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Road Trip (2000)
The best teen movie!
9 October 2005
This is, in my opinion the best teen movie ever made. It's stupid, simple and crazy, but it's never too far from reality. This could have been a true story- it could have happened! And that's only one of many reasons to why I like it. Another reason is the acting and the unforgettable characters. The casting is flawless. Seann William Scott-What a delight! Perfect "bad boy" and very, very funny. DJ Qualls is the PERFECT nerd, and Anthony Rapp is also good as Jacob, the butt-licking teacher student. But one actor steals the show- Tom Green! You can't get more crazy than that guy, at least I hope not! The script is nice, the plot is simple but good and works all the way. The unrated version is the only version you should see- nice chicks and, as Tom Green puts it..Naked..really naked!!
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King Arthur (2004)
Better than "Troy", or "Kingdom of Heaven"!
9 October 2005
I had absolutely NO expectations at all on this movie. I see myself as a kind of "historical guardian", a person who usually hate movies that has a lot of historical errors or is plain fiction based on a well known history. Most of my friends and family did'nt like it at all. But...Hey..I LIKED IT!!!! You don't really know so much about that time of history in England, so the movie does not feel THAT disconnected from reality, but I saw it not as an historical movie, but as a fantasy movie, and it really worked out nice! But the most important thing is that the movie has SPIRIT, something too many movies lack now days. You can actually feel that the director and the team behind the movie really enjoyed themselves and tried really hard to bring their wild visions and fantasies to life. The acting is also very good indeed- I liked the Saxon leaders; Stellan Skarsgård and especially Til Schweiger, but also Clive Owen as Arthur and some of his knights. Beautiful Kiera Knightley is also good as Guinevere. Damn, she has spirit and looks really fierce! AND she is a lot better and more agile fighter than, for example, Miranda Otto in The return of the King. It is SO good that you don't see many famous familiar actors in the movie, I'm SO tired of actors like Orlando Bloom for instance, and it's good to see some new people get a chance. If you just sit back, switch off your brain and enjoy this movie, you will not get bored!
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Troy (2004)
I want a Greek as Achilles!
9 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Even if the movie was a bit too long, it was quite entertaining. The fighting scenes were awesome, especially the man to man combat scenes. The director did a good job with the mythological elements; removing the gods and turning the myth into history. For example: Achilles is pulling out all the arrows but not the one in his heel, and that explaining why everyone thought he was immortal anywhere else. That's cool! And that's what saves this movie, that you actually can believe this happened once. That it isn't just entirely fiction. Hell, it COULD even been a GOOD movie, had it not been for one particular actor: Brad Pitt. I have no problem with any other role, Hector is VERY good in fact, but Brad Pitt is simply WRONG! He has'nt got enough energy or spirit! It isn't only because his acting, but his appearance also. Look at him, no Greek look like that! He's blond, and so is Helen of Sparta!! It is horrible that the two most beautiful and godlike characters in the movie has to be blondes. I don't know why, I'm blond so I should be flattered, but instead it makes me sick! I'm glad Orlando Bloom got a supporting role, because he hasn't got the experience to play a major role. He does his part very well in fact. I enjoyed his fight with Gleeson, I think it was the best part in the movie! Another character that I felt wrong was Sean Bean as Odysseus. I don't understand!!!!..there must be lots of great Greek, Turkish or Macedonian actors, but instead they take actors that Pitt or Bean, that does not look Greek at all! The movie does not feel genuine or real if the actors can't fit into the environment. But i guess that's the only way to get teenage girls to a movie like this, is'nt it? YUCK!
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Gladiator (2000)
Overrated epic
9 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
First, the good parts: The movie looks really nice, great special effects and magnificent environments. The battle scenes are some of the best I've ever seen, thrilling and realistic. Joaquin Phoenix is also very good as Commodus.


