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Exceptional acting, an underrated film
18 January 2017
I am genuinely surprised by the negative/indifferent reviews of this film.

I found the story line original and well- paced. The performances by the two leads were exceptional, entirely plausible and soulful. Whilst I have seen criticism for the lack of character depth, it must be said that the movie's length did not allow for this. In any case, I think that it is not difficult for the audience to grasp both characters' 'back stories' and identify with the innocence of their mutual affection; the male lead having been incarcerated most of his adult life and the female lead seeing him as her saviour.

A warm, well-acted film with an "oh no!!!!" moment at the end.

I do hesitate to label anything a 'chick flick' but I anticipate the story line may appeal to a more sensitive audience.
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