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Hostel (2005)
surprise, surprise
20 September 2005
After the mediocrity that was Cabin Fever, I had little expectation for Eli Roth's new horror flick, Hostel. However, after watching the North American preview at the Toronto Film Festival, I was pleasantly surprised. I went to the midnight showing and when the movie was finished I've got to say, I was a little anxious going home.

The movie dispenses with much of the clever, self-congratulatory repartee made so popular in horror films since Scream and its imitators. It opts instead for the old fashioned horror staples of nudity, terror, blood and tension. It was original, well filmed and well acted by a stable of Eastern European unknowns. Since we didn't see the final cut, I am anxious about how it will show in theaters. I hope that Hostel keeps its edge. If so, it will emerge as a modern-day horror classic.
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