Now for the bad parts, and unfortunately, there are many: Damn it Ridley Scott- Read a history book! The movie is FILLED with historical mistakes and errors. I tried no to think too much about them, and I tried not to care, but when they are so obvious and incredibly silly, I could not ignore them. Here are only four of them, to keep it short. FIRST: The Germans did NOT stand in an open place, waiting as the Romans loaded their siege equipment and prepared their archers. Speaking clearly: The Germans were not freakin' STUPID! They used a type of guerrilla warfare, hiding in their forests, and making surprise attacks, often at night, when the Romans were camping and resting. SECOND: SO, Maximus rides from Germania to...Spain? wounded? And taken by slavers to northern Africa? That would have taken months, even years! THIRD: Maximus is what..Spanish? The word Spanish was'nt even invented by 180 ad. Spain was called Iberia and the inhabitants Iberians, and these where barbarian warrior tribes of possible Celtic origin. FOURTH: The emperor is fighting a gladiator in the Colosseum? Very silly.

Furthermore, the acting could have been much better. Russel Crowe is quite boring! You can't feel for him in the same way as you could feel for Mel Gibson in Braveheart, just for example.

I know- Everyone is NOT historians, and some only want to get entertained and have some action at the screen, but I can't help but feel that this movie is overrated.
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Forgotten Silver (1995 TV Movie)
Greatest documentary ever!
7 October 2005
I simply don't care if this is "only" a MOCKumentary, it's by far the greatest DOCumentary I've ever seen! Superbly well done, and very touching. I remember watching this movie on TV when they first showed it in Sweden, I think it was in 2002. I was fascinated! I thought it was the most amazing incredible story I had ever heard or seen. I could not believe why I had never heard about this Colin McKenzie before, nor the movies he created. I NEVER thought of it as a possible hoax. I did'nt sleep that night, all I could think about was this movie, and all the suffering that Colin McKenzie got through. The next day I told all my friends about this incredible movie, and NO ONE asked if it could been a hoax. It took me over three years before I finally found out that it was a mockumentary. Ambarassing at first, then, when I saw that it was a Peter Jackson movie, I could only laugh. I watch this movie often- It strikes me every time as the most amazing story ever CREATED.

Congratulations Mr Jackson- You got me completely fooled!
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Seven Samurai (1954)
The best movie of all time
1 October 2005
No movie, before or after, will EVER match this masterpiece. I was very skeptical at first when my parents wanted me to watch this. I had never seen a whole black and white movie before, and definitely not a Japanese one! I was astounded, completely taken away by the incredibly story, the absolutely beautiful scenes, and the superb acting. Toshiro Mifune is now my greatest movie icon, and I have bought all of Akira Kurosawas samurai movies on VHS and DVD. This movie is however, NOT for anyone. If you want a hardcore action movie- look somewhere else. The movie is very long and sometimes nothing "special" happens for quite a long time. But if you really appreciate a movie like this, you will see something new and beautiful in every scene, every time you watch it. It just GETS BETTER!!!!
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Greatest comedy ever!
1 October 2005
OK, let's get this clear; Hot shots IS silly. Silly, simple, stupid and ABSOLUTELY pointless. But hey, it IS a slapstick comedy, and a ******* GREAT ONE! MUCH better than the first movie! In EVERY SECOND of the movie there is a gag, a joke, or someone or something that is so damn funny that I can't help myself from falling of the chair laughing like hell! I think I've seen this movie over 20 times, It's still the funniest movie ever for me. I guess when it comes to movies of this kind, I just want them to be as stupid, with as many jokes per minute, as possible. I think Charlie Sheen is perfect for this role, he does look serious, like some kind of a bad Rambo-wannabe, and a serious-looking person doing stupid things is always great. It's also great that Richard Crenna plays almost the same character as in Rambo 3, with many of his lines unchanged. If you've watched the Rambo-movies, (most important the third one), you'll get more of the gags and the dialogs, especially in the scenes from the Buddhist temple. Saddam Hussein is also excellent, he looks really like the real one! If you like stupid and crazy movies...WATCH THIS!
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