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Great episode
23 December 2007
In 'Procrastination' Spongebob has to do an assignment for his boating class but procrastinates as his mind is blank. In 'I'm with Stupid' Patrick is anxious about a visit from his parents and wishes they didn't think he was so stupid. Spongebob offers to make the visit go well by acting so stupid that his parents will think Patrick is smarter.

My favorite of the two is I'm with Stupid as i've seen it an uncountable number of times and it never gets dull. The same lines that i thought were hilarious the first time i saw are still hilarious to me now. As in many of the Spongebob episodes through season 3, there are hilarious one-liners and good natured humor aimed not only at kids but adults as well. Procrastination is not a personal favorite of mine but that doesn't mean it was bad(definitely not!). It was a funny look at Spongebob's personality and it showed how Spongebob had more depth than the average children's show. Plus it was definitely well thought out(not something i can say about the latest crop of lazy writers for Nickelodeon shows).

A great episode.
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One of the best episodes
23 December 2007
In 'No Weenies Allowed' Spongebob and Sandy want to get into the Salty Spitoon(the toughest hangout in Bikini Bottom). Sandy is allowed in after proving herself as tough but Spongebob has a bit of difficulty and is called a weenie. In 'Squilliam Returns' Squidward's rich and successful rival from High School shows up once again to try and embarrass him. Squidward lies and claims to now own a fancy 5 star restaurant and is then forced to class up the Krusty Krab as well as recruit Spongebob, Patrick, and Mr. Krabs as employees.

This episode was hilarious and creative with many classic moments. The funniest moments in 'No Weenies Allowed' for me were every time Spongebob was sent to Weenie Hut Jrs., Spongebob attempting to prove he's not a weenie by trying to open a bottle of ketchup(and failing), and Spongebob 'beating up' Patrick. 'Squilliam Returns' was a great follow up to 'Band Geeks' in which Squidward successfully showed up Squilliam. It had hilarious moments as well including Spongebob clearing his mind in order to be a fancy waiter and Mr. Krabs horrible cooking skills.

All in all, a classic episode.
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Fear of a Krabby Patty - 7/10 Shell of a Man - 6/10
23 December 2007
In 'Fear of a Krabby Patty' Mr. Krabs sees that Plankton's chum bucket is now open 23 hours so, being the business competitor that he is, he decides to make the Krusty Krab open for 24 hours. This turns out to be yet another one of Plankton's evil plans to get his hands on the Krabby Patty formula. In 'Shell of a Man' Mr. Krabs has shed his shell and after Spongebob discovers him in such an embarrassing state, he bribes him into masquerading as him at his navy reunion.

'Fear of a Krabby Patty had a quicker pace than most(if not all) Spongebob episodes from earlier seasons and in both segments, the art design for the characters was noticeably different. There were some funny and creative moments such as when Plankton disguised himself as Dr. Peter Lankton, a psychiatrist, in order to 'cure' Spongebob of his Krabby Patty phobia(after being overworked at the Krusty Krab). Shell of a Man was mostly average and a bit dull; it definitely could have been better. Despite some funny banter this episode lacked the charm from previous seasons.

This was still one of the better episodes from this season(four).
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SpongeBob SquarePants: Atlantis SquarePantis (2007)
Season 5, Episode 12
Worst SpongeBob Episode EVER
28 November 2007
Words can't describe how awful this episode was. Such a long wait for an apparently exciting episode and this is what they came up with? A bunch of mindless songs sung by the now high pitched voice Spongebob and the rest of the characters(or what's left of them). The episode had jokes that flopped horribly and it seems like Spongebob has been dying a slow death since 2004. Spongebob was fantastic from its start and even through the movie. But now it's just another cartoon that helps dumb down America. It's just too bad. I say let the show go so Stephen Hillenburg won't come to regret ever creating it(if he hasn't already).

If I could I'd give it a 0/10.
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