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Woman has too much stress, trying to live a peaceful existence amidst the chronic interruption of the news, TV, and alarmist media broadcasts etc
1 July 2011
Great, fun film with some ( mostly) outstanding performances! There are so many good performances by recognizable actors & actresses in this small film. There are faces you may recognize from Television and film running currently! The lead actors are good and so is this great supporting cast. It's funny . The writing is clever and witty. This movie is a small but surprising one. I recommend it! Can I buy or rent this film? If so , when and where? I understand the lead actress is from Brazil , maybe that's why it's so funny. Also, the familiar faces in this film , some who have TV shows and movies running currently are true professional. In addition to the writing of this film being clever , it also attempts to teach us all a lesson regarding over exposure to mass media, and I believe this is pre- Facebook!
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Mafiosa (I) (2006– )
This movie might have been a cliché but for the superior acting and fine direction.
27 July 2006
I thought that the acting was very good as well as the direction, for a film which admittedly does go-over some really "tried and true" ground, I really thought that the people in it made it better than average and the directing was superb.I thought that I had found out all I really needed to know about the Costra-Nostra and being an Italian-American, that was enough for me. However this film is cute and sweet and it has a lot of heart. I believe many people would enjoy it, if they were to view it on a cable Network. CONGATULATIONS to a little show that could. The film makers should be praised for making it the best it could possibly be for what looks to be an obviously LOW BUDGET!
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