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Forever in My Heart (2019 TV Movie)
This could have been a special movie but...
17 September 2019
Jack Turner and the plot convinced me to watch this movie: two exes reuniting and getting a second chance? That's a yes from me. However... It was kind of disappointing: I don't feel there was any chemistry between the actors. It was kind of slow, and there were no fun moments, nor any major scene/problem between the leads. I don't think it got my full attention at any point during the hour and half. You know what to expect from a Hallmark movie, but this wasn't it.

I appreciate the original plot. The location was beautiful. I didn't hate it, I liked it but I think a few things were missing that could have made this movie special. I'm actually sad that i'm giving this 5 stars. This had so much potential but it just didn't work for me.
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A Summer Romance (2019 TV Movie)
One watch is enough, but I'd still watch a sequel.
7 September 2019
We all have seen this plot before, it's nothing new. We all love Erin (can the name her Queen of Hallmark or something?) and Ryan always delivers with his characters. In fact, I believe he was the best part of the movie, watching him unfold this new side of Richard, learning that new lifestyle, and embracing it was fascinating, I just wish it was me doing all those things.

The scenery was beautiful. The chemistry was great. While I wouldn't watch it again, I would definitely watch a sequel: Sam and Richard developing this new idea of hers at the ranch.
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My One & Only (2019 TV Movie)
I enjoyed it... but let's be realistic
4 September 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Hallmark movies are an escape from the real world. I tend to enjoy almost all of them, including this one. I love both Pascale and Sam so I was looking forward to this. It was a bit disappointing

First, I'm not a big fan of the "dating reality show". As far as I know there aren't any in my country and the few episodes I've seen didn't feel realistic. If we talk about the movie, the plot was something different, and specially useful in terms of moving it and kind of fun. The ranch/scenery was beautiful and it made me miss summer.

Second, I didn't have any problems with the actors, but something felt off, I don't know if the chemistry, or maybe it was Pascale that wasn't playing the same type of character she always plays (the cheerful one) Also, can Sam Page do all his Hallmark movies with the stubble? Please, and thank you.

The ending? They were both so commited to their jobs? Neither gave it up, which was good and surprising, but how are the gonna that relationship work? Long distance? If Hallmark offers me a sequel to this, I will gladly watch it to see what happened to the characters.
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A Taste of Summer (2019 TV Movie)
Very subtle romance.
15 August 2019
Gabi is a sous-chef in a restaurant in NYC. After deciding she has enough of her routinary life, she moves to her sister's town, and has the opportunity to open her own restaurant- Then we have Caleb, who is the owner of a diner that is close to her soon-to-be open restaurant.

What I liked about this was that the romance was very subtle. It was a simple movie with no forced moments, but it was about the characters pushing the other to give the best of themselves. This movie talks about dreams, about chasing them, about thinking (and getting) out of the box, which is nice for a change.

I watched this movie with a different pair of eyes because I read that the two main actors are married in real life and that makes this 1000% more adorable. Besides, they are new faces, which I always appreciate and I'm here for some Latina representation. This might seem slow and kind of boring at some points but it's worth a watch, it totally has those summer vibes.
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Love and Sunshine (2019 TV Movie)
A "realistic", yet feel good kind of movie.
7 August 2019
Okay, I'm not gonna lie. I had low expectations about this one. But decided to give this a chance anyways. It started as every other Hallmark movie ever does. But the fact that these characters meet because of a dog? You got me there. The chemistry between the leads was great! And they managed to surprised me. There is one scene which makes you forget for few minutes that you are watching a Hallmark production. That's the pivot point of the movie and it was amazing!

The ending is kind of different to what we are accostumed to but different is good. Definitely worth a watch.

(My only big problem was the mom? Is she old enough to be the mother of the lead? come on Hallmark)

I wish Hallmark continues to make films like this. One where someone can relate to something, where not everything is perfect, but still makes you feel good.
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From Friend to Fiancé (2019 TV Movie)
Jocelyn made it watchable for me
9 July 2019
I don't like the June Weddings theme and everything related to it, but decided to give this a chance because Jocelyn Hudon is a new face and we'll get to see her soon in the new When Calls the Heart spin off, so...

