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Great movie, more time needed
7 October 2006
Just saw this tonight along with a sold out crowd (can't remember the last time I was at a movie that was sold out hours in advance). Did not disappoint at all, had everything you would want from the boys and more. The only thing I thought that could of improved the film is a bit more time fleshing out the story lines. The "Big Dirty" turns out to be a quick job that might disappoint some people. Overall a rightful standing ovation at the end of the film from the Sunnyvale hungry audience. I personally would like to have seen more Ray, as he always cracks me up but this is nit picking and I am sure that they will explore these things in future sequels (I hope). I am sure a lot of this might go over the head of American audiences once this is released there but for now I revel in this made for Canada movie with all the in jokes any Canuck would love. I plan to see it again once the crowds die down, I tell you it was a mad house atmosphere in the theater and well deserved.
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