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Getting Darker
4 August 2009
As I am a fan of the books and the films I was expecting something good. I can definitely say that I was not disappointed.

What has kept me interested in the films is the fact that they have stayed true to the books unlike some other films.

As with the last movies the acting is great.

The storyline good as it stuck to the book. The fact that it has been getting darker as the series progresses is brilliant.

My one complaint is with the soundtrack. It dose not seem to be as good as the previous instalments in the franchise. Don't get me wrong I thought it was good but not superb

Overall a great film that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.
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Knowing (2009)
Not to bad
9 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Basically the story is that a kid gets a sheet of paper with a load of dates, times and locations of each major disaster in the past 50 years and his dad uses to try and save the world.

My opinion of the story line is this. Starts off well and carries on in a straight line until the middle were it begins to fall part way down in to the abyss of weirdness.

As for the acting it above average. 6/10. I do not know what else to say about it. The same applies to the soundtrack.

Apart from the above I don't know what to say. Overall a decent way to spend a weekend afternoon.
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Absolutely brilliant
26 January 2009
Apart from brilliant I cannot think of anything to say about Slumdog Millionaire.

The way all aspects of the story come seamlessly together is superb. Also how it flowed well into the end.

For me the music was whilst not superb was good and helped create a good atmosphere.

The level of acting was great. Also the actors seem motivated and willing.

Overall an excellent film and well worth watching. It deserves all the awards that it has been nominated for.
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Doctor Who (2005– )
One of the best shows around
16 January 2009
Since the revival series started back in 2005 I have been hooked. I think that everything fits in perfectly.

The two actors that have played the Doctor have been brilliant, although I sometimes got the impression that Christopher Eccleston did not want to be there. And before you say anything I know he asked to play the role. I do think he has given a good performance throughout his single season. The thing that I cannot understand about his decision to leave is that if you act in something as iconic as Doctor Who there will always be those that see you as that character.

David Tennant has shown that is a brilliant actor and also that he is enthusiastic. When I heard he was leaving I felt a bit disappointed but it needed to happen eventually. For me he has been the better of the two and should be praised for the way has taken to the role.

As for the companions I do not feel disappointed. I think that all of them have been great. My favourite companion has to be Martha Jones, played by Freema Agyman, her development was probably the best of them all. I thought that Donna Noble, played by Cathrine Tate, was great but a bit to in your face. Rose Tyle, played by Billie Piper, was good but a seemed to play a little bit of a tart. Captain Jack I think is a good equal to the Doctor and is portrayed brilliantly by John Barrowman.

The writing is for the most part 'fantastic'. There have been a few episodes/stories that have not been quiet so good such as Love and Monsters, Fear Her and The Unicorn and the Wasp. On the other hand there have been episodes that are just hands down brilliant, examples include, Blink, Dalek and The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit.

The music is great. They definitely went down a different route from the old series that was famous for its mostly electronic music. This series uses an orchestra instead.

Overall a great series with only a few tiny flaws.

Oh and good luck Matt Smith.
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Sex Drive (2008)
Lude, crude and very, very funny
12 January 2009
When I went to see Sex Drive I was half expecting most of the film to be a continuous romp. Boy was I surprised.

It is packed with jokes from start to finish that should appeal to a large number of people.

The level of the acting is one thing I will compliment. The actors seem to be enjoying themselves (I wonder why? Ho Hum).

At some points I did feel that things where a little stupid such as a couple of the sex scenes.

Sex Drive is a hilarious movie that can be throughly enjoyed by nearly anyone.
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Stardust (2007)
28 November 2008
I only got this movie on DVD a short while ago on a whim. I had not seen it in the cinemas, or in any other form so I did not know what to expect.

When I first put it on I was blown away. I thought that it was brilliant on every level: acting, soundtrack, storyline etc.

The only thing that bothered me was the animals where just cut up or beaten. I am fully aware that it is not real but it is the idea that I don't like.

All in all a must see.

After watching this I think I might try and get hold of the book for the simple reason that I found the film a good pick me up.
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13 November 2008
I have very fond memories of this adaption of C.S Lewis' masterpiece. I used to have the VHS which I viewed on many occasions and earlier this year I upgraded to the DVD.