I didn't love this exactly, it was a different plot. I loved the idea that the main characters were best friends, but some things are just not believable. How did he get engaged and she didn't even know he was dating? Seriously... too much soap opera for me. Kimberly's minions? Come on, Hallmark you can do better.

I personally really liked Jocelyn. I'm getting tired of the same 2 or 3 actresses having ONE movie PER SEASON (and by season I mean, Christmas, June Weddings, Summer, Valentine's etc. Jen Lilley, Danica and Lacey, i'm looking at you). I didn't hate Ryan Paevey but his character was "meh", he was not interesting, at all.

I did get me in one part. The fact that she was willing to let him go... it killed me. And there were some meme worthy times too.

So, I don't get why the reviews are SO negative. This is still Hallmark, you can expect believable and trashy scripts, but it wasn't neither that bad of some award-winning performances.
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Mystery 101: Playing Dead (2019 TV Movie)
Just as good, and maybe even better than the first one!
24 June 2019
Amy is working on a play, when suddenly the main actress is in danger, so she and Detective Burke work together in order to discover who is responsable.

Can I first say this was AMAZING? Of all the things that crossed my mind while watching this, out of all possible scenarios and suspects, it ever ocured to me it would be like that. It was so unpredictable!

Second of all, Kris and Jill's chemistry is amazing. The flirty banter they share is adorable and I love it. So my congratulations to everyone who worked on this, but specially the writer.

I have rated Hallmark movies with 10 maybe three time tops? But this one deserves, let's hope they continue like this. Until September, everyone!
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Sailing Into Love (2019 TV Movie)
Summer vibes and beautiful scenery.
26 May 2019
So many reviews for this one...but what can I say? I like it. It is a cute Hallmark movie that makes you roll your eyes every once in a while, you can't expect it to be perfect.

Chris McNally plays Tom, a boat captain who looks very good in uniform and chan charm anyone. Leah Renee is a high school teacher who wants to save an island iconic to the small town she has lived her whole life.

Things I liked: The scenery, no one can argue with that, that place was breathtaking. We see new faces in this movie, one gets tired of all movies having the same secondary actors. Summer vibe (of course). The soundtrack was great. The aeriel shots and definitely the kiss in the middle of the movie (yes!). Good chemistry.

Things I didn't like: Too many white, camera perfect people. Seriously, diversity Hallmark, ever heard of it? Too many weddings. The typical assumptions a character makes. That cliche simply does not work.

Was it perfect? Nope. Was I entertained for an hour and a half? Yes. It's worth watching.
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Love Takes Flight (2019 TV Movie)
Love didn't quite take off for me.
29 April 2019
Lizzie is the COO of a hospital, and has an adorable 5 year-old, Quinn. At work, she hires a new EMS pilot, Charley, who happens to be the son of Quinn's new friend, Walter. These two find each other when they needed it the most and we see Charley and Lizzie beside them in this new adventure.

Writing the review as I watch the movie: Walter and Quinn are adorable. The mother-daughter relationship between Lizzie and Quinn is heartwarming. I think I have said it before but Nikki DeLoach, a favorite for the Hallmark scenery, always light up the room with her performance and her smile.

Jeff Hephner, new to the Hallmark scenery, but not my case (Jeff Clarke, to me) plays a confident pilot, with a hero complex who is there to fix things with his father after the passing of his mother.

I liked it. A fresh idea, instead of an overused plot, good supporting actors and a satisfying script. My only problem was that the main characters did not have enough time alone, which is require for the grand finale we are so accostume to. I didn't feel enough chemistry either, which honestly was disappointing.

The other relationships were more precious to me than the main one. It is worth the watch but won't become a favorite. Sorry Hallmark.
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Bottled with Love (2019 TV Movie)
Second Hallmark movie to get a 10 from me!
25 April 2019
It's no surprise that Andrew Walker is a favorite. He always delivers, he is charming, funny, and attractive. Bethany Joy Lenz is also a favorite, I always feel she gives 100 percent into these characters, she is funny as well. If you have seen their previous Lifetime movie, It really feels like they play the same characters. Their chemistry is AMAZING add an original (never-seen) script and you have magic.

