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A Private War (2018)
Western propaganda
4 February 2019
As i recall , the sunday times is a a conservative paper, and most conservatives can't go to the deep. Like the paper are their journalists: subjective and superficial: tamil tigers wanted segregation not liberation! Saddam was a western ally! Assad is fighting reactionary fundamentalists! And all the weapons are western or christian weapons at least not moslem weapons!! But moslems use the weapons against each other. That is the truth. 300 million for the death of marie convoy - dies her life wirth 300 million times more than any vietnamese life? More than any moslem life? What a disgusting western propaganda andmarie convoy was part of it and with ger the journalists who wirked with her!
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Miss Sloane (2016)
great movie
25 January 2017
i can tell that the gun lobby is also active on IMDb. this movie is straight told with unexpected moves. it is realistic as well as true. but in a world of alternative facts difficult to accept. it goes on too long far too long.. it has to stop here and today. the connection with the gun lobby and the senate is authentic. the characters are real. what i liked most of all was the fact that everyone is selling out anyone except the call-boy. in this world of business and in the world of politics , the decent one is the one who sells his body. while everybody would kill for their ego or for wealth.. he remains sincere and surreal . the whore is the only person with ethics and value is messed up world is quite a message, although it had little to do with the main story... again i feel disgusted by the reviews who have nothing to do with the movie but a lot with their political views... the reviews prove this movie is true!
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