is one of my favourite characters on the show anyway so having him featured in an episode is always great and Gobbles the turkey just steals your heart. Overall one of my favourite episodes of this season and the combination of the darker tone and the episode's lighter moments makes for a near-flawless episode.
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The Last Leg (2012– )
Once brilliant, now extremely politically correct propaganda for the left to show their perceived moral superiority.
1 April 2017
I'm giving it a three and even then that's generous. This used to be a genuinely funny show with stinging satire which would attack anyone and anything on the political spectrum without fear. Now though it's just become a mouthpiece for lefty propaganda which attacks anyone who voted Trump or voted for Brexit as being completely evil without highlighting the ills of their own side as well. As a result of this, anything that's funny about it is undercut by having to sit through an hour of condescending smugness and self- superiority from the political left. In summary, what was once a brilliant show with stinging political satire has turned into a mouthpiece for the left to bully and patronise anybody who thinks differently to them, and this now makes the show virtually unwatchable.
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