I may be a littled biased by these two but this is definitely a new favorite.
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Love to the Rescue (2019 TV Movie)
Fun to watch and a little bit different!
24 March 2019
Kate is an animator, free-spirit woman and mom to Sophia. Eric has a type A personality who loves laminating things, following rules and is also a single dad to Owen. Both parents agree to adopt a dog, the same dog, so they co-foster the adorable Bruce.

You can imagine who this thing goes: they spend time together, become close, become friends and in the end start feeling things for the other. What made me rate this movie with a 9 is that they wisely chose not to include the typical cliches they always do. Plus, it was so much fun to watch! I actually laughed out loud more than once.

Sophia and Eric both have the same personality as well as Kate and Owen and I thought that was beautiful, the four of them coming together, sharing experiences while spending time with the dog: (Don't shop, adopt!)

The fact that Sophia's parents are separated, but still have a great friendship, and they even talk about new relationships, kudos for that!

Nikki Diloach was so much fun to watch and Michael Rady excels at playing this type A personality. Great chemistry. The children were adorable and did amazing!

I'm just so happy they avoided the cliches and came with new ideas for once (even the flash-forward), well done!
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Just Add Romance (2019 TV Movie)
It's one to watch!
4 March 2019
Carley (Meghann Fahy) and Jason (Luke MacFarlane) went to cooking school together. Due to personal reasons, he disappeared, and it's not until three years later than the both of them reunite in a famous cooking show, whose winner gets a restaurant of their own.

While we have ENOUGH of cooking Hallmark movies, this one is a bit different. It's a different dynamic that still allows the character to spend time together while being in competition with each other.

This is my third Luke MacFarlane movie in last two weeks and I don't get tired of him. He is charming, easy to the eye, and his characters are always likeable. Meghann Fahy is new to the Hallmark scenery (a movie with Sam Page would have been so good!. If you know, you know ;) and she did great. The chemistry was amazing. I hope we get more of her.

I was so happy that some of the cliche we are so used to weren't in this movie. The less cliches, the better! This one is a must watch.
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The Birthday Wish (2017 TV Movie)
Fun, and enjoyable with one or two eye rolls.
24 February 2019
This is not a new concept for me. I have seen movies with this kind of "magical realism" before and I love it. I like that Hallmark used it, but the only thing I ask is that they don't try to use this concept again, otherwise this original movie will be ruined.

Jessy Schram is a pleasure to watch, she is fun, energetic, and I adore her characters. Luke MacFarlane is a a refreshing face to see. (I know, I'm watching this two years later). And the chemistry was wonderful. The plot was, indeed, stupid, but fun and enjoyable. I like these movies because you get away from the real world for an hour and half.

I only had two problems with this: the fact that the character was desesperate to get married and I get it, it was part of the plot but I couldn't help but to roll my eyes in more than one ocassion. And the other thing was the classic cliche that must be in a Hallmark movie: characters assuming thing they shouldn't and just running away. The less cliches there are, the better.

What I did like, and a lot, was the humor in the movie. They don't tend to include a lot, but this did. And the characters, being a contrast to each other was beautiful: Dave encouraging Gwen to just live and don't let herself carry away with her life plan. And both of them motivating each other to face their fears, it made it look like a real relationship. And I always like when they know each other beforehand. It makes the romance more realistic.
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Christmas Joy (2018 TV Movie)
Appealing characters.
20 February 2019
Familiar formula: girl goes back home and while spending time there she reconnects with people and with the place she grew up in. I can understand why people may have find this a little bit boring and slow.

I liked it. I have seen Danielle before and I've always enjoyed watching her act. Matt, however is new to me. And their chemistry was amazing. Honestly, they lack the "perky" trait we are so used to in these movies, but the relationship seemed real. The storyline is plain, nothing surprising. I mean, do these events really happen during Christmas in real life?