The reason for my fondness for this version is that it retains the gentleness and the magic of the novel. Something that the 2005 Disney version lacks, they just turned into another Lord of the RIngs type Epic.

Everything about it is perfect, the soundtrack, story and everything else. I will say this though, if you watch things solely for the special effects you will probably be left with an empty feeling.

So if you are a lover of C.S Lewis's classic work choose this as it retains the essence of the novel.
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Monster mash
30 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Destroy All Monsters was meant to be the last film in the Godzilla Franchise. As a final film it gives the Big-G a decent final outing.

The level of acting may not reach superb, at least in my opinion, but it is good enough to make the characters really enjoyable to watch.

As for the storyline it is decent enough. I would have liked it if a couple of things where explained such as how the monsters where brought to the island in the first place. One thing I like about the entire plot is the fact that Destroy All Monsters works well as a monster movie and a sci-fi flick and the two aspects are merged together well.

One thing I will say here is that I am glad they did not finish with this film but it does work, albeit not perfectly, as a final romp for Godzilla.
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Magic is in the air
22 October 2008
I cannot remember if I have said this in one of my previous Harry Potter Reviews, but I love the fact that the film makers have remained true to the books. Apart from this I do not know what to say about this film.

The acting is again good. They all seem motivated and willing to play the parts and not just wanting to go home.

The story progresses nicely towards an absolutely spectacular finally.

Again the soundtrack is superb, so nothing to complain about here.

Overall a film that most people can't really complain about (unless you are really picky).
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They did it again
11 October 2008
As usual the acting, soundtrack and story are all at a good enough level to keep the audience enthralled.

The reason that the Harry Potter films have been popular is that they have been faithful to the books thus completely capturing their essence.

The maintained dark atmosphere of the previous movie is brilliant which is helped by the soundtrack.

The 3 tasks and Voldemort's, Sorry he who must not be named's, revival are the highlights of the film and are well worth the watching.

One thing I wish they had done is include some of the Quidditch world cup instead of just showing the two teams flying onto the field.
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Seeing what defines this movie is easy
5 October 2008
The phrase that describes this film is 'Martial Arts Chick Flick'. This just about sums it up.

The acting is about average on my scale, 4-5/10. Nothing about how the characters were portrayed stood out.

The Storyline is the same level. I was not overly impressed by it as it nothing about it stood out.

What defines Dead or Alive are the fight sequences. At some points I was falling asleep because some of the moments were dull and uneventful and it was during these scenes that I started to become more enthralled in what was going on.

What might define this film for some is seeing the half naked girls playing volleyball and fighting. For those of you who fall into that category, get this movie now.
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Prisoner to the Series
3 October 2008
The Harry Potter books and films have entranced people all over the world and it is easy to see why.

Again they have stuck to the books which is a great decision. The darker atmosphere is very prominent, which I think is helped by the main characters entering Pubity.

The Acting is superb just like the two previous instalments, most of the actors and actresses are able to capture the essence of the character.

Next on the list is the soundtrack. This aspect of the film is splendid and adds to the dark tone of the storyline.

On the other side of the coin are a couple of problems. One. the design of the werewolf. To me it was designed to look purely cruel and evil without any animal instincts whatsoever. Two, the choice of Michael Gambon as Dumbuldore. He seemed unable to get into the character as Richard Harris was.

My last word is wonderful. What I love about the Harry Potter films is the dark atmosphere and not overdoing the blood and gore.
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The magic continues
16 September 2008
It has been done again. A masterpiece has been made.

Right from the off it is obvious that a dark atmosphere is beginning to take hold of the story. The three main characters are just hitting adolescence and death is becoming more of an issue.

The acting is just as superb and the three young leads have improved greatly. As with the last movie all the other characters are portrayed superbly, Dumbuldore especially.

I think I should note that for me the Basalisk is the most beautifully designed creatures in the series so far. Unlike some of the other creatures such as the werewolf in Prisinor of Azkaban and Fluffy.

As I said this film is a masterpiece just as the other films are and should be on the Top 250 board.
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The Magic Begins
1 September 2008
Harry Potter came into the public eye in 1997 with the first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, and quickly became a franchise. Four years later a film adaption was made almost exactly in its image.

