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Villisca: Living with a Mystery is a film about how unsolved murders at the turn of the century continue to impact a small mid-western town where they were committed.
8 October 2005
Absolutely engaging! I wanted to know more and more as the filmmakers went through the story. The pacing of the movie -- historical photos and details, interviews of residents who remember the murders and their impact at the time, footage of the town as it is today were blended to tell the unfolding story in just the right amounts. Documentarian Ken Burns made the Civil War so accessible. His extensive use of old photos along with interviews of knowledgeable experts and his storytelling ability, capture the essence of his subject in a humanistic way. Kelly and Tammy Rundle captured that same feeling in their film. Like Ken Burns, the Rundle's use of old photos and extensive interviews gave me more access to the people who lived in the town at the time. The attention to detail, accuracy, use of animation to take the viewer into the home and town all make this film credible and engaging. Kelly and Tammy Rundle have done a great job!
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