Danielle and Matt's acting made Joy and Ben's personas believable. And that was appealing.
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I should have seen that coming...
20 February 2019
This movie was so sweet. I love Jill Wagner but this was not her best role. And Luke MacFarlane was amazing. The chemistry was good. But I did feel that there wasn't enough moments between the leads - even though there were a few - and maybe that's why it feels a bit off.

Look, I should have seen that "plot twist" coming but I didn't. So, I was pleasantly surprised. And kid, him questioning everything, from science to religion was on point.

This doesn't even count as a review, i'm writing it a year and two months after its release, but you should give this a chance. It's worth watching once.
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Marrying Father Christmas (2018 TV Movie)
Lovely movie, emotional wedding, off the charts chemistry.
19 February 2019
It took me a while to watch this. This series is SO lovely and sweet, and this is no exception. Just as good as the first two. There is no special plot, just Miranda trying to find out who this mystery guy is while spending time with family and planning her wedding.

The chemistry between the whole cast is amazing but the chemistry between Niall Matter and Erin Krakow is just exceptional, even better than in the last two movies. The wedding scene was so emotional, for several reasons.

The only reason I will accept a fourth movie is if they do a little time jump and we find these two with a child. Otherwise, this is the perfect closure.
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Jingle Around the Clock (2018 TV Movie)
Fun and sweet movie with two actors who made it work.
16 February 2019
Yes, I'm watching a Christmas movie in February and no, I don't regret it. I decided to watch this because it actually had a good rate.

First of all, give Brooke Nevin more lead roles, please and thank you. And Michael Cassidy... the movie worked because of them. It also helps that they are "new" faces. The plot is quite plain, no surprises, not so much drama. And their chemistry was amazing. Besides, that group looked fun.

The best thing about this, other than their chemistry is that the characters talked to each other: I noticed twice that they came forward to the other and just asked or said what they had to say. In pretty much all the Hallmark movies they just asummed until proven otherwise, which causes drama. And that makes is so predictable. So I was pretty happy with that.

I don't know why all the negative reviews, I thought this was pretty great.
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Mystery 101 (2019 TV Movie)
Are all Hallmark mysteries as enjoyable as this?
8 February 2019
I really don't know how to review this: this was my first Hallmark Mystery and I didn't know what to expect. I mean, this wasn't THE movie of the year, however, I actually enjoyed a lot. I only picked it up because I truly liked Jill Wagner and Kristoffer Polaha in "Pearl in Paradise", their chemistry was, and is, a pleasure to watch.

It may be a little slow at times, but the plot made total sense. This is yelling for a sequel, which I assume they will make (if the other mysteries are other indication), I just hope they are as good -and believable- as this one.

Well done.
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Winter Love Story (2019 TV Movie)
Cute movie: at this point we are used to these type of endings.
22 January 2019
Cassie is a new writer and in order to promote her book her editor proposes she goes on a book tour with their most famous writer, Elliot. Road trip time! During the ride, they read each others books and become close. (Don't they always?)

I really liked this concept. If there is a book I will probably love it. Jen Lilley's character, as most of the them, is an amiable person. Kevin McGarry is becoming one of my favorite and I thought their chemistry was good. They actually made me laugh at the end. Speaking of the ending... I didn't think the last three minutes were bad, they did the best they could with the HORRIBLE AND DRAMATIC pre-ending (my word for it) problem. Which I hated. We had had worst endings, that were extremely rushed (proposals), but the last scene was even adorable.

To sum up, it was a cute movie. So was the dog.
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One Winter Proposal (2019 TV Movie)
I'm not even sorry I loved it
14 January 2019
One Winter Weekend was one of my favorite movies from HM last year and I only found out about the sequel 10 days ago and I was pretty excited.

In this movie the gang is together at the chalet again, all of them for different reasons (work) and basically the movie is all of them hanging out, and moving foward in both their personal and professional lives. The plot is nothing special. It is slow at times, but the chemistry between all four characters helped the movie A LOT, at least for me.

The scenery is just beautiful. And how sad it is to say that this might be the HM with most diverse cast? Please, do something about it. One thing I wish is more diversity. specially if they are going to keep doing the same movies. Would I watch a movie with Megan and Sean as the main characters? Yes. Would a watch a sequel to this one? Yes.