One thing I will praise J.K for is the fact that she demanded that the films follow the same story lines as the books. I think that this was a great idea is it would have been impossible to keep the essence of the books intact if Spielberg had had his way and it had been an animated film and set in an American boarding school.

The acting is in a word superb. Each actor and actress portrays their character to the fullest and they all seem to be enjoying themselves as well. For me not a bad choice was made with the casting and each performance is worthy of praise.

The soundtrack is also superb. It has probably become one of the most recognisable pieces of music from recent times.

Another thing is the creatures such as fluffy, the three headed dog, and Norbet. For the most part these where good but I do feel a bit iffy about Fluffy's design.

The amount of character development is brilliant. Each character, especially the leads, developed quiet considerably throughout the film which helped keep it interesting for me.

Overall a masterpiece of modern cinema.
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Men in Black (1997)
Men In Black
30 August 2008
I have watched this movie quiet a few times over the years and each time I watch it the spell it has over me never breaks.

The acting is not exactly perfect but it is near enough. The actors actually seem to be enjoying themselves and they work well together, especially Tommy-Lee Jones and Will Smith.

The story-line is the same, not perfect but good. The humour incorporated into the story is great and it suits the characters.

I think the soundtrack is worth praising it is brilliant but I do think some of it is recycled quiet often throughout the film.

My final word is 'If you love Sci-fi and/or comedy add this film to your collection now'.
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Godzilla 1985 (1985)
A Roaring Good Movie
25 August 2008
Since the start of the Kaiju Egia there have been few perfect Kaiju films, such as Gojia and Gamera 3. This is one of those movies.

One thing I have to comment on is the suit design. In my opinion it is perfect. The Beasteal image, the menacing features and the sense of immense power. All this is conveyed by the suit alone which puts it in the number one spot of suit Godzilla designs.

The soundtrack is mesmerising. It adds to the intensely dark atmosphere and the gloom. It adds to the dark atmosphere and the emotion, I love a bit of emotion, it adds an extra dimension to the characters and a film.

As for the acting what to say. Each actor and actress puts their heart into the performance.

Another thing I feel I have to mention are the sets. They are the best out of the whole series. In most of the millennium films the sets seem rather slap and dash and not much effort has been put into them.

Overall a masterpiece and should be praised.

By the way I think I should mention I have never seen the American version. So please do not be surprised that I have not made a comparison.
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Where the Aztects on Drugs?!
23 August 2008
I only just got this movie a few days ago and have only just watched it and my god IMDb has not got an a grade that can show how bad this film is.

The acting is atrocious. I have seen more lively pieces of ... cough, cough, you know whats. The actors are completely unmotivated and are just saying their lines without any thought. When they were talking I thought 'the wheel is turning but the hamster is dead.'

As for the storyline, it is even worse. During the first three quarters of the film nothing except the occasional killing.

The soundtrack is probably the most note-worthy aspect of this entire piece of 'beep' and that is moderate at best.

My final opinion is 'leave this in the tomb and let it gather dust.'
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Jurassic Park (1993)
A Dinosaur film with Bite
21 August 2008
This film in my opinion is near perfect. Almost every aspect of this film is great.

The first great aspect of this film is the progression of the film. It doesn't run towards the ending and allows you to understand what is happening. Also atmosphere is absolutely perfect, beyond even. The way it remains constant throughout the film is brilliant.

The next thing is the soundtrack. The Jurasic Park main theme is one of the Beiutiful, Iconic and Masterful in the history of cinema. It is strong and powerful yet not overpowering.

I found the acting perfect. Each character was represented well. On the other hand is that this area has the main flaws. Several of the characters I found annoying and I found they could have been portrayed better such as the two children and Nedry, I found him annoying as hell and I thought he deserved his fate.

If you are a buff for special effects then you might love this film. In this area JP is ahead of its time. Watching it now in 2008 I am still impressed by it.

My final word is 'I salute all those who where involved in this dinorific movie.'
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Monkey madness
18 August 2008
Quiet a few people say that the remake of Planet of the Apes is not quiet up to the standards of the original and I would agree. Even though the story has been dramatically changed it has a similar essence.