The reason I like these two movies may be 1) The scenery is breathtaking and most importantly 2) The chemistry between the cast, specially between Jack Turner and Taylor Cole. Just give me more movies with them.
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Nothing extraordinary: sweet movie.
10 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
An overused plot we have seen several times, but that I still enjoy: a road trip to get home for Christmas. This movie was the sweetest.

I really like it, the actors seemed off sometimes, specially at the beginning, but the chemistry only got better (no the best though). I wouldn't have complain if would have gotten a little flirty banter.

What I like the most was that, unlike every Christmas movie, at the end the pair just took things slowly, they didn't rush the anything.
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Christmas Around the Corner (2018 TV Movie)
Give Alexandra Breckenridge more lead roles!
7 January 2019
How dare they have Andrew wash Claire's hands, that intimate moment between them ruined this "family" movie!!! All sarcasm aside, this was really cute! I'm so happy they added an LGTBIQ couple: I think it's a first for these kinds of movies.

My two favorite things about this was the development of Barb, the coffeshop owner from grinch to the most festive person ever!. And definitely the joy Claire brought to the town and to the movie. The actress did an amazing job. Regarding the chemistry between the actors, I didnt feel it at first, maybe towards the end.

I do think Alexandra Breckenridge brought life to this movie.
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Winter Castle (2019 TV Movie)
If only happily ever afters were that easy.
7 January 2019
Jenny is a bridesmaid to her sister's destination wedding at a ice hotel. Meg, the bride, plans to set her up with Craig, the best man, only to find out later that he brought a plus one. Meanwhile, inspired by the place and the adventures Jenny plans to write a children's book to persue her dream: become an author (Bree O'brien, hello?)

The story was nice. No major plot holes to complain about. Generally speaking, it was a stardard hallmark movie. I really enjoyed it.

The best part was definitely the locations the shot at: the ice hotel was real, the landscape was breathtaking. That was a big contribution to the story. (Of course, it's a winter movie)

Emilie Ullerup always delivers enthusiasm with her characters which is greatly appreciated. I always enjoyed her performance. I'm glad they are giving her more lead roles. Regarding the rest of the characters, Kevin McGarry didn't let the spectator down with his performance as a single father (to an adorable girl Sara who filled the movie with joy and happiness). And the rest of the secondary characters were alright. (Wasn't the mother too young though?)

The chemistry between Emilie and Kevin was fine. Finally, I actually feel bad for Lana, "the plus one date", kudos to the actress for that.

Give it a try.
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A "coming-home" kind of movie with Ashley Williams makes you forget the romance.
2 January 2019
Zoey inherits a farm in Alaska, and she decides to sell it to in order to start buy an aircraft and later own a charter airline in Seattle. So, she decides to throw a Christmas festival, as the previous owner and her mentor used to do, with the help of Alec who was looking after the property and the reeindeer.

Ashley Williams always makes me smile, she radiates good energy, happiness and warmth and it's always a pleasure to watch her in these movies. I didn't mind the actor who played Alec, but I did enjoy his development. However, I ended up disappointed because I didn't feel much chemistry between them but Ashley made me forget about the romance with her energy.

I actually liked this more as a "coming-home" kind of movie than as a romance. My other favorite part was the fact that Ashley was a pilot (and Captain, thank you very much) and as a woman in and into aviation that fact was very important to me.

I won't probably watch again, but I will definitely watch Ashley again in the future, she keeps proving that she is an amazing lead for these movies.
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Best Hallmark movie of the year.
22 December 2018
I have never given a Hallmark movie a 10 before but this one deserves it. It got me on the verge of tears twice and maybe one or two tears escaped at the very end.

This is the best HM of the year. There were a few this year that I really liked but this was taken to a whole different level. The casting was great, the chemistry between the leads, and even the chemistry between the supporting cast.. It's not the same plot we all know, and the fact that this is based on a real story makes it 100 times better.

Will definitely rewatch again in the future.
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