The acting is not quiet as good as the original but it is good. The characters do not seem to be that strong but they are reasonable.

The soundtrack is virtually non existent. I have watched the film a few times on TV and on the DVD I got about a year ago and I can say it is far from outstanding.

My main complaint about this film is the ending. It is not what I call satisfying enough to warrant a round of applause.

Overall an average film that has its merits.
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Mirrormask (2005)
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
12 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
MirrorMask is one of the strangest films I have seen in a long time and I probably will not see one like it for as long as I live.

The story revolves around Helana, a circus girl who wants to run away to real life. Near the beginning of the story her mother falls ill which creates friction within her family and work life. The struggler causes her to fall into a dream world involving her artwork. Whilst she is in the dreamworld a dark counterpart takes her place and starts making Helena's life even worse than it was to begin with. The only way to solve the problem is to find the powerful Mirrormask, an item capable of granting anyones heart's desire.

The entire story line is just weird and original. It progresses at a good pace and remains interesting to keep most people watching until the end.

The characters are interesting and at the same time abstract in appearance and personality. The level of character development is reasonable and helps keep them interesting.

Overall not for everyone, especially if you enjoy films with a good sense of realism.
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Look Mummy
10 August 2008
When I went into the cinema I did not have very high hopes. I was expecting a two or a three out of ten film, boy was I surprised.

The level of acting is above that of the first two films and so is the storyline. But these are far from perfect The action scenes are what really stand out about this film. In my opinion they really help define the film.

The soundtrack was for the most part good but like the rest of the movie far from perfect.

Overall not the greatest film ever made but better than the first two instalments.
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A Film Like No Other
4 August 2008
The Dark Crystal is a unique film. The reason being is that not a single one of the characters is human. This factor is good in my opinion for the simple reason that it makes the movie all the more enthralling due to the imagination.

Right from the off we are given impression that the Skekses are evil due to their twisted bodies and evil appearance. We are also given an impression of gentleness from the mystics due to the slightly aged appearance.

I also love the characters of Jen and Kira for their emotion and their appearance of innocence, concealing their potential courage.

The sets on the whole are good. On a few occasions they did look a little flimsy but I think that can be overlooked due to their brilliance and beauty.

As for the soundtrack it really added to the mysticism and emotion of the entire film.

Overall a fantastic film of magic, love and courage.
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4 August 2008
I have never been much of an X-files fan. But I do admit I have enjoyed the occasional episode.

For me this instalment into the franchise was like driving down a bumpy road. At some points the storyline seemed to be reasonable and at others it did not seem that good.

The level of character development is rather low, probably because the characters did it during the series.

As for the soundtrack whilst not superb I found it served its purpose and helped set the scenes nicely.

For me this film is not one I would really want to see again. It is mostly for die-hard fans.
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Godzilla (1954)
Superb movie
31 July 2008
For more than ten years I have been a fan of Godzilla and other Kaiju movies. I have seen all the Big-G's films but this one is truly the best. The film conveys the message of man tampering with the forces of nature and nature biting back, hard.

The acting is Brilliant and the characters are given a good deal of ... well character and emotion.

The soundtrack is another aspect that I think should be praised. The reason for this is that it adds to the tension of the film.

Throughout the franchise's fifty year history the only other giant monster movies that come close to matching it, in my opinion, are GMK, Godzilla 1984 and Gamera 3.

Oh and another thing. For me the fact that it is in black and white helps to create an even darker atmosphere.
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WHO 2 the Daleks return
29 July 2008
This film is an improvement over the last one. Again the storyline for one of the first Dalek serials was used as the basis for the Cushing doctor. The story progresses at a better pace than the first one and is a bit more griping than the first.

For the most part the characters are likable, except for Susan who I find annoying as hell. The level of acting greatly exceeds that of Doctor Who and the Daleks. Most of the actors and actresses seem to be in their element.

The sets are better than the last movie but not quiet perfect. The Dalek spaceship's design is good but during every close up shop of it wires can be seen.

Overall better than the first but no where near perfect.
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